2020 Spring RFL Sign-Up and Running Thread: 1st Round


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Currently about 6,5h in with p7 Java and I'm respecing her to remove the points in Decoy and Dodge, the later feels like it is hurting me by interrupting my throws (even though it only occurs after Defense and Block have failed).

I can't tell my real average time because of aborted runs (and a single death) and one mistimed run at the beginning but it should be in the 3:15-3:30 range with the run counter telling me the false time of 3:14 average. Compared to other people's times this seems awfully slow but maybe that is just because I don't do the fast run style where I skip anything but huge packs. I herd smaller packs together if it doesn't take too long.

My Stony Fields WP is 3 teleports away from Rakanishu and when I enter the Cow level I can see the King's pack on my screen. Equip before respec was:

99fcr/86fhr/20ias setup
Upped Titan's
Griffon's 'Cham'
2/19 Amulet
10/30 MPK ring
FCR, Mana, @ rare ring
Eth Sandstorms
3/20 Gloves
12FHR/100Def GC, 4 Skillers (only one with life)
Rest are Life SCs with nice adds (def/res)

Merc (Defiance)

The MPK ring is just crazy, the only time I need to drink mana potions is immediately after I get hit with mana burn. I wish I had grinded more for a beta CtA, the BO runs out in the last third of the run and it is kinda annoying if I forget to renew. I even had a NDE with 1 HP but I couldn't get a screenshot to taunt the HC crowd :p

Now after the respec I have about 300 more base life and I switched the amulet for HLW, replaced upped Titan's with regular Titan's, added Phoenix on switch and dropped the fcr rare ring for one with LL/CR/@ but I might come back to SoJ here. I only have one Griffon's so 15% IAS jewel isn't an option just yet :D I'll try this new setup out now, it gets 68fcr/86fhr/30ias and I hope that Phoenix switch makes up for the loss of upped Titan's.
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I'll post final data for now. I don't think I'll continue with this since it is a bit distracting to do and have relaxed time running at the same time.
p5 data for necro:
Runes found: 181
Avg time: 131.08 s
Cows per run: ~430
p5 cows per minute: ~197

p7 data for necro:
Runes found: 72
Avg time: 145.1 s
Cows per run: ~446
p5 cows per minute: ~208

If smaller groups are skipped and focus is on bigger herding, then perhaps p7 does offer some advantage in this regard. Still, not enough runs done to draw any concrete conclusions. I also tested p3 but had terrible luck. Still, going by the runtime alone it is comparable to p5 and p7 running.
As for data interpretation, let's just say real average for necro is between 190 and 210 p5 cows per minute.

Found this troll charm :p
Shimmering Small Charm of Fortune
Small Charm
Required Level: 25
Fingerprint: 0x11b6bd2a
Item Level: 81
Version: Expansion 1.10+
All Resistances +3
3% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items


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30 minutes of running after my last post and I found my first and thus far only qualifier, which allowed me to craft a CtA...

So I took the plunge, cubed my 4 Sur runes into 2 Bers. Crafted CtA and Infinity, respec'd my AT Blizzard sorc to Lightning and killed Baal with her.

After leveling to 89 (to allow my merc to equip his Fortitude sacred armour) I rolled a really solid map and started electrocuting some livestock.

Was immediately rewarded with Lightning skiller #7...

Will post some screenshots of my new goodies next week once I am not restricted to only having internet on my phone! And perhaps a video of my map.


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5.5 hours into my first set. 2 qualifiers so far, funny thing is it’s the same rune o_O Runs are averaging around 4 minutes for the runs so far. Picking up way more than qualifiers slows the run time down considerably. Running on P3 comfortably with my HC 91 trapsin. Tried a couple of p5 runs and noticed a considerable difference in the safety with certain boss pack rolls. The map I rolled, is a nice circular path ending right before the “Lone surviving Steak”. More to come later in the week.


