2019 Spring RFL Sign-up and Running Thread: 2nd Round


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I think you're right on this one. @Pb_pal found 2 Chams to win Travincal in 2017, and I think in 2018 @NanoMist got his winning top 5 in the first 3 hours or so. These guys don't even need 20h. :eek:
So do i :cool:

My times are around 30 to 35 when everything is smooth, taking more time when having a drop - I am affected by the last-council-member-killed-alone-drop syndrome (got the first of second set this way)... I use hellmouth and wisp but still succeed in dying sometimes, for real things are going worst now than when I trained with her, I can't figure why, am I unlucky enough to pop bad council combos - should have made a count of runs without manaburn, it's painful - for real I try hard on sorc but it seems Zod god only heard the word "hard"... must be bad at caster :p
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I guess a lot ! Will try to make it tonight if I can.

One thing I left over is the telekinesis thing: I lose few secs there, but honestly I fck up a lot less on switching for cta...I'll update this post.


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@Babyhell One thing I noticed from the IFT is that you pick a lot. Getting a feeling for what you want to pick up and what you never ever want to pick up can help with that. Also having a (mental) list of things that you refrain from picking up if you don't see them at first glance (gems for example). Ultimately going back to pick up a flawless gem is a waste of time and you could get another full drop if you just started the next run.


After 5 hours into the new set I found three facets, a few grailers (amulet grail complete!) and the best non-skiller GC I have ever owned. Also 2 Lems and 0 qualifiers :D


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Finished my set.

p1 barb with ~50% hork
Total runes: 311
Estimated runtime: 79s
Estimated runs: 915
Made it to lvl 88.75

Went pretty decently after I was at peace with my inefficiency, but ofc will not be spending any of my time on a second set. Now it is time to burn up LK with my ut99er sorc and shoot for infinity before round 3!


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Around 9.5 hours in with second set. Barb seems to have a knack for eth items and nice Metalgrids:

Screenshot 2019-04-22 at 14.31.34.png Screenshot 2019-04-22 at 14.31.36.png

I've been reviewing my Barb runs a bit more trying to improve them. Similar to the Trav Sorc vid earlier, figured I might as well share some analysis – maybe it helps others, or better yet, maybe others can help me. :p



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Gonna be quite tight to make the 20 hours (depending on coming schedules, it might not make sense for me to submit at all). Running with zealot on /p3, times are ~35 seconds or so. Could be improved, but i don't have the precious time to do that. They will most likely improve upon time as i get more used to it. Comfortability and reliability are more important now.


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I'm 10 hours into second and what seems to be the best farming set I've ever done so far. What I changed is increased Blizzard damage by around 3k and doing slightly more focus on checking drops instead of immediately going back to the waypoint. Result is more items farmed per time invested. Comparing to my best set ever done from RFL 2017, now I'm supposed to farm 50-100 items more in jewels/charms/rings (individually) while being half second slower than before and possibly 1 second slower than I could be. So, overall 200 runs total less, but what seems to be ~20% more items farmed per item type with exception of rare rings where difference is less.

So, fastest possible runs or a better farm? 200-300 runs less means absolutely nothing for winning odds since big boys drop at average once every ~1950 or whatever runs. You are either lucky to find them or you aren't.

The point I'm trying to make is this. Once sorc reaches sub 20 seconds running, it's pretty irrelephant whether she is 16s or 19s runner, their winning odds are pretty much the same, it's better to focus on farming instead. Same as for a barb. It is hard to maintain sub 30s running without skipping drops, while difference between 32s barb and say 27s barb is nearly non-existent when it comes to farming runes. I'm convinced that my MF sorc variant I did the first set is best possible approach to Travincal running. Not the fastest, but best farming possible. As for barb, he doesn't really have MF variation in that way, or it isn't possible to make it as focused as with sorc.

I think there is no need to be super focused on runtimes. Rather, focus on farming is better and more profitable way of looking at running in general, not just Travincal.


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Could you record 10-15 of your runs? Maybe there is something that can be improved in technique.
Really, i can't. Not tonight. I tried, i promise, but i started with 4 mana burn followed by an insta death (got low resists on switch while tping, Hoto/Spirit vs Cta/Lidless), a pause, 3 mana burn on the 6 runs after restart, i tilted and went crap on the half an hour i made thenafter... forget that night, and if it was not for a random qualifier, i'd be clearly in mood for stopping that set right now.

Going to play the Sin a bit to change of context...


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I'm at about 2 hours in, real running time. 5 hours total, counting muling, crafting and shopping/gambling for bases I don't have racks for yet.
QFE the struggle is real... I will never again take for granted how you don't get sent back to act1 after muling in modern. Or high FCR and 'Enigma'.

