50 Pits runs, 511% MF, P8


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50 Pits runs, 511% MF, P8

Well after seeing a bunch of pit run recordings, I decided to start recording mine. I used a level 90 Hammerdin, ShadowStone, with 511% MF on players 8. I apologize if I used the wrong font color, this is my first time trying out different colors.

1) Helm
2) War Hammer
3) Edge Bow, Broad Sword
4) Jagged Star
5) Breast Plate, Ring (Ravenfrost), Two-Handed Sword, Double Axe
6) Bah!
7) Short War Bow
8) Shael, Ring
9) Bah!
10) Reinforced Mace
11) Bah!
12) Edge Bow, Mask, Dol
13) Bloodlord Skull
14) Bah!
15) Bah!
16) Heavy Gloves, Gothic Axe
17) Bah!
18) War Sword, Azurewrath!!, Totemic Mask (from rogue corpse)
19) Divine Scepter, Military Pick, Dusk Shroud, War Sword
20) Dirk
21) Circlet, Chain Boots
22) Razor Bow, Chain Mail
23) Short War Bow
24) Jewel (-5/+5 Poison level-up), Splint Mail, Chain Boots
25) Heavy Boots
26) Ring (Nagelring) (28%)
27) Broad Sword, Crown
28) Ring, Crossbow
29) Grim Helm
30) Long Bow
31) Bah!
32) Heavy Gloves, Light Gaunlets, Troll Nest, Heavy Gloves, Amn
33) Edge Bow, Belt
34) Bah!
35) Mask
36) Splint Mail
37) Bah!
38) Bah!
39) Bah!
40) Double Bow
41) Short War Bow, Broad Sword, Grand Scepter
42) Bah!
43) Bone Wand
44) Two-Handed Sword
45) Bah!
46) Rune Scepter, Bone Helm
47) Ring Mail
48) Devil Star, Vambraces
49) War Sword
50) Amulet (Angelic Wings), War Boots

30 sets= 0.6 sets per run
33 uniques= 0.66 uniques per run


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Some mighty nice finds there ShadowStone :thumbsup:

PS: I'm interested in thr 5/5 Poison Rainbow Facet.


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That Bloodlord Skull is an awesome find, since it is a unique, class specific, TC 87 armor. :thumbsup:

All I can say is that I wish I had one for my grail... :drool:


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yummie, sweet finds :thumbsup: that bloodlord skull and azurewrath sure look like candy :lol:



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nice finds ohh and on these boards burlywood is what we use mostly for uniques.

but its hard to know:thumbsup:


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Boner just found his first Bloodlord Skull last night. I didn't know it existed untill last night. Still haven't foun d Azurewrath yet


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Spook_Cell said:
PS: I'm interested in thr 5/5 Poison Rainbow Facet.
I think it was my 2nd one anyways, and I don't really use them. So I think I could maybe part with it :)

4 runs later, I just found a Caduceus. This makes my day now hehe. Slowly, every so slowly, completing my grail.

Backdoor Bandit

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Just a side-question: Can anyone report there finds using no MF for pit runs?

Would be useful as a comparison maybe. Just an idea.

-Backdoor Bandit


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bandit, dont worry, my only char is a hammerdin, and since i have yet to find anything with mf on it for him.... when i pit run i have 0 mf, i havent been keeping track lately, but next time i get in the mf groove ill keep track :D