500 Ancient Tunnels Runs (long)


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500 Ancient Tunnels Runs (long)

Ok, here is the result of 500 runs in Ancient Tunnels. I was originally going to call this "1000 ancient tunnels runs" but I got tired of it, so here is 500 runs.

I used very attainable 400% MF for the runs (my MF% changed slightly during the runs).

Tips for running Ancient tunnels:

- Teleport is almost a must because you have to find the trapdoor in lost city which can take awhile without. Cheapest way is by being a sorceress.

-Almost no cold immunes! There are usually no cold immunes, only occasionally does a boss spawn CI. I have successfully made runs there with a pure Blizzard Sorceress. No problem.

-Lightning resist is very good. I would say a must if you play Hardcore.

-Keep a few antidote potions ready. The poison from the undead is strong!

My best finds:

IK Armor, 35ED/IAS Jewel

I have decided to count all runes Ko and above, but I only found 1 Ko and 1 Fal so it is probably not the best place to run for runes.

I would say that if I had to do these runs all over I would probably go for less MF and find nice socketables instead. I saw a lot of yellow/blue elite items which could be worth a bit if white/grey instead. Can anybody give any tips for what socketables to look for ? (like, I find a lot of assassin claws, I do not know which to keep etc.)

Here are the results if anybody want to do statistics on it, the number is the run-number.

1. Shadow Killer, Skull Splitter, Cathan's Seal
2. Skewer of Krintiz
3. Goreshovel
8. Rite of Passage, Hwanin's Splendor
9. Rogue's Bow
14. Rakescar
16. Blood Raven's Charge
20. Angelic Mantle
21. The Fetid Sprinkler
22. Blacktongue
23. Vidala's Fetlock, Boneflame
24. The Jade Tan Do
26. Hwanin's Splendor
28. Berserker's Hatchet
33. Angelic Wings
35. Ko Rune
37. Immortal King's Detail
53. Immortal King's Will
56. Isenhart's Case
61. Angelic Mantle, Isenhart's Lightbrand, Rattlecage
63. The Patriarch
64. Wizendraw
65. Tancred's Crowbill, Cathan's Seal, Dragonscale
72. Nord's Tenderizer
76. Bloodrise, Dracul's Grasp
80. Cathan's Seal
82. Bonehew, Angelic Mantle
95. Headstriker
99. Soul Harvest
102. Darkforce Spawn, Goldwrap
111. Leadcrow
112. Sigon's Guard
118. Infernal Torch
120. Sigon's Visor, Sigon's Gage
121. Culwen's Point
122. Sander's Superstition
124. Steelgoad
125. Bing Sz Wang
126. Hwanin's Justice
127. Treads of Cthon
128. Lance of Yaggai
129. Cathan's Rule
134. The Scalper
138. Griswold's Valor
140. Berserker's Headgear
142. Isenhart's Parry
149. Isenhart's Parry
152. Ironstone
158. Moser's Blessed Circle
160. Hellrack, Isenhart's Case
164. Magnus' Skin, Treads of Cthon, Dwarf Star
165. Coif of Glory
166. Ichorsting
168. Gleamscythe
171. Isenhart's Horns
175. Shaftstop
179. Gleamscythe
182. Soulfeast Tine, Cathan's Visage, Isenhart's Horns
183. The Chieftain
185. Peasant Crown
186. Cleglaw's Tooth
187. Soul Harvest
192. Tancred's Crowbill
193. Angelic Mantle
194. Skullder's Ire
196. Jade Talon
198. Trang-Oul's Scales
199. Gimmershred
201. Moonfall
202. Bloodrise
203. Goblin Toe
205. Isenhart's Horns
209. Blackleach Blade
215. Hwanin's Justice
221. Arcanna's Head
223. Wormskull
224. Bonehew
226. Stormstrike
228. Brainhew
229. The Jade Tan Do
232. Nightsmoke
233. Arctic Horn
235. The Tannr Gorerod
237. Cathan's Seal
242. The Jade Tan Do
244. Hotspur
247. Whitstan's Guard
248. Demon's Arch
250. Undead Crown
251. Lance of Yaggai
252. Lance of Yaggai
254. Berserker's Hauberk
256. Hellclap
258. Stormguild
259. Crescent Moon
261. Sureshrill Frost
265. Angelic Halo
268. Haemosu's Adamant, Bverrit Keep
272. Bloodthief
273. Tancred's Skull
275. Isenhart's Horns, Isenhart's Lightbrand
278. Hwanin's Blessing
281. Immortal King's Soul Cage
282. Soulflay
283. The Reaper's Toll
285. Axe of Fechmar
286. Hsarus' Iron Heel
287. Blastbark
288. Deathbit
289. Bloodtree Stump, Bloodfist
290. Sander's Superstition
294. Hexfire
297. Aldur's Stony Gaze
300. Azurewrath
302. Wraith Flight
303. Cathan's Seal, Griswold's Edge
305. Nokozan Relic, Riphook
308. Blackleach Blade
309. M'avina's Tenet
311. Berserker's Hatchet
314. Credendum
315. Angelic Sickle
330. Suicide Branch
332. Gimmershred, Raven Claw
337. Isenhart's Case
344. Berserker's Hatchet
348. Aldur's Advance
350. Isenhart's Parry, Carrion Wind
358. Messerschmidt's Reaver
360. Blackleach Blade, Cathan's Visage
365. Sigon's Sabot
369. Milabrega's Diadem
370. Woestave
377. Hsarus' Iron Heel
381. Hwanin's Justice
382. The Battlebranch, Rainbow Facet
383. Moser's Blessed Circle
384. Bartuc's Cut-Throat
391. Stormstrike
393. The Jade Tan Do
394. Hellcast
402. Steelgoad
405. Vidala's Barb, Milabrega's Diadem, Nagelring
406. Cleglaw's Tooth
408. Venom Ward
409. Sigon's Gage, Natalya's Mark
410. Trang-Oul's Guise
412. Lance of Yaggai
414. Dwarf Star
415. Credendum
417. Steel Carapace
420. Atma's Wail
421. Sander's Superstition
425. Milabrega's Rod
429. Immortal King's Detail
432. Magefist
433. Gheed's Fortune
440. Tearhaunch
441. Sigon's Shelter
446. The Gavel of Pain, Milabrega's Orb
448. The Tannr Gorerod, Lycander's Flank
450. Vidala's Snare, Milabrega's Orb
455. Milabrega's Orb, Cathan's Seal
458. Tancred's Skull
460. Fal Rune
461. Isenhart's Case
467. Milabrega's Orb
469. Woestave, Bing Sz Wang
470. Angelic Halo
471. Arm of King Leoric
473. Rattlecage
474. Sigon's Visor, Bloodmoon
482. Angelic Sickle, Sigon's Gage
483. Sigon's Visor
487. Cathan's Mesh
490. Bladebone
493. The Diggler
500. Ethereal Edge


