430 elite Set/Unique items from Pit


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Okay, finally, my Pit project is done!!!!! It got finished much sooner than I expected. The idea is to run Pit indefinitely with my pit zerker until I find THE gold piece of sacred armour.

Originally, I was planning to count the number of runs to finish the project, but I just couldn't be bothered (and always forgot) to save/exit on the first run, so I decided to only count the number of MFO qualifiers that I got during the run.

The stash Pit_Ad_Infinitium.d2x was created on Saturday, 26 December 2015 20:14 GMT. On Sunday, 1 May 2016, 12:35 BST, the 430th MFO qualifier dropped in Pit:


I was like: oh, probably just another Templar's, but no!!!!! It was THE gold Sacred Armour:

Tyrael's Might
Sacred Armor
Defense: 1406
Durability: 38 of 60
Required Level: 84
Fingerprint: 0xcb58705a
Item Level: **
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+20% Faster Run/Walk
+97% Damage to Demons
Slain Monsters Rest in Peace
+134% Enhanced Defense
+28 to Strength
All Resistances +20
Cannot Be Frozen
Requirements -100%
Some notable finds:


Now, the only thing that I miss is Stormlash, I think I will take a break from MF now, and go to enjoy the game with the items I found.

Also, if anybody is interested, this is all 430 qualifiers I found, sorted by counts:

  18 Immortal King's Stone Crusher
  13 Dangoon's Teaching
  13 Credendum
  12 Laying of Hands
  11 Windhammer
  11 Bonehew
   9 Trang-Oul's Guise
   9 Sazabi's Ghost Liberator
   9 M'avina's Embrace
   9 Aldur's Deception
   8 Trang-Oul's Girth
   8 Messerschmidt's Reaver
   8 Dark Adherent
   7 Sazabi's Cobalt Redeemer
   7 Nord's Tenderizer
   7 Natalya's Shadow
   7 Jade Talon
   6 Taebaek's Glory
   6 Rune Master
   6 Immortal King's Soul Cage
   5 Wizardspike
   5 Viperfork
   5 Stoneraven
   5 Razor's Edge
   5 Ondal's Almighty
   5 Natalya's Mark
   5 M'avina's True Sight
   5 Frostwind
   5 Dracul's Grasp
   5 Demon Limb
   5 Bul-Kathos' Tribal Guardian
   5 Bul-Kathos' Sacred Charge
   5 Blood Raven's Charge
   5 Baranar's Star
   5 Andariel's Visage
   4 Tomb Reaver
   4 The Gladiator's Bane
   4 Tal Rasha's Guardianship
   4 Spirit Keeper
   4 Nightwing's Veil
   4 Naj's Light Plate
   4 Marrowwalk
   4 Lightsabre
   4 Halaberd's Reign
   4 Eschuta's Temper
   4 Doombringer
   4 Arioc's Needle
   3 Wraith Flight
   3 Widowmaker
   3 Verdungo's Hearty Cord
   3 Thunderstroke
   3 Shadow Killer
   3 Ormus' Robes
   3 Naj's Puzzler
   3 Hellrack
   3 Head Hunter's Glory
   3 Harlequin Crest
   3 Griswold's Valor
   3 Griswold's Redemption
   3 Griffon's Eye
   3 Ethereal Edge
   3 Eaglehorn
   3 Dragonscale
   3 Djinn Slayer
   3 Demon's Arch
   3 Bloodmoon
   2 Windforce
   2 Warshrike
   2 The Reaper's Toll
   2 Stormshield
   2 Spirit Ward
   2 Shadow Dancer
   2 Nosferatu's Coil
   2 Medusa's Gaze
   2 Lacerator
   2 Horizon's Tornado
   2 Hellslayer
   2 Gut Siphon
   2 Giant Skull
   2 Fleshripper
   2 Flamebellow
   2 Death's Fathom
   2 Cranebeak
   2 Boneflame
   2 Blackoak Shield
   2 Arachnid Mesh
   1 Wolfhowl
   1 Tyrael's Might
   1 Titan's Revenge
   1 The Redeemer
   1 The Cranium Basher
   1 Stormspire
   1 Stone Crusher
   1 Steel Shade
   1 Steel Pillar
   1 Spike Thorn
   1 Soul Drainer
   1 Sandstorm Trek
   1 M'avina's Caster
   1 Leviathan
   1 Heaven's Light
   1 Griswold's Honor
   1 Gimmershred
   1 Firelizard's Talons
   1 Executioner's Justice
   1 Earth Shifter
   1 Demonhorn's Edge
   1 Death Cleaver
   1 Cerebus' Bite
   1 Boneshade
   1 Astreon's Iron Ward
   1 Alma Negra
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Congratulations!!! I'm starting some pit runs right now, starting with lite sorc. Probably move to my barb once I get an enigma.


