2020 Spring RFL Sign-Up and Running Thread: 1st Round


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Finished. This set was Tal Rasha's set by finding 4 armors. So, if you need that set piece, go cows!

Of other things, 19 qualifiers, 28 keepable charms although none is any good, 35 allres Vipermagi, mediocre Wisp, bad roll Maras.
Not entirely terrible set.


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Second set done as well. After 3 hours with Fire Sorc and Fissure Druid each, I went back to Nova for the last 2 hours. Only one noteworthy drop in the last part of the set, but it was not so bad...

Screenshot 2020-03-28 at 15.40.38.png

Overall many good drops in both sets. Will post more stuff/data etc. in results thread.

Some conclusions:
This was the first time I've run cows for an extended period of time with characters other than Java and Necro. From the other builds I tried, Trapper and Nova Sorc worked best for me, and personally Beast Trapper is my new overall go-to pick for cows I think. She has excellent clear speed and is the safest/tankiest cow runner I've played, plus her gameplay (being close to cows) means she picks up more stuff than other characters like Necro/Java who are usually positioned at some distance from the drops. The same is true for Nova, and she was close in numbers, but ultimately a little less efficient and not as tanky.

As for efficiency numbers, I didn't run with a 94+ char this time so I only used rune drops to estimate cows/min. In my first set, both Trapper and Necro averaged above 200 P5 cows/min for several hours at first, though both later dropped to the 190-200 range. With Java I had around 200 last RFL, so performance of these three is pretty much the same in my case. Nova was around 180 cows/min on her final map, Druid around 160. Fire Sorc was a little below 160, but that was probably down to bad luck in terms of rune drop quantity over the runs I tracked with her.


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Great synopsis @ffs! Really nice data and testing. Maybe next year I'll be fast enough to contribute more ^^. The available character variety makes cows a lot of fun!


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Finished my set, and shan't be doing another.

Three very solid qualifiers and I had the makings of a pretty good set, but alas I never quite found the last couple drops to really round it out by replacing the 'filler' qualifiers.

That said, I am quite happy with the set overall, found a bunch of good charms including 2 Lightning and 2 Jav skillers, and and SoJ on my penultimate run!


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Finished! One and done.

Was romping and stomping (for me anyway) with my dweb pnecro after 5 hours: two qualifiers.

Then I killed the king. Grrrrrrrr.

Did the rest with budgety javazon, 75 fcr, no IAS, and not particularly massive damage. Noticeably slower, although could handle p7.

Merc died a lot.

End results:
4 mediocre qualifiers, couple skillers, few levels on the java. Coulda been luckier, but hey.

Good luck to all those still going! Massive respect to those doing 2 or 3 sets, and those with crazy fast run times.

As always, thanks to the organisers.


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11 hours done but my brain is not functioning properly and I lost my map. Not sure if I can be bothered to re-roll another.


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Results sent, there will not be another set. Looking for the top 20 (now, I don't know if I am looking from under or from inside...)!

I now look towards Travincal, and there will probably be two sets there:

- one with Tournamenteress in SC, as a blizzy.

- and one with my HC Zealer. He will not be as efficient at all, but if he gets a couple of rocks that will already be a big bump! Also he needs a better amulet - hadn't been lucky for pally so far, using an assassin rare one with 17 allres, and possibly LoH gloves, but given his MF I may have better time to trade for one pair! Also getting a Gul, Vex or Ohm will allow CtA craft, so maybe some LK runs could be done by then too, even if I'm more in the mood for variety building right now.

Waiting for the round results, GL to the remaining runners!
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Round started decently then computer issues arose after the first 3 qualifiers. Number 4 came after three blue screens. My regular computer shop is closed due to corona, but fortunately found an alternative. Limped to the 5th qualifier tonight (and message to "reseat hard drive") before computer gets packed up for repair tomorrow morning.

Results sent. GL all...


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Third set is going alright, bad qualifier luck but at least I'm still getting useful items and tons of gems... :rolleyes: (7 hours to go)

EDIT: The runcounter save broke somehow, I lost all my times for nearly everything... Luckily I already made screenshots of the old RFL run counter every time I changed characters (3 hours missing though from this newest char's runs). Still it feels like a betrayal.
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20 hours done with javazon /p5. Not a single cow set item found and quite a dry spell in general. For the next year's RFL I'm really wanting a 1.07 mpk ring. Just need to figure out how to boot up 1.07 in win10 first.


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20 hours done with javazon /p5. Not a single cow set item found and quite a dry spell in general. For the next year's RFL I'm really wanting a 1.07 mpk ring. Just need to figure out how to boot up 1.07 in win10 first.
If you find, write a guide <3


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VirtualBox or vmware workstation player free version and a linux with wine install and you can set up for any of the d2 versions. Not talking from experience though as I've only been running 1.14d but have used vm's of linux to run d2 on a work laptop before.


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Oh yeah... I was supposed to kill some cows...

I suppose it would have helped if I had even fired up D2 in the past 2 weeks... maybe I'll remember to do so for round2?

EDIT: that's a no-score for my entry, just to be 100% clear.