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ladder 1 i found jah rune in that area and last week i found berin the pit, it will just take more then 500 run to see then high rune. i aam not sure of o the number of run i have done but i have found many of the top rere uniques and nice socketables in tunnls and pits.


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helvete said:
Wow!! I want to do 500 runs ANYWHERE and just find four isenhart cases!!
Only 4 Isenhart's cases wow, I'ld say you got lucky and didn't find more.

That was good that you kept track of what run number you found what on.


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front243 said:
- Teleport is almost a must because you have to find the trapdoor in lost city which can take awhile without.
Actually, Lost City is populated by these animated things that move towards you, and when they reach you the red thing on your left is turning transparent, and when it's completely gone you see strange messages displayed on your screen. So, on first sight, teleporting is really good.

But if you observe carefully, you can attack these things! Just like the monsters in the Ancient Tunnels! And what's even better, they transform into items when you attack them enough! And if that's not enough, there are bosses as well, sometimes even more than one!

Seriously, there is nothing wrong with killing a few more monsters along the way. By far not all good items need lvl 85+ monsters to drop.

As for the Isenhart cases: seriously, what does everyone expect? Most people leave these things on the ground, so OF COURSE you'll find them over and over again! It's just natural.

Pick them up and stash them away, and over time you will significantly reduce the number of Isenhart cases floating around the realm. In a while they might even become insanely valuable due to being in short supply --- with you as the only collector of Isenhart cases, this could be quite an advantage. And even if it isn't, you could still get filthy rich by asking for a highrune or two just to let people look at your impressive collection of Isenhart cases.


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The best thing I ever found in the Ancient Tunnels is Windforce 6%, and I can say that is the best item I ever found... :lol:

Regards MA