3-3-3Darkforce or Hermoculus?

Would you like to see RARE items better than UNIQUE just like in Diablo 2 Classic?

  • YES, I would like to see RARE > UNIQUE

    Votes: 16 84.2%
  • NO, I would like to see UNIQUE > RARE just like in Diablo 2 LOD

    Votes: 3 15.8%

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3-3-3Darkforce or Hermoculus?

Well ive been asking this question for a long time, whats better for PnB PvP Necro? Perfect Darkforce, or Hermoculus(Or however you spell the damn thing)


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Homunculus for max block

Darkforce for fast cast rate

Necro fast cast rate breakpoint are same as paly. So the 2 last are 75%fcr and 125% fcr.

I personaly find spirit shield best so you can achieve the 125%fcr bp easier and benefit from the resists/fhr/life

just my 2 cents.


thanks for your 2 cents man, ill concider it, however its gonna be a bi**h getting a 35fcr spirit on NL :)


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If you're aiming for the 125% FCR breakpoint, then DF will help.

Otherwise, Homunculus with the 40 resist all, excellent block chance, and more mana and mana regeneration makes it far more useful, even if you lose 1 to the P&B tree.


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Re: 3-3-3Darkforce or Hermoculus?

i'm hoping that they come up with an even rarer item. much like legendary items in WoW. they should make items that you will hardly ever see. In D2, most of the higher lvl chars had pretty much the be all, end all of items for that class. They should put a few jaw droppers in there too. Just my opinion.

but to answer the poll....unique should be higher than rare. also my opinion. rares and set items should hold you over until the end-game.