3rd Weekend Mini-MFO


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3rd Weekend Mini-MFO

Yes, we are back this weekend - is tweety going to be defeated this time, or will he prove once again he is invincible? Fasten your seatbelts, it is the...

3rd Weekend Mini-MFO
Lord of the Pit Edition

The rules:

0 (the implied rule) - If thou reads this, THOU MUST BY ALL MEANS TAKE PART ON IT!

1- It starts this Friday, 10-29, 8 PM, and ends next Monday, 11-01, 8 AM. These are your local time.

2- Thou shalt pay the subscription fee and subscribe thyself for any categories thou wishest, before it begins. Only members of the SPF may enter the competition.

2.1- As a member of the SPF, thou must fulfill at least one of the following pre-requisites:

- Post an intro thread
- Frequent EMB
- Blame Durf

2.2- The subscription fee, for thy knowledge, is a rune TIR or better, a jewel and a Perfect Gem of thy choosing, which thou must send to ricrestoni at pop dot com dot br for thy entrance to be accepted.

2.3- The categories are Softcore and Hardcore. Thou shalt clearly state which one(s) thou competest at by posting it properly at this thread and/or stating it clearly by e-mail.

2.4- If thy desires are to compete in both categories, send two entry fees, separated accordingly.

3- Thou shalt kill all monsters in level-85 areas in your category(ies) until thy eyes wither, and horde thy spoils. The pit is a favourite, but there are others. Read this guide to know more.

4- Thou shalt NOT post your findings prior to the ending. Tweety, thy bragger, refrain thy instincts!

5- Thou shalt, when it is over, send to ricrestoni at pop dot com dot br the following:

- Thy forum name.

And for each category:

- Thy character info (class, build, level, %MF).
- ATMA readings of thy 2 rarest findings from the Pit or the other allowed areas during the valid period, containing all item information, including - but not limited to - fingerprints. Only set and unique elite items are valid entries, so thou knowest.

5.1- Thy info MUST be sent up to 36 hours after the end of the competition.

6- The competitor who gets the rarest item wins. Rarity shall be measured by a list for each category where each valid item is followed by a number that indicates how rare it is (the bigger the number the rarer the item).

6.1- If a tie occurs, the competitor who found the 2nd rarest item wins.

6.2- If the tie persists, then it is a draw.

6.3- If a draw occurs between the victors, the prizes shall be divided in a brotherly fashion.

7- No items shall be claimed from winners at this edition. Finder's keeper's, if thou preferest.

8- Thou shall NOT identify the items thou intendest to apply to thy victory. ATMA is reserved to give thee the pleasures of thy finding, not Deckard Cain. IDed items willl NOT be accepted as valid entries.

8.1- Optional rulings shall be reserved for MAC users and other special cases.

9- The prizes will be 3 stashes for each category, the jewel one, the runes and the gems, all filled with thy paid fees. They shall be given like this:

1st place - first pick
2nd place - second pick
3rd place - remaining stash

9.1- Contents of the prize stashes are accessable by request from any competitor.

9.2- Additional prizes may be donated to the victors, and if they exist, they will be treated as this narrator sees fit.

10- Doubts, subscriptions and further suggestions shall be posted in this thread for everybody's knowledge.

11- Thou wilt have fun!

The list of items will follow soon.



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Glad you changed that fourth rule. :lol:

I'm in for the Softcore class. I'll enter with my lvl 91 Fishymancer, Ganjah. He will be wearing close to 800, and close to 900 on merc kill, MF.

The previous competition winners have mostly been determined by the amount of time put into the MFO, this has much more meaning when running single targets. I hope area running changes this. Again, can't wait for the weekend.

Good luck for ya all and may the h4x0rest SPFer win!


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I'm in of course. Softcore, but I don't know which area and characters I will run with.
I assume Baals minions are not included?
Payment will be in the mail at the end of the day.


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I might actually be able to take part in this one... got a HC Assassin in Act 4 Nightmare right now, and provided I don't die, I should definitely be in Act 1 Hell by Friday. :)


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Oh boy, my Strafazon is a bit scared of Hell.

Tough luck for her, I'm in. Don't know which area yet and payment will be sent sometime today.

