50+k single hit damage


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50+k single hit damage

Well it was discussed a while back (pre forum crash), and I've finally made the max damage charger. The highest damage I have yet recorded on his char screen can be seen in my avatar... 51k. That is with my fanat + merc's might + friendly conc aura all active. He is lvl 83 with 626 str, base (+ bonuses) everything else and dies faster than, well, pretty much everyone. My avatar also includes his regular attack damage with no damage boosts (white text). Yes, it is obscene :D

If anyone's interested in details, I'll give a full description of gear, skills, and stats. And btw, there's only a total of +11max damage from charms in his inventory.

Crazy Runner Guy

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't do you do MORE damage if you had the conc aura yourself and your partner giving the fanat?



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Dracoy, he's using probably an etheral botd warpike. Look at the min and max damage.

Hey, why not add another 2k damage with a heart of the wolverine, and why not add some enchant too. My god, we could probably make a 100k charger. That'd be awesome!


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I dont think it would be that difficult to hit 75K for a charger.........

100k, might be hard...


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100k is, dare I say it, impossible. 75k might be possible (not sure how much Enchant can add at max -> it'd need to be a LOT). Any comments/suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Ok here's the scoop:

lvl 83

Strength: 631
Dexterity: 68
Vitality: 83
Energy: 63

Life: 568
Mana: 216

Charge Damage: 7821-42k (with just fanat)
Charge Attack Rating: 3491
Defence: 2063

Resists (hell)
Fire: -39
Cold: 14
Lightning: -22
Poison: 48

Charge: 20
Vigor: 20
Might: 20
Fanaticism: 20
Blessed Aim: 8 (all rest here)
Salvation: 1
Cleansing: 1
Concentration: 1 (prereq)
Prayer: 1 (prereq)
Defiance: 1 (prereq)

Ethereal Breath of the Dying Thunder Maul (393%ed)
Andariel's Visage (30str) + 34%ed jewel
+2 Paladin, 19str, 7%mana leech amulet
Enigma (Great Hauberk)
Steelrend (59%ed, 19str)
Bul-Katho's Wedding Bands x2 (both of them)
Arachnid's Mesh
War Travellers

+5max, 25AR, 3str Large
+3max, 13AR Small
+3max, 18AR, 1-2cold Small
14 res all, 23 life Grand
14 res all, 35 life Grand
+18stats, 20res all, 8%exp Annihilus

That's +10 all skills, if you were wondering.

Level 58
Act2 NM Offensive
Might lvl 16 = 190%ed


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Ok, I'll add my own comments before they get brought up...

+1 skills corresponds to +17%ed from Fanat and +25%ed from charge = +42%ed

+10str corresponds to +11%ed (since thunder mauls are 110 str bonus)

So +38str gives about the same (damage) bonus as +1 to all skills.

Total %ed I have from items + skills +str is 59 + 34 + 1625 + 543 + 694 = 2955%ed.

Base damage is 241 - 1331 on weapon + 15-25 on war travs + 11max from charms, so 256 - 1367.

That gives:
256*(1+29.55) = 7820 min
1367*(30.55) = 41761 max

Here's the impossability of 100k damage:

For reference, at lvl 50 (this is about as high lvl skills i think we can hope for...)
Fanat = 883%ed
Charge = 2125%ed (full syns)
Conc = 795%ed
Might = 1000%ed

Say you manage to get 1000 strength with all those skills, that's 1100%ed more

Steelrends + 7 40%ed/15max jewels give: +340%ed + 105max damage

War travs +25max

39 +3max charms = +117max

Total bonus from auras and skills would be 6243%ed and +247max damage.

Perfect botd Tmaul would be 1350 max.

(1350+247)*(1+62.43) = 101k

So, you just reach 100k with an impossible combination of equipment.

And I don't think enchant can give much more than 5k fire damage, although the AR would be a big help!


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Hmm, if you used angelic rings/armor for the attack rating and used a metalgrid that'd give you around 3k raw attack rating at higher levels, IIRC. And attack rating grand charms would give what, 120 each. And you could use some weapon with a huge AR bonus too, maybe Bstar or something like that.


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I'm not sure about this blessed aim passive bonus... I've only been getting like +20AR per point I put in. The bonus seems to be based on your base AR (no skills) and is not modified by the skills after it's added. I got nowhere else to put the skills though, so an extra 200AR won't hurt.

