436%ed rare Cere Javalin, worth upgrade?


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436%ed rare Cere Javalin, worth upgrade?

I've just cubed a rare ceremonial javalin which has 436%ed:shocked: (the original rare was got in Nightmare Act4)!
Loath Nails
Ceremonial Javalin
Throw Damage: 96 to 289
One-Hand Damage: 96 to 187
+2 to Javalin and Spear Skills (Amazon Only)
+436% Enchanced Damage
+177 to Attack Rating
Adds 1-5 Fire Damage
Adds 1-2 Cold Damage
8% mana stolen per hit
Is it Worth to be upped to Matriachal Javalin? Or should I wait for eth Titan?


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Wow, I'd keep that just for bragging rights!

An eth Titan's still beats it though, if only for the other mods on Titan's (e.g. auto-replenish, FRW, etc).

Evrae Altana

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Too bad it's not ethereal. :azn:

Titan's Revenge > that, but keep it anyways. If you can afford to blow away a few runes, upgrade it just for the hell of it.


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436% ?! That's absurd, and pretty cool. Too bad it's not eth with some other more handy mods, but I'd upgrade it just for fun. What color is it?


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Those are keepers, man.

If for nothing else than keeping in your stash in case you die and need a good backup weapon to go get your corpse with.

That's a good example of how sometimes a good rare can give the uniques a run for their money.