2019 Spring RFL Results thread: Moo Moo (Round One)


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The rest of us didn't stand a chance!

What a performance:

1. WoRG (1.07) 365,2 (10 points)
Lo Ist Um Um Pul

2. Pb_pal 82,2 (8 points)
Cham Jah Jah Vex Ist

3. Gripphon 80,6 (6 points)
Cham Lo Sur Sur Vex

4. NanoMist 78,8 (5 points)
Cham Ber Vex Ohm Ohm

5. sir_cyclops 67,5 (4 points)
Ber Jah Sur Ist Ist

6. EatSleepDiablov2 66,8 (3 points)
Ber Ber Vex Ohm Um

7. T72on1 64,6 (2 points)
Lo Lo Sur Vex Ohm

8. LongingForDeath 59,7 (1 point)
Jah Vex Vex Ohm Ohm

9. Shuffleblast 58,7
Sur Sur Vex Vex Ohm

9. ffs 58,7
Sur Sur Vex Vex Ohm

11. Babyhell 58,5
Jah Lo Ohm Ist Ist

12. maxicek 54,8
Cham Ohm Gul Um Mal

13. Hutton 53,1
Jah Lo Ist Gul Um

14. TheGuardianXXXIII 50,5
Jah Lo Gul Mal Mal

15. Peytron 49,7
Cham Lo Gul

16. Teddeeboy 47,3
Jah Ber Um Pul

17. Ghonn 39,1
Sur Ohm Um Um Um

18. Luhkoh 38,6
Jah Um Um Um Mal

19. Friiser 37,8
Sur Vex Um Mal Pul

20. Vildecor 32,7
Vex Gul Mal Mal Mal

21. jjscud 28,8 Jah Gul Pul

22. Saluki 28,5
Ohm Mal Mal Mal Pul

23. PhineasB 28,3
Jah Um Mal

24. smloeffelholz 12,5 Ist Mal

Grape (1.07) 0
zemaj (1.07) 0
Kitteh 0
Zylo 0
Tenecabo (1.07 + maybe 1.14) 0
mulligan 0
Diablo2inDC (1.07) 0
Pharphis (1.07) 0
smittyphi 0
MizzouFTW 0

(no qualifiers or didn't run)

Nexeis ? Feel fee to turn your points in!
Drixx ? Feel free to turn your points in!

Okay, that was a heck of a round, yet again!!! What can I say? 1.07 Lo is incredibly rare drop in itself, but I have no idea how many times you could try the 20 hour batch in 1.07 and fail to get FIVE qualifiers. What a feat!

Also, note how tight "the clash of kings" between Nano, Grip and Pb_pal was! Nice one! I expect the same from the next round, only more people joining the rank of kings n' queens with a superb score!

Apart from these mighty rocks (23 people scoring a high rune or several of them!), the sign-up thread proved to be a warm fuzz of theory-crafting, helping, complaining and masterful trolling again! Thanks all! I try to be more active in the next one myself.

It was awesome to see many new enthusiastic faces join this round with freshly built characters and giving these human bots a true race for their scores! Hope to see you during the next rounds, and hope you keep participating this old but surprisingly lively community of us :)

Several well-timed comebacks from long-time members, even forum legends I may say, were seen. It's good to have you back all! You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave ;)

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Jesus. Grats..

Awesome RFL results! I feel bad I couldn't get a char ready in time. Hopefully on the next one I'll be able to join in to kick some ass. GL on the next one!


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Man, wish I had been able to stick to my guns and ran more than 1 set! At least I finally started getting comfortable running cows with my untwinked javazon. Can't wait to see how she'll perform with optimized gear. Hopefully next year we'll again see 4 (or more) Zods for cow round.

I'm also looking forward to next round. Should have a budget Blizz sorc ready to go, no problem.

Congratulations to all on your results! And judging from all the grumbling I read, at least this round is over!


