50 Pit Runs (yeah in color like everyone else's)


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50 Pit Runs (yeah in color like everyone else's)

Since everyone else is posting their Pit run stats I decided to keep track of mine too.

After the first 25 runs I thought about posting my results as a warning about getting high expectations of good drops from reading about the successes others have had in the Pit (see results – no set or unique drops in 15 of my first 25 runs). But by the time I finished all 50 runs it turned into a lesson in the value of persistence instead.

1. Falchion
2. Nothing
3. Nothing
4. Nothing
5. Nothing
6. Nothing
7. Great Maul, Ataghan, Elder Staff, Circlet
8. Kite Shield
9. Nothing
10. Dirk, Elder Staff
11. Cryptic Axe, Chain Mail, War Sword
12. War Staff
13. Balrog Skin, Chain Mail
14. Nothing
15. Nothing
16. Nothing
17. Nothing
18. Nothing
19. Nothing
20. Colossus Crossbow
21. War Scepter, Breast Plate
22. Dusk Shroud
23. Nothing
24. Nothing
25. Nothing
26. Mesh Belt
27. Glorious Axe
28. Nothing
29. Nothing
30. War Spear
31. Bone Visage
32. Naga, Morning Star
33. Battle Scythe, Heavy Gloves
34. Nothing
35. Maul, Short Battle Bow, Swirling Crystal
36. War Gauntlets, Belt
37. Nothing
38. Heavy Boots
39. Nothing
40. Military Pick
41. Ward, Death Mask
42. Great Sword, Bill, Lem rune
43. Breast Plate
44. Colossus Blade
45. Military Pick, Demonhide Boots
46. Lochaber Axe
47. Flanged Mace
48. Nothing
49. Nothing
50. Cleaver

Pit Run Stats:

Pit Runner: Level 96 Hybrid Zon
Players Setting: 8
Average Run Time: about 12-13 minutes
Magic Find: 550
MF w/Merc: 736 (merc killed most of the uniques)

Drop Summary:

Total Drops: 44 (less than 1 per run)
Zero Drop Runs: 25 (seems high for running at players 8 – maybe quality over quantity though)
High Level Drops:
TC87: 2 (Glorious Axe, Colossus Blade)
TC84: 2 (Bone Visage, Ward)
TC81: 1 (Cryptic Axe)
TC78: 1 (Balrog Skin)
TC75: 3 (Colossus Crossbow, Elder Staff x2)


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Some really nice itmes you got from the Pit! :clap:

Yeah, just keep running and something will drop.


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Good job at guting through all 50 runs. I would be happy that you found some TC 87's. I watched him do lot of the first 25 runs, and then gave up and left because as you can see they were so boring (I am his son). Now i only wish that my luck would change in pit runs, then agian i am only at run 26 or so on my pit standings so now I have really HIGH exceptations for the ending. : )


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buster said:
TC84: 2 (Bone Visage, Ward)
Me wants those!

I don't have them yet!



Congrats on nice finds, and really, you don't have to send your items to me :lol:


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LprMan said:
Me wants those!

I don't have them yet!



Congrats on nice finds, and really, you don't have to send your items to me :lol:
I've got two "ward"s. I dont need both


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cholerajoe said:
I've got two "ward"s. I dont need both
Thanks for the offer, but I think I have found much more items than many other players, so taking that valuable freebies feels quite greedy. If you don't need it, trade it for new items or give it to someone who really needs it :)


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cholerajoe said:
Was that collosus blade a Bul Cathos blade? I thought they were just teasers and really didn't drop. ;)
It sure was, in fact my 2nd one (which is why you'll find it proudly displayed in my items available for trade in the trade thread).


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I know this probalay isnt the forum to ask this.. But whats a good mf for pit runs .. I have a fishymancer


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If you mean mf% then as much as you can wear and still kill, With a skelimancer you could trade pretty much all your equipment for mf especially if you use corpse explosion. However if you don't use players 1 the going will be slow.