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4 hours in no qualifiers :(. In better news, I have found a trap skiller (need these and ele druid skillers badly), at least two 7mf scs, and just found this bad boy a few minutes ago.
That was the last piece I needed for the ck set, and makes grail -19! Obviously can't compare to some others luck (deaths fathom...grumble grumble), but was glad to see it!

Also I said before I thought I would enjoy nova cow sorc but didn't bother testing it since I dont have a griffs. Well now I'm running a griffonless nova sorc and think she's def my fav cow runner so far :p. Am running cmoon, spirit, shako, maras, vmagi, magefist, arachs, dual soj, and war travs. Infinity merc. Build is zero vita ES with max nova, light mastery, es, tk, a couple of points in static to reach 20 soft points, and the rest in warmth. This has 2800ish mana (shes lvl 90) and seems to regen mana fast enough to work fine. Would like to try the infinity self wield with insight merc someday I think. I thought about just trying it self wielding an infinity thresher, but I saw @Bewitch run this cmoon nova setup on twitch and thought id try it. Much easier gameplay than assassin. I'm thinking I'll split time between the two but we'll see.

I feel like I'm finding out over and over that I'm just a sorc fanboy.


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Did you try p3 with her? I would argue that is the best approach for undergeared character. Even my top tier characters have comparable p3 and p5 settings while p3 is considerably easier to run.


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@Luhkoh inspired me to try nova/es instead of vita/light since I had most of the same gear. I had to farm up an essence from Andy (actually 2 so I could respec back if I didn't like it). I am missing out on any light skillers though so I had to drop from p5 to p3 but run times did go from 8 minutes to 6 so should even out (yes my running is that bad) In the process though I mistakenly selected normal and lost my map. Rerolled a map to try it out but not happy with it so going to do more map hunting later.

Running untwinked sure doesn't compete with the ultra geared top tier runners here. I just look at the numbers they post in disbelief. 12 hours into set and only 155 runes/ 1 qualifier though I am hopeful I'll get into a good groove with the nova spec and have a slightly better finish.

After this set I think it will he back to LK for this sorc until I can find/reroll a healthy set of skillers.(Some nice runes wouldn't hurt either, I want to make another infinity in a bill for self wielding use)

Good luck everyone!


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@Gripphon hadnt tried it yet. P5 seemed comfy and my times were a little better than my assassin (getting 3:15ish) so I was pleased, but I’ll definitely give it a try! So thanks for the recommendation. Even on p5 cluttering is for sure a slight issue. You think it would be worth trying the self wield variant with an eth thresher infi. I can’t decide if it’s worth trying. Should prob just calc my health and mana.


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Well, almost exactly 6h in I somehow managed to kill the Cow King with this Assassin as well. :mad::mad: (After I already managed to do that with a Sin I specifically leveled to 94 before this started.) Honestly thought I stayed way clear of him all the time and knew the map well enough, but well..

Not going to prep another Assassin, but I'd like to stick with the CE gang this time around – will go with Necro for the next 14 hours to finish the set. Maybe fool around with things like Beast and Phoenix with him as well.

Assassin data:
After about 1 hour of warmup running, I started tracking all rune drops and run times for the remaining ~5 hours. At the moment of her unnoticed king slaying mishap, numbers were like this:

Runs tracked: 131
Run time (s) average: 142 (~2m30s with 1st half approach, ~2m10s with 2nd half approach)
Picking behaviour: Jewels, Rals, SC, GC, FAmethysts, rare rings
Average runes per run: 1.84
P5 Cows/minute: 190.53
(equivalent to 168.87 P7 Cows/minute)

About the first half of her runs was done with what I think was a suboptimal approach, though I'm still not sure which run time/clearing strategy is ideal.

