3fpa possible?


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3fpa possible?

My friend said he was hitting 3fpa with a barbarian wolf (wolfhowl). Weapon is 4 shael grizwalds caddy, and the skill feral rage. Is this true?


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The fastest attack in the game is an assassin as a werebear with a -30 claw. If the claw has 40 IAS and socketed with a 15% IAS jewel, it can reach a 3 frame attack speed.

Best possible claw for the setup would be 450% ed ethereal self-repairing runic talons. With a fool's prefix (for pvp) or mechanic's prefix (for pvm).

If you are PvM go with a mechanics prefix with -20 claw and use two IAS jewels - gets you more damage.

Forgot 'bout talon. But it has a 7 frame startup. So you'd need at least 6 kicks to beat the speed.


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fastest attack speed in the game is 2Fps. The assassin has this. Her attack of Dragon Talon (a kick) at lv 30 with not too much Ias + a descent lvl BoS has 6 kicks with the first kick at 7fps, but then next 5 at 2 Fps.



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Yes, it is possible for him to attack at 3fpswing being barb, and that is the correct weapon... Ash try the calculator .. don´t forget to set it at 1.10 ;)...

Feral Rage Animation for Barbarian Werewolf chart with Mace of base speed 10
Assumes 0% Skill IAS and 48% Werewolf Skill IAS (via level 6 Werewolf Skill)
OIAS is across the top, WIAS is down the left
120 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3

Btw TKbob, also a bowazon with strafe can reach the 2frame attack... the first attack is also slower, but the rest will be at 2frames with certain bows...


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Yes it is possible.

According to Dragons calculator, barb can hit 3 fpa with wolfhowl on, in wolf form and feral rage attack.

Anyway, I tried in with my barb using a 110 ias phase blade and to be honest it did not look any different to a 4 frame attack.

I remember someone tested 3 frames before using a crossbow and it was stated that 3 frames does not cause much damage, something about it being to fast and missing an attack frame or something. I did not confirm this.

I don't know whether a 3 frame barb in wolf form would be a viable build, cause the barb skills do not carry over in wolf form obviously. Maybe with lots of plus skills and ss charms.

Has anyone tryed this?


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Yup, new in .10 feral rage is 1frame faster most of the time... still the barb doesn´t have any way to deal anything different than pure physical while in where form, so in the end it isn´t really worthy imho...


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Always exactly one frame faster? I doubt it. More likely a certain percentage faster or something.

Isn't SIAS different from IAS from the Werewolf skill? Because there's a separate drop down menu for Werewolf skill level...


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The 3-Frame thing was physical damage would not carry over, but elemental damage would. The crossbow thing was done on SP, because you couldn't get a legit 3-Frame weapon. But anyway, if that holds true still, you'd have to rely on some precast elemental damage skill, or an aura. You don't really get great ED for the 3-Frame stuff anyway, whether it be for Barb/Sin. And the problem that you face for these characters is somewhat of what always plagued Bears in 1.09, and that is AR. But really, since you can go past 20 on HoW, it's so much easier to get AR as a Bear.

The two frame stuff isn't comparable really because you are not talking about a constant attack, but an initial and the following attacks. Initial hit frames is what really sucks on multi-hit skills.

And Feral isn't automatically 1 Frame faster, there are different %'s. You can also get 4-Frame Rabies with the same setup. Rabies also is different from both.


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if someone tries out barb wolf, I imagine it will be a crushing blow, open wound, elemental (charms) build to fully utalize the fast but low damage attack.
The char would have huge life, huge defense, ok AR. (mastery, werewolf, and feral rage bonus), very good hit recovery (I suppose even faster than druid wolf?)


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I have tried it, it is very fun, but killing speed is noway better than barb's other skill, but tanking wise he is awesome.

Max Mastery, BO, Shout, Iron Skin, NR, the rest in Speed.

Insane attack speed, life, armour and resist, leech. Damage is in the hundred range :p Killing speed is about the same as DTalon sin utilizing CB.


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VictusMetuo said:
The two frame stuff isn't comparable really because you are not talking about a constant attack, but an initial and the following attacks. Initial hit frames is what really sucks on multi-hit skills.
Due to Nextdelay, not all the 2fpa attacks hit either... not on the same target anyway. so if I'm strafing at 1 monster @ 2fpa, only every 3rd arrow will hit. if I'm strafing at a bunch of monsters, and each arrow (@ 2fpa) goes toward a different monster, all will hit (not factoring in AR).

I hear the assassins have the same problem... they use Nextdelay too. But I know jack about assassins, just know about zons for this subject.