<20s runs... I'm feeling good with <2m runs

If it wasn't for the sweet charms and potentially ridiculous crafts, this would be straight masochism.

Did I say sweet charms? Yes, yes I did.
Prefix 1118 Grand Charm of Sustenance
Keep in Inventory to Gain Bonus
Required Level:  37
Item Version:  Expansion
Item Level:  90
Fingerprint:  0x19520404
+27 to Life
+1 to Lightning Skills (Sorceress Only)

Prefix 996 Large Charm of Greed
Keep in Inventory to Gain Bonus
Required Level:  15
Item Version:  Expansion
Item Level:  93
Fingerprint:  0x57f062a8
All Resistances +11
12% Extra Gold from Monsters

I'll see if I can't work up a screenie later...
Spirit Call
One-Hand Damage:  98 to 173
Durability:  63 of 70
Required Dexterity:  117
Required Strength:  117
Required Level:  69
Mace Class - Fast Attack Speed
Item Version:  Expansion
Item Level:  94
Fingerprint:  0x29c2293e
+333% Enhanced Damage
+16 to Minimum Damage
Damage Reduced by 4
Magic Damage Reduced by 3
276% Damage to Demons
150% Damage to Undead
+392 to Attack Rating against Demons
+1 to Combat Skills (Paladin Only)
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@Gripphon I’d say it depends on your goals entirely. People may want to maximize rune drops, be it for actual use or just for RFL, and squeezing in ~200-300 more runs can make a difference. With my Sorc set, two of my top 5 dropped more or less within the final hour, one of them with around 10 minutes left. Just saying it can make sense to cut back on picking, and rather farm more when there's no RF tournament going on. Not to mention it's fun trying to push your limits, for me at least. ;)

MF in Trav also depends on goals IMO. Assuming you have your SoJ/BKWB/HLW, Trav doesn't have much to offer for MF unless you really prioritize facet drops. Differences in drop odds between e.g. 180 and 400 MF aren't huge either – in fact basically negated if 400 MF setup is 2-3 seconds slower. That's why I prefer a balanced approach with good killing power and some MF at least during RFL. Will definitely build a Travincal MF Sorc as well at some point though, seems perfect for general purposes indeed.


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@ffs I think @Gripphon meant charms, jewels, and rare rings when he said mfing. Since we all can use an endless supply of charm/jewel upgrades (30+ life skillers, 20/5s, 3/20/20/, 40/15s, and insane rare rings)


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I also tend to mainly focus on HRs in these kind of tournaments. And then go back to Travincal afterwards for some slower, relaxed farming of other stuff, like charms, jewels, all kind of rares, ...

Then again I don't have more than 100 HRs sitting in my stash ;).


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@sir_cyclops His MF setup was with facets in mind mostly. You don't need MF for magic jewels and charms. And for rare rings you only need 170-185 as Gripp mentioned earlier (which is what I mean by "balanced approach", as they are my main target in terms of MF).


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MF-ing in Travincal =
farming facets
farming 30 MF Nagel
farming [email protected] Mara's
farming Wisp of better roll
farming eth Titan's
farming eth Steelshade
farming [email protected] Vipermagi
farming eth Reaper's
farming good Ormu's

Difference between MF and balanced setup: my runtimes with balanced one was 17.3 s on RFL 2017. Average with MF one first set now was ~17.6 s. So, difference seems to be 0.3 s. Or at least in my case, I can't guarantee that for someone difference wouldn't really be 2-3 seconds :) Anyway, it's mostly for players who don't really have most of mentioned things. Juice for rich guys in it is in facets, maybe farming perfect items and definitely good Ormus is option. 450 MF setup offers 2 extra facets average per 20 hour investment pretty much. Which could be irrelevant for some or relevant for others.


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@Gripphon i could record a 4 "normal runs" session and stopped there - i'm not in playing that char currently, last night p***ed me off. I guess the main thing would be a better map, on that one i realize that they are more separated than i thought, and Blizzard handling maybe ? I tried also to use static field.

I'm going to complete the set with barb i think (652 minutes to go, she made her 5 still, with one good amongst them so not a total waste), giving a shot or two if i feel so/have a strong point i want to improve, but on an efficiency point of view towards RFL i think i'm done with this one. Maybe tomorrow will be another day, but for now she's parked !

Her stuff btw:

Yes, it's all her fault, she's bad, i have nothing to do with it! :p


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40MF Gheeds is also good. Start with a mid roll, ID in game and upgrade as you go. I now have 5x 40MF, at least three by doing this.