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365.2 points :eek::eek: has there ever been such a score, in any RF tournament!? Grats @WoRG! And nicely predicted @Gripphon (but complaining about a Cham/80+ score has cost you all your complaining privileges for 1 year). Me having my money on @Pb_pal wasn't too far off either though. ;)

Well, I'm glad my most efficient Cow runs yet got me a solid top 10 spot, awesome. :p Will post write-up later today. Good job everyone!


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Where to start. Right, at the beginning would be logical.

Cows are awesome. The end. On a more serious note, I do enjoy cows more than Travincal. They are less predictable and every run is slightly different while at Travincal every run is the same, so I didn't have too much trouble to kill cows in two sets. Besides, killing so many cows is kind of cool. Moo Moo.

As I ran I kept track of total number of runes found to answer the eternal question: how many cows are on a cow level? My necro can answer it due to awesome map I have where red portal spawns inside Cow King's house meaning there will be no other cows inside and I can kill every cow on the cow level if I want to. Idea is I know odds to find ANY rune is 1/244.5, so if I count runes found across hundreds of runs it will allow me to estimate number of cows on the level. I also tested Fissure druid and Blova. Warning: gameplay videos I posted have bad music, so cover your ears!

It was done with necromancer, PNova variation.

Character: necro PNova
Griffon's with facet
2/17 amulet
Web with facet
Arach belt
Trang gloves
beta BKWB
10fcr 35 mpk 1.07 ring
Silkweave boots

+5 skillers

Merc: Infinity, Fortitude, Andy
Iron Golem: made out of random item

Better option is 2/20 circlet with 2/20 amulet, but I have 1/20 amulet as best so I went this way. As for mpk, I tested necro doesn't need 1.07 mpk ring, what he has in 1.14 is enough. On top of it jewel with 3 mpk can be socketed in helm to help more if needed.

20 Amplify damage
1 Revive
1 Iron Golem
1 Bone Armor
20 Corpse Explosion
20 PNova
Rest into synergies for PNova

Player settings: p5
Total runs done: 494 (5 abandoned due to death don't count)
Average time: ~2:25-2:26
Runes found in 300 runs: 579
Estimated cows killed per run: ~467
Cows killed every minute: ~193

These were fullish clears with some leftovers. I'd conclude there are at average ~500 cows on a cow level.

Qualifiers: 21
Cham, Lo, 2x Sur, Vex, 3x Ohm, 2x Ist, 3x Gul, 4x Um, Mal, 3x Pul


Overall this was average set, number of qualifiers is slightly above average, but I believe quality is spot on or right around expectations. Set lacks two Ber/Jah/Cham combination, but also has Cham which does pump score up significantly. Number of 10+ pointers is above average though doesn't help for top 5 points. Solid set definitely.

Here I tested Fissure druid and Blova, but also used necro for a while mixing all 3 characters together.

Character: Fissure druid
Ravenlore with facet
2/20 amulet
Arach belt
Magefist gloves
2x beta BKWB
Silkweave boots

+5 skillers

Merc: Infinity, Fortitude, Andy

1 Oak Sage
Max Fissure + synergies
Max Armageddon
Rest into Boulder

Player settings: p5
Runs done: 56
Runes found: 93
Cows killed per run average: 406
Avg time: 2:44
Cows killed per minute: ~148

With more tests I got him to ~140 cows per minute

Character: Blova
Griffon's with lite facet
Enigma (for lpk)
2/10 amulet
Eschuta's Temper with lite facet
10/35mpk ring
beta BKWB

+5 lite skillers

Merc: Infinity, Fortitude, Andy

1 Warmth
1 Telekinesis
X Static to reach ~24 area
20 Nova
20 Lightning Mastery
1 Cold Armor
20 Blizzard
1 Cold Mastery
Rest into Blizzard synergies

Players settings: p5

Runs done: 150
Runes found: 243
Avg. time: 136.24 s
Cows killed per run: 396
Cows killed per minute: 174.4

Qualifiers: 13
Cham, Sur, Ohm, 3x Ist, Gul, 3x Um, 3x Pul

This set was below average in both number and quality of qualifiers.