Good point with the AR charms... they add big amounts and then my skills boost them lots more. Not sure cutting out ring/armor/ammy are worthwhile ventures... the point wasn't to make a viable build this time around. Next time, definitely the angelic parts would add several thousand AR after the skills boost it and that alone would probably take care of any AR issues.
hiya all

i think this is a very interesting debate going on here, and i will give it my shot to.

after some calculating i think there really is a lot more dmg to get then you actually get. however 100K is not possible, aldough it comes really close.

under here my calculation of a party using a charger as the guy who does the dmg, and this one can (at least theoreticly) be build.

you need to following teammembers

Fana pala: lvl 53 gives + 467% (to teammates, he gets way more himselve)
Conc pala: lvl 53 gives + 840%
Might pala: lvl 53 gives + 560%
Heart of wolf druid: lvl 49 gives + 356%
Enchant sorc: lvl 50 enchant + synergys gives + 5K fire dmg
Battle order barb gives + 1 skills to all party members
1 combat srine + plenty of skill shrines

pala with charge/holy shock (this is the guy who does that insane amount, and YES he doesn't use fana)
charge max (gives + 1525% ed)
vigor max
might max
holy shock max (gives +4569 to max dmg)
resist light max

ETH 415% BOTD tundermaul
Steelrend 60/20
War travs (10 str + 25 max dmg)
Armor with +20 str and 4 * 30max juwels
Helmet with 3 * 30 max juwels and 30 str
2 * buls ring
+ 2 pala + 30 str + 4 max dmg amulet
arachnid mesh

Anni 20 stats + 1 skill
39 * 4 max small charms = 156 to max dmg (yes .. they DO excist)

total strength is
base = 25
for lvling = 90 * 5 = 450 (at lvl 91)
from quests = 3 * 5 = 15
from equip = 30 (botd) + 20 (steelrend) + 10 (wt) + 20 (armor) + 30 (helm) + 30 (amu) + 20 (anni) = 160
total = 650

total % ed is
467 + 840 + 560 + 356 + 1525 + 650 (str) + 60 (steelrend) + 200 (schrine) = 4658 %

weapon dmg is:
thunder maul max dmg is 180
ETH is 270
415 ed eth = 1390

total to max dmg is
25 (wt) + 156 (charms) + 120 (armor) + 90 (helm) + 4 (amu) = 395

total dmg before ED = 1785

dmg WITH ed = 83145

with holy shock and enchant grand total gives



so.. almoost 93K that aint bad.

i might have made mistakes, and forgot certain things, i do however think that this gives a rough idea of what is about possible.

i did leave out certain things, as i didn't know for sure how it would work, or was to lazy to calculate all the way to it.

* i did NOT calculate the exact highest possible enchant dmg
* i did NOT calculate the alternative with using anni + 9 * 4 max sc's + 10 * 10 max 6 str GC's
* i did NOT calculate to the bone the skil lvl's possible on teammembers (druid, sorc and pala's), i made a rough estimation.


don't flame me for small mistakes, and where i forgot something i would love to know, because i would LOOOOOOOOOOOVE to reach that 100K :love:

still... 93K ... i think is pretty decent :worship:
oh... and BEFORE i forget it...

100K IS possible, only not on a charge pala...

now i hear you all think... WHAT... CHARGER DOES MOOST DMG OF ALL?

wel... there is 1 to rival him, the martial arts assa, using tiget strike.

i think such an assa... using roughly the same equip and party as the above described pala (only with + to assa skills ofcource), and different charms and gloves (+ to martial skills) and venom... WILL break the 100K damage on a normal hit, used to realease tigerstrike.

i agree that this damage can't be done every hit (since you have to charge up 3 times), but it IS realeased in 1 hit, and you will be able to see it standing in your caracter screen.


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thats correct. Assasins can easily get over 2000%ed bonsu from TS alone. more than paladin gets from charge. And thats without synergys ;)



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Necro too can get over 100k on his char screen... with poison explosion. But this is the Paladin forum after all.

Nice work greenfire! Holy shock is a good call there... with so much %ed, a few hundred more (using fanat himself) doesn't do that much.

A lot of pvp'ers do die in 1 hit from this guy, but NM Izual took 3 hits to go down :(
Squix said:
Nice work greenfire! Holy shock is a good call there... with so much %ed, a few hundred more (using fanat himself) doesn't do that much.
thanks for that, have been fun doing the work :teeth:

but i think what you maybe don't understand is that you don't MISS the ED from fana, you get it from another pala.

and indeed only half the amount of ed is given to other players in a party, but since this can be a specific fana pally (with like lvl 50 fana) the total % ed you will get is as high, or even higher, than you would get from your own fana.

let the massive dmg grow and grow