2handed Fanaticism Vengeance build


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SO, thoughts on this would be appreciated as I am too poor to aquire tokens atm on ladder and am kinda looking into doing something fun/somewhat viable.

1-blessed aim
20-resist fire
20-resist cold
20-resist lightning
total level- 94

Gear-(SO FAR)
weapon- Lawbringer Legend sword (CTC Decrep seems like it would help tons plus sanc aura)
belt- SOE (Leech/%DR)
boots- goblins or gores
gloves- dual leech blood gloves
rings- ravenfrost/ rare ring
amulet- rare resist/str/dex amulet
helm- biggins for now.....sad I know but would like a vampgaze for the DR/Leech
armor- would love leviathan or maybe treachery for the fade, ias and venom.

So basically the concept is to have Lawbringer as the weapon so decrep keeps everything slowed and then to have as much leech/%DR/CB as possible to help the physical dmg while vengeance dishes out decent elemental dmg so that in theory I wouldn't have any real trouble with immunities. Plus a legend sword is alrdy pretty fast attack speed so I would suspect that fant would make it really fast (not 100% on the numbers of it all). thoughts, comments and concerns would be appreciated, thanks guys.