Notable finds across two sets:
Coral Small Charm of Vita
Small Charm
Required Level: 39
Fingerprint: 0x2ac63c18
Item Level: 81
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+20 to Life
Lightning Resist +8%

Jade Small Charm of Good Luck
Small Charm
Required Level: 33
Fingerprint: 0x8077a1a3
Item Level: 81
Version: Expansion 1.10+
Poison Resist +8%
7% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items

Sapphire Small Charm of Sustenance
Small Charm
Required Level: 32
Fingerprint: 0xd114e448
Item Level: 81
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+15 to Life
Cold Resist +10%

Ruby Jewel of Fervor
Required Level: 31
Fingerprint: 0xbbcf91cd
Item Level: 81
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+15% Increased Attack Speed
Fire Resist +29%

Diamond Jewel of Fervor
Required Level: 31
Fingerprint: 0x739962a
Item Level: 81
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+15% Increased Attack Speed
+40% Damage to Demons
+38 to Attack Rating against Demons

Sapphire Small Charm of Sustenance
Small Charm
Required Level: 32
Fingerprint: 0x4d42884f
Item Level: 81
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+12 to Life
Cold Resist +10%

The Stone of Jordan
Required Level: 29
Fingerprint: 0x61878364
Item Level: 84
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+1 to All Skills
Adds 1 - 12 Lightning Damage
+20 to Mana
Increase Maximum Mana 25%

Jade Jewel of Truth
Required Level: 36
Fingerprint: 0xecb1c728
Item Level: 81
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+7% Faster Hit Recovery
Poison Resist +27%

Cow King's parts: 3 boots, 7 armors, 4 hats


It has been a pleasure trolling you all and talking with ya. Solid round overall. Cows are awesome. Moo Moo.
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Congrats @WoRG on the finds and lapping the field. It would be great for hear what plan you have for the 1.07 Lo

Well done everyone on some epic finds not just the HRs but some the leet gear @Shuffleblast pnb 40 lifer, @EatSleepDiablov2 2 nice skillers also that I can recall recently
The new and restarting players really need those moment of RNG glory with HRs. No zods is a surprise though

I am happy with my finds
My best non qualifier is the 45 [email protected] Sacred Rondache
I collected a total of 178 non qualifiers. I tried to pick up all runes however I probably left some below Tal on the grass when space was a problem

Amn 16
Dol 5
El 4
Eld 3
Eth 11
Fal 3
Hel 14
Io 4
Ith 9
Ko 1
Lem 1
Lum 2
Nef 3
Ort 22
Ral 14
Shael 9
Sol 11
Tal 21
Thul 15
Tir 10

The build was blizzard sorc that pumped SF to lvl 23 after +skills. However that left only CM at 5 for 17 after +skills and that affected run speed against the cow boss packs. But as she levels this is getting brought back to balance and if some more skillers are added I think this could still work. I was rushed as this Blizzard sorc was last of my 3 build attempts but the only viable one and build the weekend of the start of the tournament, once I know I could not assemble the gear for the others and finish the 20 hours of running.

My plans for the runes?

Superior Mage Plate
Defense: 1060
Durability: 57 of 60
Required Strength: 55
Required Level: 65
Item Version: 1.10+ Expansion
Item Level: 85
Fingerprint: 0xd7c95b0b
+15% Enhanced Defense
+759 Defense
Damage Reduced by 8%
Increase Maximum Life 5%
+14 Life after each Kill
45% Faster Run/Walk
+1 to Teleport
15% Damage Taken Goes to Mana
+2 to All Skill Levels
+66 to Strength (Based on Character Level)
89% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items (Based on Character Level)
Socketed (3: 3 used)

Thanks again for hosting @Grape. I am looking forward to round 2


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Except for 10-15 minutes with PN Necro, I ran Javazon on P7. Didn't quite manage a full 20h set but got close enough. Here’s the haul pic, of which one Sur was found on Necro:


RNG wasn’t the best to say the least. Last year I ran 20h with untwinked 99er Necro (~4m P5 runs) and half a (less efficient) Java set… both had similar scores. Great. :mad:

