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I found recently Diablo 3 key for €35 at *removed*. They have really low prices. I thought you should know that :p

You have been warned twice about posting links to web shops. This time it has earned you a 3 day ban. Next time it will be a permanent one.

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If and when I get my computer in our new house I'll play, if its still 1.0.7 I'll play it, if its another patch I'll play it aswell.


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Got stuck in BF3 since last in November. Guess that game punishes my hardware more ! :p

I'll play some more D3 in 2013 yet I'm hoping for some massive changes to act1/2 in terms of mob density and then it'll be March

That means Starcraft2: HotS AND the new SimCity!


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Guess who's back, back again :D

Hi guys, cousin of mine is playing with his son and convinced me to play....and I'm loving it again! So much more fun actually finding legendary items and not getting my *** kicked by... everything in a3 or higher.


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What happened the other day? I actually logged in to PLAY since November. How odd

I ended up finding it good fun - but for now those occasional log-ins to play a run-through or 2 is what I'll do for now :)


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Is it only me or does Zultan Kulle sound like a bad actor in a bad porno, when he is resurrected back to life?


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I know I am. Our baby girl has turned 10 months last weekend, time flies! But we're enjoying every minute of it, she's a real angel. How's yours doing? Liv, was it?

Other than that I started playing Path of Exile when I have some spare time. Enjoying it a lot too!