+3 skill tab items


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+3 skill tab items


I am thinking of trying to get my hands on +3 fire skill ammy and a +3 fire skill circlet for my enchant sorc. Does anyone know what the level requirements are and how to best gamble them.

The level requirements are very important because I am making this sorc to rush strangers in public norm games, so I don't want her to go to nm so I can still see norm games (I hate character switching). Therefore, I will level her to no higher than 51 (to use que hegans wisdom).


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been looking

I've been trying to trade for them, but noone seams to have them. I guese people just sell them to vendors. It's a shame because they really do have their uses.


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Hey not to turn this into a trade forum or anything, but I have a +3 fire skill ammy. What are you offering?


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one useful thing to do is to cube rings/ammys (3 rings-> ammy, 3 ammy -> ring). it rerolls the mods and the product is based only on clvl. so if you do this with a high enuf char, you won't have any problem.

i've been doing this for no apparent reason with a lvl 81 sorc. i've gotten a few +1 skills items, but maybe one +3. they really are a pain to get.

if i was really looking for one, i would take a high lvl char around (quest/mf/ w/e) and collect magical rings/ammys for cubing and try to get a lot of gold for gambling(pickup wands/orbs/armors/character specific helms/shields...).


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This evening I was entering random norm games and helping people out. They were freaking out when they saw how much dammage they do. When a level 5 necro gets a 1 hit kill on Andariel in a 4 player game with his starter wand he gets pretty excited. I made a point to mention what I was looking to trade for and managed to get both :)

My circlet came with 6% mana leach which was nice because I kind of wanted some on the character to help my energy shield. The ammy came with dammage reduced by 10. Since this character is staying in normal, 10 points per hit could add up to some nice protection. Needless to say I am very pleased.

My Enchantress' is now fully kitted up. Aside from the above two items, she uses:
demon machine (amn)
que hegan's wisdom
on switch- memory runeword staff with extra +3 enchant
2 soj
8 fire skill charms

She has a level 44 enchant that lasts for almost 20 minutes. If I use my staff in melee I do over 8000 dammage which is pretty crazy in normal. I'm not exactly sure how much I do with the demon mchine because of the LCS but it is super effective with my 99% peirce. This is actually an extremly fast rushing character in normal difficulty. You can teleport, and kill even huge groups almost instantly. And the fun factor of watching all your little party members running gleefully killing stuff they should have no chance against is hillarious. The quotes are priceless :)

"OMG I just killed xxxx!"

Dude, we are totally pwning!"

"Wooot, this is awsome!"

"Roflmao I can't believe how much fun this is!"

"My next char is gunna be an enchant sorc, they ROCK!"

"Battles are so exciting when the first hit from either side wins!"

"Can you play with us again sometime?"

"Can I please add you to my friends list?"

"Roar. Weenie madness!"

I'm having a lot of fun with my new girl, I highly reccomend you give them a try.

Thx to all who replied.