40 Spirit Sets /w Hels Auction!!


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40 Spirit Sets /w Hels Auction!!

Since my last thread was a bit confusing, I'm going to go ahead and reopen the Auction and make it a little clearer. You are bidding for 40 complete spirit sets. That means you are getting 40 Tals, 40 Thuls, 40 Orts, 40 Amns, and 40 Hel runes. These runes will be divided in a mule account with 5 characters, each holding 40 of each different rune. This auction will close in approximately 48 Hours. I will set my reserve as low as I can just to get things started and as long as the selling price is remotely near my reserve or above, the runes are yours. Let the auction for 200 runes begin!

Bidding Key:

Pul - 0.5
Um - 1
Mal - 2
Ist - 4
Gul - 6
Vex - 12
Ohm - 24
Lo - 30
Ber/Jah - 40


Happy bidding guys! If you have any questions or comments, just post or contact me via PM or in-game. Thanks for looking!!

ign *kooldanny64