To illustrate the variance problem with the drop method: If my next two runs had above average drops of 5 runes each, that would change P5 kills/minute to 195.79. If next two runs had 0 drops, the number would be 187.46. That's the variance of only 2 runs – and that is why I don't like drawing too many conclusions from this method based on few hundred runs. Though of course it gives a general ballpark idea of how well a build does.

In conclusion, this Beast/Phoenix Trapper could now be my first choice cow runner. Fantastic clear speed and at the same time much safer than Necro/Java when cows get close. Being able to face tank more means she can generally position as she pleases, which makes for easy running because engagements don't require much concentration. Plus as a result I was picking up a lot more without being slowed down as much in comparison to when I ran with other characters.

OK, Necro time! :)

EDIT: Remaining noteworthy non-qualifiers from Trapper runs below. No awesome RJoF or the like this time, but not too shabby either.
Screenshot 2020-03-13 at 22.20.41.pngScreenshot 2020-03-14 at 08.12.47.pngScreenshot 2020-03-14 at 13.36.03.pngScreenshot 2020-03-14 at 18.53.05.pngScreenshot 2020-03-15 at 13.35.47.png
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9 hours in, more levels than qualifiers, but some points nonetheless. I shall break the 10hrs this evening, probably pushing to 11 - I may decide to play some Zerk beside to take breaks, I haven't yet and well I start get bored on long sessions and make mistakes/some NDE.

Non qualifiers are not good anymore since a while, hopefully I'll find something soon just to break the bad streak.

It is about time to find a Zod!


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I don't know how rare such maps are, but best maps are those where red portal spawns inside Cow King's home. Chance of that is low sadly, but such map is golden mine because King will be alone in the castle isolated and no other cows will spawn inside due to red portal mechanics. That makes killing King highly unlikely. I don't know can I even accidentally kill King, he is alone in the middle of castle and unless I teleport inside, he can't be dragged out at all.

The question is practicality of finding such map, but I would if I want to run with non-lightning based characters.


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Blova running cows p5

Griffon's (joool)
Eschutas (joool)
beta BKWB (SoJ otherwise)
fcr mpk 1.07
Dracul Grasp

Warmth 1
Teleport 0 lol
Nova 20
Lite Mastery 20
Static Field 14 (don't want too big range, it screws herding)
Blizzard 20
Spike 20
Blast 5
Armor 1

I skip smaller groups and focus on bigger, although hard to resist to kill some smaller herds too sometimes


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Yep. I’m also using a Blova and it looks just like @Gripphon. Yep.

No, seriously, absolutely fascinating stuff. I wish I had at least half the efficiency shown there. Enigma for the big lpk and strength (thus more hp) I guess ? Can we see the stats on the 1.07 fcr mpk ring too ?

Anyway, awesome stuff.


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Thank you.
Here is the ring
Triumphant Ring of the Apprentice
Required Level: 3
Fingerprint: 0x48701e3b
Item Level: 5
Version: Expansion
+10% Faster Cast Rate
+36 to Mana after each Kill

Enigma + Dracul Grasp offer 24 lpk together, ring + Silkweave offer 41 mpk, so my idea is to make sorc sustain herself. I don't know how well this works with worse geared sorc, but with good gear this is done without too much problems. Another important thing is to reach the hit recovery damage number against cows. I forgot what it is, but I know my sorc has it now by default.


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Yeah I never had a map with portal next to cow king, but it's not that important IMO. Sure in an ideal world you want that but that's far down the checklist for map rolling. I'll happily skip 20 cows near him each run if the map otherwise is great with corridors that I just teleport along, so that I can easily herd big groups and make runs quicker.

Re hit recovery: I believe it's also 1/12 of max HP, same as for player character right? If so: Max cow HP on P5 is 46347, so when they take a minimum of 3863 dmg they are put into hit recovery. Actually on P5 that is not that hard to achieve even without top gear. On P7 the min dmg number is 5150 for dealing guaranteed 1/12 of HP damage for sake of completeness.

