3 Socket Bows....


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Re: 3 Socket Bows....

What are they for. You aren't going to get to shop any decent - elite or exceptional - as these are all going to be magic or unfindable in normal.

On the other hand, if you search bows and quality isn't an issue - to make edge for instance. Then you can already shop them from the start, or atleast form a very low level. You can get 3 socket long bows in act one. And as the ilvl are fixed in normal, you can shop them with any character.


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Re: 3 Socket Bows....

It's possible from level 1 on. From L20 on, no nonmagical items will be sold anymore, except you are shopping in act 1 or 2 normal.

Shopping a 3 socket bow is the first thing I'm doing when starting bowazon, to be filled with chippd topazes. Later I will switch to 5 socket amazon bows with maxdmg jewels.

I prefer to make Edge in edge bows if I happen to find one somewhere ;)

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Re: 3 Socket Bows....

thanks guys.....I couldn't find one yesterday for the longest time. Then I found two in the same game this morning haha