3 n00b questions


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3 n00b questions

1. Is there any way to feed healing potions to my merc faster than dragging it to it's picture?

2. Is there any way to add a socket to an already socketed item?

3. I'm currently playing nightmare (in single player) and I've been looking for a 4-socketed Monarch for ages with no luck. I was wondering if it's possible to find it on nightmare or will I have to try hell difficulty.

Thx in advance to everyone who posts something helpful.


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1) hold down shift, and right click on the potion

2) No

3) You might be able to find them late in nightmare, but hell is better. Try the Pits - a cave in the Tamoe Highland in act one. Fastest way to get to them is to take the Outer Cloister waypoint, then follow the road back through the Highland. The road forks - one direction will take you to the Pits, the other to the Black Marsh.


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1. Shift-1/2/3/4 will work as well and AFAIK the game won't feed mana potions to him if you accidentally select one, as he doesn't need them. IIRC it doesn't work when the inventory window is open.


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in single player i think u have a better chance of finding a regular monarch and using the socket quest on it.
as said above, pits is a good place.


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you can also feed juvi pots to your merc if they are close to death and need instant health


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I been wondering about your first question for a while too as well, now I got the answer :)