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335mm Budget Theory Craft

Discussion in 'Barbarian' started by SparkFour, Apr 22, 2013.

  1. SparkFour

    SparkFour IncGamers Member

    Dec 14, 2011
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    Already have:Boots: Ice Climbers (high str roll + high vit roll)

    Ammy: 200+str / 9.5cc / 9ias / 60 cd / 25 avg dmgBracers:

    Lacuni 75 str / 65 vit / 9ias / 4.5ccRings: 70 str / 9ias / 30 cd / 3 cc / 40 avg

    damageRing2: Hellfire

    Looking to:Get the most out of my barbarian at the higher MP levels. I am not too concerned with speed farming / using full IK set.

    Ideas / Theorycraft:Not too much to theory craft here, but I figured that it is worth craft gloves over buying an ik trifecta glove set? I could probably craft 250+ str / cc / cd or cc / ias for much much cheaper and possibly get an all resist roll. I do give up the 60 all resist, but if I match ik armor with ik belt then i will get the 60 back. However, i lose all the dps switching from witching to ik belt, but gain the 60 resist / 3% ll.

    Looking to get the highest dps / most tanky for the 335mm gold.Weapons: duel wield vs. skorn?

    Can't afford a ef with socket and cd, but could probably get a 1250dps open socket and a mighty offhand with open socket cd.

    Shoulders? worth crafting here? or would this be too hard to match the all around stats of vile ward (200str/100vit/70ar/armor/life regen.Pants: Inna's?Helm: Do I go IK here? and then use witching belt? But then I am losing 3ll. Is the 3ll important?Thx.

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