+3 Bo CTa = +4 Bo Total, right?

Ce Olba

roomba said:
So what BO weps would you prefer?

Hoto + 3 bo cta
Hoto + hoto
3 bo cta + 3 bo cta
Hoto + 3 bo cta yields the most +bo%.

Hoto +hoto yields the second most.

cta + cta yields the lowest.

However, I still consider Doom + Doom the best for both PvM and PvP. The advantages you gain outweight the losses of 6% life.


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Not counting the slight boost to Battle Command and such:

First set-up = 7 BO, 4 to other cries
Second: 6 to all
Third: 5 BO, 2 to other cries.

Thus, best overall choice is Hoto/Hoto. Smartest choice is Echoing weapong/Echoing weapon, since that just costs a few thousand gold.



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Well, I have many runes to spare so I was just wondering. I'm a team dueler so as much life as possible + Oak is good enough for me. I do have 2x Doomz in stash though for 1v1 :D