About 2 hours into Necro part of the set. Haven't played him in a while and almost forgot how fun he was. Using this gear:
- 2/20 circlet (facet)
- DWeb (Ist)
- 2/20 P&B amulet
- Spirit
- Enigma
- FCR bloodcraft with high life+mana
- Arach
- TO gloves
- eth Treks

Solely based on run times and rune drops over time, he is actually faster than Sin. Thing is, I only track completed runs with both Sin and Necro, and he has to S&E more often. Teleporting into cows while Amp'ed means he often gets hit to <10% life immediately, whereas for Sin that was not a meaningful factor at all. His map is awesome though, foolproof circular route and easy to herd big juicy groups, and as long as he is not Amp'ed it's smooth sailing. @Gripphon do you mind sharing your Necro setup? Just wondering if I'm overseeing any options to make him at least a little bit tankier maybe.


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I finished the first 10 hours of running with the Java and for the remainder of the runs I adopted the 'fast running' that ffs and Gripphon do where you ignore small packs completely. I also started to throw much more (maybe due to more IAS) and ended up repairing once per run but in the end the run times where much lower than before even though I had to make a small detour to Charsi each run.

Now for second half of this set I started playing Fissure Druid and am now 12,5 hours in. Just like with Java he can be closer to 3 minutes for me if I focus on big packs only and ignore small ones or he can go up to 4 minutes if I kill too much.

I run without Grizzly and even tested out dropping Oak Sage because minions cause cows to stand still and then they don't take proper damage from fissure. That wasn't a smart idea; the bonus from Oak pushes me over 4k life and apparently that's enough to have significantly lower chance to go into hit recovery and thus stay alive after a bad teleport.

I still died like 5 times in 2,5 hours but one was a teleport into a fana pack while amped and the last one was literally due to me not looking at the screen, so it's within reason. The gear is mostly standard:

My map has CK alone in the middle of the fort with only small amounts of cows around him, major packs spawn outside the fort.

Ravenlore 'Shael'
2/10 Druid Amu (no other good stats)
fcr/[email protected]/89 mana ring
eth Sandstorm's
4 Elemental Skillers with 21 to 31 life each
Vita SCs
5% fhr SC with fres

Merc (Might)

I decided against a facet in the Ravenlore and added the Shael + fhr SC in order to gain two more hit recovery frames. This isn't optimal and in a better world I'd use two skillers with fhr instead.

@Gripphon Did you try Fissure Druid with facet weapon yet? I think 6 facet weapon + Spirit should be a lot better than HotO + Phoenix but I can't quite afford it right now :D

@ffs Check out this post by @NanoMist and the page he links to for the exact hit recovery mechanics.


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Ah that is interesting, something new learned. Somehow I missed Nano's post back then. So numbers for 16 divisor spells would be 5794 for 75% chance and 2897 for 37.5% chance of GetHit on P5. Seems the former is out of reach for Nova whereas the latter is easily achieved. Also worth noting that Trapper FB damage range is apparently convenient in this regard, pretty much always in 75% territory even with low FB dmg Beast setup. FB dmg focused setup could even go for 100%, though I was perfectly happy with the 75% range.
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@Gripphon thanks for the p3 tip. I don't love it since I was hoping to feel like I was not so much a budget player this year, but p3 feels sooo much nicer on the nova sorc and assassin both, even though both are totally doable on p5. Big enough difference that the runs changed to very relaxing. The less clutter is nice too. Getting ~3:30 runs on p5, and ~2:50 runs on p3 so pretty similar rune efficiency. Guess I'll stick with p3 for most of the time.


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15 hrs in. I played most of this set on airport benches, on the airplane tray table, and sitting in bed. Also, cubing and ID-ing is certainly not going to help the efficiency. Despite all this, I'm still kinda disappointed in rune drops so far. Leveled from 85-90 (almost). So, if she finishes on lvl 90, I may opt out of a second set. At least there have been some decent finds along the way.