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Way to go, those are some wonderful finds! Spoils to the victor, as you see them driven before you.
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Welcome to the Tyrael's club! What's still missing?

I feel a bit envy about your three unique diadem finds, but as long as you haven't found Mang Song's (my other unique I haven't found so far), it's not over!

And Zod.


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Congrats, that is awesome !!!

Originally, I was planning to count the number of runs to finish the project, but I just couldn't be bothered (and always forgot) to save/exit on the first run, ...
Not sure if I understand this sentence. I assume you are referring to using the run counter? Why do you have to S/E on the first run?


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First, nice job there Xylene.

Regarding run counter, this is how it works and why you have to s/e first run if you want precisely know exact number of runs done (at least shown on run counter itself, you can still count manually that first problematic run).

1. First run never counts, so when you start run counter, you can just s/e first run since run counter won't register it as run done. Run counter do register fastest run time and total run time, but if you go check it out after first run, you will see you did 0 runs with 0 average time.

2. Anytime you pause run counter, he won't count next run when you unpause it. This means that if you s/e and go out of diablo to pause the counter, then when you unpause it and go back in the game, you can just instant s/e that first run since run counter won't register it. I mean, it will register it toward total playing time and toward fastest run time only.

3. When you die, you will screw your run counter. I'm not entirely sure how it really works, but it's something like this: Once you die, run counter automatically starts a new run and when you press ESC 1 second after, run counter will count that run as 1 second screwing up your average run time.

4. After you visit ATMA or GOMULE, for some reason run counter will count first run normally if you don't restart it. If you restart it, you must again s/e first run since it won't be registered toward runs done or average run time.


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Thanks everyone. I used to consider finding a Tyrael's is impossible until I joined this forum and saw quite a few Tyrael's were found. Somebody (namely Gripphon and Grape) even mange to find more than one!! That is very inspiring and keeps me motivated :D

@krischan Stormlash is the thing still missing (Zod as well if runes are included). I got two Mang's from Pindle, and one of them is nearly perfect :p

@T72on1 Yes, I meant using a run counter. Gripphon already explained the reason :)


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The run counter counts every save to the file. When you die the game saves, so it restarts the run. Then you S&E to get your body and you get another "run."

This is why I always do the first run, as unlike Grip I always die a few times. The lost first runs cancels things out.

In Silospens simple run counter you could set the count to be multiple save increments, in case your run was over the 5/6 mins D2 normally auto saves in.


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Now, the only thing that I miss is Stormlash, I think I will take a break from MF now, and go to enjoy the game with the items I found.
That is a well-earned break!! Enjoy! (and let us hear about your projects, if you wish :) )

Huge grats, and welcome to the exclusive TM-Club!


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That is a well-earned break!! Enjoy! (and let us hear about your projects, if you wish :) )

Huge grats, and welcome to the exclusive TM-Club!

Thanks, Grape.

Not much to say here, as this project lasts too long and I have already forgotten what my feeling was during the run :p, but I will try here to describe as much as possible based on the screenshots :D.