Edit: Softie


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Level 85 Areas (based on drop probabilities from Unique monsters in the areas)

Immortal King's Stone Crusher 1
Dangoon's Teaching 1.3
Laying of Hands 1.4
Dark Adherent 1.6
Natalya's Shadow 1.7
Credendum 1.7
Sazabi's Cobalt Redeemer 1.9
Arioc's Needle 2.3
Wizardspike 2.3
Ondal's Almighty 2.3
Bonehew 2.3
M'avina's Embrace 2.3
Shadow Killer 2.4
Windhammer 2.5
Ethereal Edge 2.5
Hellslayer 2.6
Viperfork 2.6
Hellrack 2.6
Gimmershred 2.8
Demon Limb 2.8
Jade Talon 3
Sazabi's Ghost Liberator 3.1
Lightsabre 3.1
Naj's Light Plate 3.1
Naj's Puzzler 3.1
Trang-Oul's Girth 3.2
Tal Rasha's Guardianship 3.2
Baranar's Star 3.2
Rune Master 3.2
Djinn Slayer 3.2
Flamebellow 3.3
The Reaper's Toll 3.3
Demon's Arch 3.3
Taebaek's Glory 3.3
Trang-Oul's Guise 3.3
Aldur's Deception 3.3
Bloodmoon 3.3
Nord's Tenderizer 3.5
Razor's Edge 3.6
Bul-Kathos' Sacred Charge 3.8
Bul-Kathos' Tribal Guardian 3.8
Ormus' Robes 3.9
Sandstorm Trek 3.9
Harlequin Crest 4.1
Natalya's Mark 4.3
Tomb Reaver 4.3
Cranebeak 4.3
Wraith Flight 4.3
Widowmaker 4.3
Lacerator 4.3
Andariel's Visage 4.3
Verdungo's Hearty Cord 4.3
Immortal King's Soul Cage 4.3
M'avina's True Sight 4.3
Griswold's Valor 4.3
Eschuta's Temper 4.6
Messerschmidt's Reaver 4.6
Frostwind 4.6
Fleshripper 4.6
Gut Siphon 4.6
Thunderstroke 4.7
The Gladiator's Bane 4.9
Marrowwalk 5
Stormshield 5
Firelizard's Talons 5.2
M'avina's Caster 5.2
Medusa's Gaze 5.7
Nightwing's Veil 11.4
Veil of Steel 11.4
Doombringer 5.7
Warshrike 5.7
Eaglehorn 5.7
Leviathan 5.7
Stone Crusher 5.8
Arachnid Mesh 5.9
Blackoak Shield 5.9
Dracul's Grasp 5.9
Stoneraven 6
Steel Shade 6.6
Nosferatu's Coil 6.6
Spike Thorn 6.6
Soul Drainer 6.6
Blood Raven's Charge 6.7
Horizon's Tornado 6.8
Wolfhowl 7.3
Arkaine's Valor 7.8
Head Hunter's Glory 7.8
Ondal's Wisdom 7.8
Boneshade 7.9
Demonhorn's Edge 7.9
Steel Carapace 8.1
Giant Skull 8.1
Spirit Ward 8.1
Alma Negra 9.1
The Grandfather 9.3
Death Cleaver 9.3
Windforce 9.3
Ghostflame 9.3
Executioner's Justice 9.3
Stormspire 9.3
Gargoyle's Bite 9.3
Steel Pillar 9.3
The Redeemer 19.5
Heaven's Light 19.5
Griswold's Honor 9.8
Halaberd's Reign 10.4
Boneflame 10.4
Steelrend 10.7
Griffon's Eye 10.7
Shadow Dancer 10.7
Crown of Ages 10.7
Cerebus' Bite 11
Griswold's Redemption 11.3
Templar's Might 12
Spirit Keeper 14.2
Dragonscale 14.6
Ravenlore 14.6
Azurewrath 15.6
Death's Fathom 16.8
The Cranium Basher 18.6
Earth Shifter 18.6
Darkforce Spawn 19.3
Schaefer's Hammer 23.1
Mang Song's Lesson 27.8
Astreon's Iron Ward 27.8
Death's Web 27.9
Stormlash 34
Tyrael's Might 96.4

And of course I am in! Baiacu the lvl88 fishymancer, running the Pit SC at players 5 with around 400 MF.

