$40 for ABSOLUTELY secure muling


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$40 for ABSOLUTELY secure muling

7 steps give you ABSOLUTELY secure muling. It costs not gold, not soj's, not runes, but dollars. I did it. I'm a Noob.

1) $40 to buy another copy of battle chest
2) Rename Diablo II folder
3) Install second copy of Diablo II with the new cd-key. Create a new account
4) Log on to battle.net with one cd-key and one account
5) Go back to windows, log out and log on with a different Windows user
6) Go to battle.net with the other cd-key and the other account
7) Creat characters and trade with yourself. To transfer items within the same account, first give it to a character in another account and take it back.

I call it a rip off. But it always works. I made a lot of lvl 1 characters to store items. Just make sure they don't expire in 10 day (I hate the 2-hour rule).


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$40 dollars for diablo 2 battle chest????

im in england and it costs at the most £20 to get both diablo 2 and LOD because the game is so old now theyre on offer (i think £20 is about $30)

anyway you could always try making a friend and xferring with him!


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A lot of "friends" aren't trustworthy.

Even the 5 min self-transfer thing has flaws. If your game gets buggy / you get realm down / you look at mules too fast, bye bye items.


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"A lot of "friends" aren't trustworthy."

Usually when people say "friends", they mean people that you know really well (over a long period of time) or you know them well in real life. We don't mean guys that you just "meet" on bnet for a week.

Gotta learn to pick your friends well.


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The really trustworthy friends are those who play the game in the SAME ROOM with you. If they take you stuff and don't give them back, instead of pvp them in the Blood Moor, pvp them next to the pool table.


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20 pounds is way more than 20 dollars. From the top of my head about twice as much, rendering the purchase about even...

But then again, we use euros... ;)