About the build: at the very beginning, I was using Grief PB + Alibaba (2 Ist runes) + Trang’s belt. I did not have 6 Ist runes back then, and I was not sure whether I’d like to use my only Cham for a Shako. Later on, as things progress, I kept tweaking gears with different combinations. I have to say, Fabian’s setup is just so perfect. I eventually end up using nearly the same gear setup in his guide. Also, the MF small charms kept upgrading during the run, and I only had a full house of 7MF SC like three months ago (cannot remember now). One thing for sure: zerker is not easy to play at all!!!!!! I died quite a few times, and in many occasions, monsters simply don’t get howled away. Aslo, pit zerker is very finger intensive. Now my fingers hurt. I have to admit it: I’m growing old, and I’m no longer a postgraduate student anymore :(

I conceived the project during the 2015 Summer MFO, where I reached grail -8 after running pindle during MFO:

Torch of Iro
Knell Striker
Pelta Lunata
Giant Skull
Death’s Fathom
Astreon's Iron Ward
Tyrael’s Might

I did not start the project immediately. Instead, I still had a little sort of inertia on running pindle, and that did pay off . So grail -7, and I had fed up with pindle.

Then the stash Pit_Ad_Infinitium.d2x was created and my Pit project started. I had an awesome start, only 20 minutes after I started, a qualifier with decent point dropped:


Then I went to York for two days, and when I came back, this awesome item dropped:


Then it went a bit quiet, but two days after that, two unique Diadems dropped within one hour. Based on the screenshot, the first one dropped at 16:18 and the second one dropped at 17:12.


Not long after that, a unique hydra bow. This streak of luck really kept me motivated for running:


After that, Alma Negra, Boneflame, Halaberd’s Reign, Tomb Reaver, Windforce, Spirit Keeper, Shadow Dancer and Dragonscale happened within 3 days of casual play, lucky!!

The first milestone happened on 4 January 2016 when I get my first long wanted Dimensional Shard. I posted this in the IFT thread here.

Now grail -6. Then it went quiet for quite a long time, but then a unique Bone Visage dropped. Okay grail -5.


After that, RFO started, and I decided to have a break and participate RFO. During RFO, a unique buckler dropped from Councils.

Good, grail -4.

Then after getting all the runes, I decided to make some nice runewords for my new chars (Faith for a Bowzon and Bramble for a Poisonmancer). So I got diverged from the Pit project, but I got these two during leveling the new chars:


Nice, grail -2: only Stormlash and Tyrael’s!!!

Not long after that, I went back to my Pit project, but it is really hard to get something excited when you were at grail -2. I did keep playing, with a break here and there. It went silent for quite a bit, but things like these kept me motivated:


Then, last weekend, finally, THE gold Sacred Armour dropped, project finished, much sooner than I expected. Thank you very much.

To be honest, I was also hoping to get a Gargoyle's Bite and a Death’s Web. I do have those two items, but I got them not long after I started playing d2 1.13 when I was a newbie and did not realise how rare they are, so no screenshots for those two. It will be awesome for me to get screenshots for those two :)

So now, I need a break, laters :p
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Wow, you really have nailed that Grail so far. Hopefully that Stormlash won't be awfully stingy when you continue your MF runs.

Heh, I actually meant by "let us know about your projects", that let us see some Pat/Mat or whatever threads when you now play your chars and enjoy the items. I call my chars "projects", haha :rolleyes:


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Awesome write-up @XyleneCyanol . Thanks for sharing. I actually felt good for having both Torch of Iro and Knell Striker, while someone on grail -8 at the time didn't have those. O yes, and I hear you on the Gargoyle's and Death's Web. I found the latter quite early in the mf career of my (tainted) Blizz Sorc a few years ago, and didn't realize how rare it was.

Good luck on the Stormlash !!! I was lucky enough to find 2 of them, not sure where though. One of them was from Hell Baal for sure actually, but the other? I think Pindle. Anyway, just to show how random the rng drop gods are ...

Edit: btw, it seems like you more than earned your place in the table of this thread :).
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