To help tweety, as if you needed it: IIRC, Blizz sorcs just love to run the act 2 desert trapdoor place - what was the name? Level 85, no cold immunes. That is what I heard.

-> Level 85 Areas (The Mausoleum, The Pit, Maggot Lair lvl 3, Ancient Tunnels - that is it! - , Kurast Sewers lvl 2, Forgotten Temple, Ruined Fane, Disused Reliquary, River of Flame, Chaos Sanctuary, Worldstone Keep all levels, Throne of Destruction).

- Level 85 areas: Any monster in these areas, except Baal's and Diablo's minions, counts as valid droppers. Chests and similars are OK as well.

Edit: I recall people saying that some values might be wrong, namely those item that share the same item type (2 unique phase blades, thunder mauls, legendary mallets, etc). If you people know something about it, please correct me ASAP.

DISCLAIMER: thou shalt be warned, for the reason above, the rarity values of some items might be changed during the competition, but only to increase rarity accuracy. Thou shall trust on thy judge for this matter.


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Well I've never been in an MF Olympic, but here is another one just awaiting entry. I guess there is no time like the present. I have no idea how much time I will be able to put towards this, but I'll give it my best. To the pits it is.


Blizzard / Meteor Sorc
Level 84
MF - Between 200-400 (I really have no idea!)

I'll email my entry fee tonight.

Edit - Softcore


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I am in this time. I will actually do the runs instead of just paying the fee. Payment will be sent after I get home from work.

I plan on running the Pit/Ancient tunnels/Mosoleum with my level 92 Cold Sorc.

I plan on winning as long as I can get a little luck from the DROP GODS!

JK, good luck everyone!

Edit: oh yeah, softcore


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ron said:
I plan on winning as long as I can get a little luck from the DROP GODS!
You just plan on...

*evil laughter*
*hands a briefcase full of money to drop gods*


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Cool, another mini-MFO ! Count me in !
As always, i'll use my (now) clvl 90 softcore Meteorb and i'll mostly run the Pit, but in the coming days i'll see whether any of the other lvl 85 areas can become options, if not just for variety's sake.
Fee will be sent shortly.

Good luck everyone !


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@ricrestoni Shouldn't you reduce the point value of the unique thundermauls and the mighty scepters? Thats how it was done in the last MFO's

@the rest You can plan and bribe all you want, but statistically I should win.


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ive been waiting for the pit one, excellent. :thumbsup:


lvl 92 zon

416 mf, 333-3522 multi shot dmg, and a whopping 483 life with red resistances

payment will be sent shortly


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416 mf, 333-3522 multi shot dmg, and a whopping 483 life with red resistances
You stole my zon, wait nope, she's still there (and that's a bit much damage).

Seriously, I was considering dropping some mf to turn my res's white, is it worth it for running the pits?


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I'm in, but you'll have to wait a while for the entry fee. I tend to add a bit of color, so I'll let you know if I find anything like a Lo. :teeth: Just kidding, but I'm going to have to kill for jewels, since right now my softcore stashes are as empty as a mug of beer unfortunate enough to land in the hands of an EMB visitor.

The participant will be my level 93 Tal Rasha cold-based sorceress with ~300% magic find. Decided to cut back from 400-500% for a faster frame of casting.


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*hands bigger briefcase of money to Green Ring and Breastplate God and whispers N'thraXX name*



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Ok, I'm in for Softcore. Payment will be sent out shortly.

89 hammerdin with 450-500 mf on players 6-8.


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First, I am in. lvl 91 hammerdin Gabriel, can't remember what my mf is.

Okay, stupid question I am sure, but I cannot think of where the Ancient Tunnels are.

Also, out of curiousity, why do most people run the pits for a lvl 85 area?


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Gabriel74 said:
First, I am in. lvl 91 hammerdin Gabriel, can't remember what my mf is.

Okay, stupid question I am sure, but I cannot think of where the Ancient Tunnels are.

Also, out of curiousity, why do most people run the pits for a lvl 85 area?
Ancient Tunnels: Act 2 Lost City - Under a trap door

1. Basically, it's act 1... usually easier
2. No poison immunes
3. No "natural" physical immunes


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Ahhhh, that would be why I couldn't remember. I don't think I have even done that since my first couple characters.