48% FHR, is it enough?

the boss

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48% FHR, is it enough?

I'm gonna be building a full DR/Tank/Charge/125FCR hammerdin

Just wondering if 48% FHR be enough for pvp hammerdins, or do I need 86%?

opinions are greatly appreciated:prop:


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Just a small note aside. (full dr with 125 fcr, do you have some kind of sweet ammy?)


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If you can reach it without to much fuzzling, I think it's a great idea, if you are not solely gonna rely on charge.

Coa w/ ber + Jewel w/ -15% req, 7fhr @adds would be the best option. Considering EUSCNL.

Spirit 35% fcr included, ofc.


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If you used coa + dancers that would give 60 fhr already, for pvp i'd recommend 86 fhr.

Another option would be to use a spirit targe or spirit sword for 55 fhr.


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48% 5frames is enough, but 4frames can easily be reached with 86%. I'd say its ok, but try your best to get fhr pcombats.


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48% usally is enough in most cases but 86% is the best bet. The problems with 12%fhr pcombats is that they are usall hard to get i don't know about ur realm but on Euro realm they are very expenisive

Eilo Rytyj

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To get to that elusive 125% FCR, he'd need to be using Spirit. That's 55% FHR right there. And if he was using the CoA, that's 85%. Any more will net you the 86% thingo. No need for FHR PCombats in that case.

For max DR with Spirit you'd need CoA (BerBer, no less), Enigma and Verdungo's (54% DR total w/ perfect gear). That gives 115% FHR, problem solved.

the boss

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Never mind about the FULL DR thing, I can only get 36% with this set up below here...

my gear:

Berber CoA 26res/28dr
Enigma Dusk
Wizard spike (resists jewel?)
35%FCR Spirit Ronache
Raven(this ring will never be taken out, I need the Dex/AR(charge)/and CBF against cold dmg kb zons...)
Wisp/Dwarf/Dual stats ring <---I switch between these
Grim Necklace

On Switch: Cta Scourge + the worst pally bo spirit on earth...

Yea...so I use dupes stuff because I need the strength for the CoA, thank god all those items are forever permed.

I'm going:
87%FHR <---I have a 12 FHR offensive gc that adds up to 87 exactly...

yeah I can't get Pcomb 12 FHR, so I got offensive FHR...


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Actually you're at 97%. CoA=30, Spirit=55, GC=12.

Personally I would have gone with a 5%SC, it allows you to have as many PCombs as you can afford, without needing to get an FHR one. And as Eilo said, you only need 1% more FHR, so that SC will cover you.
48% should be fine being that

A) you will be charging to desynch and charge is uninterruptable

B) you use concentration aura, which means you don't have to rely as heavily on fhr as 20% of your attacks other than charge are uninterruptable.


is this a pure hdin or a liberator? if you just use charge for mobobility you can do with 48fhr but vs necs wind druids 86 is better


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If you use coa+spirit then sox your wizzy with a 7fhr/str/dex jool allowing for an extra 20 lifer in your inventory.

I would also strongly recommend using sacred targe instead or roundage for your spirit base.

86 fhr helps masses against boners are fbers.

the boss

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Yea, at the moment, sacred targe are too expensive on NL, and 44 resists are all duped anyways.

I guess you could call this hammer/liberator, since I'll be charging with a Cta SCOURGE, against zons, but most of the time i'll be using hammers with my wizzards.

One more point on the 97%FHR, I was thinking that I'd be using my Kira's Guardian, which gives me 20%FHR instead of 30%FHR on helms once I switch my COA to Kira against casters.

CoA + spirit + gc = 97% Fhr (I reach bp anyway)
Kira + spirit + gc = 87% Fhr (I reach bp)

So yeah, these helms allow me to hit 86% Fhr at ALL times, it'll hit breakpoints with both helm, whether I switch either of them, thats how I liked it.

Thanks guys, I think I have another set up with 50DR/48FHR/125FCR hdin/charger here

2pal/20fcr/20fhr/stats/resists/socket shael
Enigma Dusk Shroud
Stormshield Ber'd
Wizard Spike
Raven Ring
Wisp Ring
2pal/20FCR/mana Crafted ammy

I'd say my berber coa set up is better...