4 Socket War Scythe


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4 Socket War Scythe

Just found this doozey, thinking about using it for my merc's Insight weapon.

I'm level 60 at the moment -- is War Scythe still a good choice? (I'm a sorc)

I don't know if people typically rely on the damage or just the aura for it =S.


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Re: 4 Socket War Scythe

I think that damage will be good enough, I've used lvl 25 Insights before and they pack a decent punch because their lowest damage is in the 200's topping off at about 500 two handed. Good enough I say.

Interesting enough, I have the same thing in eth but no sockets - I have to try and cube it to four.

I'd use it, lvl 60 sorc should be able to kill spamming spells now that insight is on.