35 skele/mage???


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35 skele/mage???

i saw a picture somehwere where a summoner guy had 35 skele and 35 mage... how is this possible? was it photoshopped? i don't remember where i saw it thought sry. for side questions... how much plus skills can a summoner obtain from items and all totally? cause i made a summoner once with like no item boost and he did really ****** in nm and hell... any tips on how to obtain them?

if anyone wonders about my horrible summoner... his skills were

20 skele mastery
20 mage
20 skele

after reading some post here... i realize i shoulda got ce and amp... but for now i'll be wondering how u can get so much plus items for a summoner because i wanna start a summoner again but don't wanna make it pointless and weak...:cry:


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35 skellies would require skill level 99, so that would've been an edited (haxxed) character.


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i see... so what equipment do you guys use... how would you think someone starting from scratch would do in obtaining the summoner's item if he has school, loads of hw, and ya... would it be hard to make a viable summoner cause well my first post states that my summoner got owned...


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Could it have been an older version? Im unfamiliar with how the skill worked in earlier versions, but somehow i think it was one skellie per level. I might just be sailing here too...:rolleyes:
Back in classic you could have about 90 minions or so..

2x soj
sigon shield
+2 amulet
+2 wand
+1 helm (tarn)
+1 armor (silks)
= 9

So actually:

29 revive
1 golem

= ** minions would be possible in classic

Eilo Rytyj

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** minions?!?! *drools* my dream of taking over the world is nearer to fruition...

Seriously now, weren't/aren't they so weak in classic that they die in a hit or 3, compared to LoD's supertankers? ** minions versus Diablo, and all are wiped out by one Flame Nova... or something like that.


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Eilo Rytyj said:
** minions?!?! *drools* my dream of taking over the world is nearer to fruition...

Seriously now, weren't/aren't they so weak in classic that they die in a hit or 3, compared to LoD's supertankers? ** minions versus Diablo, and all are wiped out by one Flame Nova... or something like that.
Even though you have alot of summons they were so weak.


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right now I am not having any problems with my 11 skellies and 6 revives. I try not to use Skellie mages cuz amp damage doesnt help with their damage output.
You should have seen the other night, There were 3 necros in a baal run and there had to be over 40 minion running around laying waste to everything with everyone screaming about the lag but I didnt have any, since I just upgraded the computer :)



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What is the max number of minions you can have? I have 18 skeletons, 18 mages, 42 revives, 1 golem and my merc if he counts. That is without any warcry or skillshrine and I can probably add a skillpoint or 2 on my equipment but what would the absolute max be?


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helm - 3 summoning
amulet - 3 summoning
rings - 2x 1 all
armor - 2 all
belt - 1 all
wand - 3 summoning, 3 revive, 3 mage
head - 3 summoning, 3 revive, 3 mage
charms - 9 summoning, 3 necro, 1 all
buffs - 3 all
total - 21 summoning, 9 all, 3 necro, 6 revive, 6 mage

That'd give you (with 20 base skill points in each)
lvl 59 revives
lvl 59 mages
lvl 53 warriors

That's 59+21+19=99 minions. Add a golem and a merc for 101.
It would probably be hard to actually revive 59 monsters before the first ones start to time out though...


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i was playing the summoner back in 1.10 don't remember if it was classic or not though. but dang!!! 99 minions is hella crazy dude... and ya... i have necro gear (pvp boner though... not very good) but i just wanna start from scratch for my summoner cause my other items are in use from diff chars... will it be hard to obtain those items? cause all those plus items seem hard to find... will my summons be viable in the new 1.11 patch with no plus skills or just 5?

Idalia Snoweyes

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I ran a build close to fishymancer's through Normal with just the gear he found. Some minor items were traded for in Nightmare... but by the time I was in hell, I had a few lucky drops and majorly improved my gear, so I am not sure how viable it would be to go through Hell with low equipment - I would imagine it is possible, however - Just requiring more caution and a bit slower.


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aight... in a couple of weeks or so i'm going to reinstall d2 and all and hopefully none of my chars have expired... (haven't played since summer) so i can possibly xfer some stuff and delete some chars... so i can use their items i guess.... its just that it took me so long to get them where they are and now i'm just sacking em so i can build a cool fishy...:hanky: anyone got tips on how to do hell cows and nm cows with a fishy? i'm planning on building my guy so he can do hell cows... i checked up nightfish's fishy build for mf but i'm wondering how his skeles survive and kill if he doesn't have so many skillers...:scratch:


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Kill one cow and corpse explosion the rest of the level :grin:

Get a merc that can kill one cow, then corpse explosion once, then summon a skellie or two and corpse explosion again, then summon more, and on and on and you will have your army, or you could build it while getting leg, either way seems to work for me.

But one thing I noticed about the Fishymancer build, it is a much safer route but it takes a little getting used to. A little slower killing speed than a zealer or elemental druid personally and I have rather decent gear on all the characters

Trangs gloves
I think I have one summoning skills Grand Charm

For some reason I kill slower than the rest of the characters but all I have to do is cast thwe basic curses: Amp damage, decrepify, and lower resist if I have any casters with my party (skellies dont necessarily need any curses to do their job but it does make it go by faster) the only other thing that I do that kills is spam Corpse Explosion which seems to kill everything on my screen.