3 Chip Gem Recipe


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Can the recipe of 3 chip gems + magic item = socketed magic item still produce cruel weapons? If the base you put in there is high enough level, of course.

I got confused on this because I remember when it was a great way to get cruel weapons; but arreat summit says it sets the iLvl to 25 - which I believe cannot roll a cruel prefix, unless there is some other "check" which allows it to.

The closest thing would the 3Pgems + magic item, but that doesn't make any sockets.


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From HC Gunthers summary of untwinked single pass HC play, which drew heavily from jiansonz's guide:

General Cube Recipes
When you get to Act 2, you are better off to go the Halls of the Dead to get the cube before tackling Radament. When you get the cube, don't cube up your non-topaz chipped gems! Save them for Hell and use them to re-roll a Cryptic Axe, a Great Poleaxe, a Giant Thresher, Ghost Spear or a War Pike until it gets a "cruel" prefix. Cube up your Rejuvenation Potions into Full Rejuvenation Potions and then always carry Full Rejuvs with you. If you are below clvl 24, cube all your amulets into rings to find MF rings (you will get on average a MF ring for every 51.6 amulets cubed). When you hit clvl 24, cube the rest of your jewelry (you will get on average a MF ring for every 61.7 amulets and a MF amulet for every 45.9 rings).

I never checked the math behind it, but have assumed it's accurate given how well-researched the strategies were. I tried it once on an untwinked playthrough without success of a cruel re-roll though.


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Thanks, all. I thought it was still viable - the quality level is that hidden attribute I was unsure of. Is there a way to lookup the qlvl in GoMule or similar? I know you can figure it out from what area/monster dropped the thing; I figure anything from mid-late Hell is good enough.

Just wanted to make sure I wasn't wasting my time hoarding chip gems and re-rolling elite magic items. Not that I spend a lot of time on that, but...

This recipe is one of the many reasons why D2>D3 (in my opinion), and why I keep coming back to this game.


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I think the main reason to use this recipe (from 1.10 on) is to produce exceptional or elite staffmod weapons with a low ilvl, in order to have a chance on staffmods from lower tiers together with high alvl affixes.

Claws might be interesting for another reason: Only elite and half of the exceptional claws can have staffmods at all, so staffmods from low tiers are rare or nonexistent otherwise, although tier 1 ones are still impossible at ilvl 25. You can also get them from imbuing, but that will produce a rare item. A few good affixes can occur on magical weapons at all, however, like +3 to a skilltree which could produce orbs, staves, wands, claws and scepters with up to +6 up to certain skills (plus a nice suffix if you are lucky).

The recipe adds 1-2 sockets, so regarding cruel weapons, you can as well go shopping for them and get the same amount of sockets through Larzuk's reward. I think that needs much less time than picking up chipped gems.

The recipe is more useful in 1.09. It only works on swords, but it will add 3 sockets then. As said, the "cruel" prefix can only occur if the item's base qlvl is high enough to result into a proper alvl.


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I only use it to make massive amounts of gold early on, when playing untwinked. Shop for short staves and normal wands without staffmods, then use the recipe. Voila, worth 10k, 15k, 20k or even 25k if you've gotten to act V yet. Gold is important when untwinked, single pass, for gambling stuff you normally wouldn't see drop.

The recipe can also be used if you're going one-handed and a decent weapon refuses to drop. A grand scepter with some damage and two sockets could get two Ith runes, and last you through normal, or at least until something decent drops.