Gear and gameplay (without bad music)
Already posted in running thread, but for the sake of having things in one place:

Griffon's Eye 'Cham'
Titan's Revenge (2x eth, 1x non-eth)
Enigma MP
HHG 'facet/facet/15 IAS/[email protected]'
3/20 gloves
2/20 craft amulet
2x FCR + double leech rare rings

Switch: CtA, 35 Spirit

Might Merc: Infinity (eth CV), Fortitude (ebug GH), Andy's '15 IAS/25 FR'

Following an overhaul last year this is by now my go-to Javazon setup – and I still absolutely love it. :)

Core stats:
35 IAS main switch
99 FCR switch with CtA
-38 ELR
15% LL + 14 LPK
10% ML + 5 MPK

Quick facts:
Hours: 19.1
Runs done: 424 (estimate based on run times)
Qualifiers found: 17 (0.89 per hour)
Rune drops per run: 2.17
Cows killed per run: 468 (based on rune drops)
Run times: 2m35s - 2m45s (P7)
Efficiency based on rune drops: 182 cows/minute (200 on P5)
Efficiency based on XP gain samples: 162 cows/minute (182 on P5)
Rals: 52
FAs: 66

With a few exceptions, I generally picked up only rare rings, SCs, GCs, the occasional S&Us and FAs.

More facts:
Here's the spreadsheet I kept for running some numbers. It also includes when qualifiers dropped. I was off to a bad start with no qualifiers for over 3 hours, and never really recovered. I saw runes dropping left and right, and qualifier/hour number was okay, but the quality just wasn't there overall.


Apart from that, some drops, details on number crunching and further aspects in these posts:
Despite the score I was very happy with this round, as I said it was my most efficient RFL cow set yet. The numbers based on rune drop method exceeded my expectations. I had a map where she delivered better results based on XP method, but I'm not sure if it was really better. I may very well have gotten the low end of XP range in my few samples runs this time around. In general she came very close to my Travincal efficiency. As mentioned in the running thread though, I think I’ve pretty much reached my limits with her. On to a different character next year. :)

Thanks @Grape and on to round 2!


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~200 p5 cows is comparable to 19.56s Travincal running on p3. More precisely ~19.8 s since sorc does skip some minion here and there.
In the end cows are closer to Travincal than we imagined possible. Only issue is Travincal is much easier to run efficiently while cows require more perfecting of running technique.


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Congrats to everyone for finding all those high runes! Especially those who found Lo and Cham runes have my envy, since those were my goal for this round.

As you can see from my top 5, I failed with that. This is actually the score of my first batch. The second batch would have got me a score of 52.1. First batch was off to a good start with 2 Um and the Jah dropping within the first hour. Then things slowed down. Over the next 17 hours, I had 2 Pul, 2 Mal, 2 Gul and 2 Vex drop. With only 2 hours to go, I was sure I'd have to do another batch if I wanted to have a decent score, plus I wanted some Lo runes for my WW Barb for the next round. The final 2 hours dropped the 2 Ohm runes. Score was decent enough, but not great. I was happy with 5 high runes, but except for the Jah, they were the lowest on the list. I also managed to get the Cow King's leather and hooves during this batch, missing only the horns.

So I started the second batch. First hour got me 2 Pul runes. Then not a single qualifier for several hours. Eventually an Ist dropped, and a bit later I got an Um rune out of a chest in the cow level. After 10 hours, I only had those 4 qualifiers. What a crappy start. Things went a little better in the 2nd half, providing me with another Pul, 2 Vex and another Jah. I also picked up another 2 Cow King's leathers and the missing horns, completing the set.

