3rd party program hack...


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3rd party program hack...

I am posting this since i have come in contact with a person scamming ppl on EUL frequently..

He invites ppl to join his clan offering a High level rune as starter for "Diablo clone killing" Etc ... To make new players join his game.. He then fools them to install a "Javachat" program to keep contact with the other players in the game... This is what contains the virus itself.

The virus is built so that it is undetectable by all virus programs i know avg, panda, Norton etc.. Or worm killing programs etc..

it hides as dll file on a random loc on the pc and if you remove it your system will stop working.. i am still working on an easy way to get rid of this little pesky creature though it has not caused me any harm (since i did not install it)
I know the guys acc and have even spoken to him about it.. thinking if i should report all this to blizzard but i dont know if they'll do something about it since they don't seem to care at all. I'd love an Cdkey ban on him though..

It works so that he steals your entire acc password and all and steals all of your items.. Basicly and to be quite honest thats pretty lame and pathetic.
I know he has emptied tons of accs for ppl so this problem isn't moving anywhere...


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If a person on Bnet asks you to "install" something, well that should ring you alarm bell.If something like that would happen to be i would contact a lawyer.


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If it's not a commen program like skype or teamspeak, allways ask for the source code even if you are not capable of reading it. Say you compile every program yourself.

If the program is java you shoud not have any problems dissasambling the bitecode. Then studdy what the program actualy do, to find a solution for removing it safely.

He not only break the Eula, he also break the law.


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Even if they ask you to go to a certain website(bessides Diabloii.net :) ) you shouldn't. And never go to any website or execute anything while inside Diablo.

Lots of people who come to this site never check the 'newcomer forum' since they already consider themselves advanced Diablo players. They misinterprate the name of that forum. It is meant for people who are new to the forum(offcourse everybody is welcome to check there every now and then).

There is a handy list there which helps one to avoid scams :
The above story matches a scam on at least 3 points.
- the offer seems too good to be true(getting a HR just for joining his clan)
- you have to download a unknown program
- you have to execute/install a unknown program
All three should trigger alarmbells by themselves already. I guess when it comes to greed, rationality goes out the window. Can you say 419 ?