35 unused skill points on fury wolf.


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35 unused skill points on fury wolf.

I maxed all the basic skills, ie. (lycanthropy,wolf,fury) But now with 23 skill points and all the skill quests left, I was thinking doing 10-12 oak sage, maxed bear?


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Tor said:
max oak then rest into bear
umm this is kinda related:

my fury/rabies wolf is level 86. it has a point in ravens and spirit wolves. Is it worth putting points in dire wolves and then a point in bear? or is spirit wolves good enough as a meat shield. I versed a zealot today and the spirit wolves made the duel so easy :thumbsup:



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PinkeyandtheBrain said:
Use HoW not Oak sage........ wolfie smacks you with big hurty stick of antioaksageness
Erm, that made absolutely no sense.

If it's a GM duel in nightmare, both sages face the phys immune bonus so I really doubt I'll see any sage smacking unless you happen to be using a bstar. *drools* where's .09!!!

The sage you end up using is depending on the situation and the build. I prefer to have both maxed on my wolves just to leave things open for the sake of being versitile.

I say max both sages. Oak first though.