317 eth Bonehew: what to socket; or, How does ED work with LL? der


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317 eth Bonehew: what to socket; or, How does ED work with LL?

In my response to another post in this forum, I mentioned that my Might merc (eth Fort, Andy's) rarely dies when using his AmnAmn ethereal 317ed Bonehew. I mean, it's a Really Nice Pigsticker. But am I short-changing my merc?

I am too (lazy) busy to do the math and the rules-crunching, but given his other equipment, would he potentially be doing better with some ED jewels, or mayhaps one Amn and one ED jewel? Each Amn is 7% life leech, so I'm thinking maybe a big ED jewel would compensate because of the leech from Andy's. But I'm not sure on how the leech works vis-a-vis ED, especially ED from other equipment (Fort).


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Depends what you can afford, I'd say. Personally all I ever socket merc gear with is Shael, because I'm dirt poor.

Eilo Rytyj

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Go with either Amns or Shaels, an ed% jewel on it's own (up to 40% ed) wont be as good as an Ohm (50%), and Amns and Shaels are more useful.

Just AmnAmn it, the more leech on your buddy the better he survives.

There's always Hel rune unsocketing if you're unhappy in the future.


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i checked the ias-breakpoints for a2 merc using ogre-axe:
bonehew has its own 30% ias on it..

20 ias - 7 frames - 3,5 Attacks/second
(<- this you reach without any extra ias)

37 ias - 6,5 frames - 3,8 Attacks/second
(<- 1x 15 ias somewhere in his gear)

65 ias - 6 frames - 4,1 Attacks/second
(<- shael in weapon, 15 ias in helmet/armor)

105 ias - 5,5 frames - 4,5 Attaks/second
(<- not useful imo, you need 2x shael + 35 ias from helmet/armor ..treachery..)

i would try to get a ias/fire res jewel, put it into andys face, socket the bonehew shael + something cool like ohm/amn/even ist
but before you throw a ohm in, i would test it only with shael, maybe he needs more life leech..

forti armor is good, since you get more leech if your damage is higher

edit: whoops, i forgot: andy's visage comes with 20% ias on it, run the math yourself ;)


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Regarding the socketing, you have to tune it with the rest your of equipment. Bonehew lacks CB and leech and it already has IAS. An effective way to add CB and leech is wearing Guillaume's and inserting two Amn runes into the weapon. To add further IAS, Treachery is an excellent armor, preferable in an eth cube bugged armor. That way you have 75% IAS, enough for the 6 frames breakpoint mentioned above. It also adds res, 15% DR and reduced curse length from fade.