I ran both batches with my Poison Necro with a similar setup to Gripphon's.
20% FCR Circlet
2/10 Amulet (20% FCR amulet in the first batch)
Death's Web with Facet / beta Call To Arms (+12 BO) on switch
Spirit Monarch
Trang-Oul's Claws
Arachnid Mesh
War Traveler
10% FCR / 25 MPK ring
10% FCR ring (Bul-Katho's in first batch)
2 Skillers & Gheed's

Might Merc
Infinity in 1.07 eth Cryptic Axe
Andariel's Visage with 15/37 RJoF
Fortitude in eth bugged Archon Plate

20 Amplify Damage
20 Corpse Explosion
20 Poison Nova
20 Poison Explosion
1 Bone Armor
1 Revive
1 Golem Mastery (didn't end up using a Golem, though, since he died too quickly)
rest in Poison Dagger

Run times for both batches were similar, averaging about 3:35 minutes per run, doing close to full clears. Fastest run was around 2:52 minutes if I'm not mistaken. Did around 330 runs per batch. The effect of RNG was very noticeable here, with the first batch being almost twice as good in quantity.

First Batch
13 Qualifiers, 5 High Runes

Second Batch

8 Qualifiers, 2 High Runes

Other Noteworthy Drops

Chilling Grand Charm of Vita
Grand Charm
Required Level: 69
Fingerprint: 0x3fd2fd76
Item Level: 84
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+1 to Cold Skills (Sorceress Only)
+39 to Life

Burning Grand Charm of Life
Grand Charm
Required Level: 42
Fingerprint: 0xbb9536da
Item Level: 81
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+1 to Fire Skills (Sorceress Only)
+15 to Life

Entrapping Grand Charm of Life
Grand Charm
Required Level: 42
Fingerprint: 0xb9fc7f0c
Item Level: 81
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+1 to Trap Skills (Assassin Only)
+12 to Life

Harpoonist's Grand Charm of Vita
Grand Charm
Required Level: 69
Fingerprint: 0x737190a3
Item Level: 81
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+1 to Javelin and Spear Skills (Amazon Only)
+38 to Life

Cow King's Hide
Studded Leather
Defense: 57
Durability: 25 of 32
Required Level: 18
Required Strength: 27
Fingerprint: 0x79aa4ed3
Item Level: 84
Version: Expansion 1.10+
18% Chance to cast level 5 Chain Lightning when struck
+60% Enhanced Defense
+30 to Life
All Resistances +18

Cow King's Hooves
Heavy Boots
Defense: 32
Durability: 13 of 14
Required Level: 13
Required Strength: 18
Fingerprint: 0xbfec8fd9
Item Level: 81
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+30% Faster Run/Walk
Adds 25 - 35 Fire Damage
+27 Defense
+20 to Dexterity
25% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items

Cow King's Horns
War Hat
Defense: 126
Durability: 7 of 12
Required Level: 25
Required Strength: 20
Fingerprint: 0xca6b0787
Item Level: 81
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+75 Defense
Half Freeze Duration
Attacker Takes Damage of 10
35% Damage Taken Goes To Mana

Veil of Steel
Spired Helm
Defense: 396
Durability: 38 of 60
Required Level: 73
Required Strength: 192
Fingerprint: 0xb14b7f20
Item Level: 81
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+60% Enhanced Defense
+140 Defense
+15 to Strength
+15 to Vitality
All Resistances +50
-4 to Light Radius
+20 Maximum Durability

Vampire Gaze
Grim Helm
Defense: 378
Durability: 21 of 21
Required Level: 41
Required Strength: 48
Fingerprint: 0x3f1f9afd
Item Level: 81
Version: Expansion 1.10+
Adds 6 - 22 Cold Damage Over 4 Secs (100 Frames)
6% Mana stolen per hit
6% Life stolen per hit
+100% Enhanced Defense
15% Slower Stamina Drain
Damage Reduced by 15%
Magic Damage Reduced by 11

Overall, my haul is probably nothing to sneeze at. I did get some good charms, managed to gather the complete Cow King's set and made it into the top 8. So I'm happy with that. At the same time, I don't have a real use for these runes at the moment and I'm a bit bummed that I didn't get a single Lo rune in those 40 hours, meaning I'll have to bite the bullet once again and cube up 2 more Ohms to make a Grief for my WW Barb for next round - unless I'll find a Lo within the next week. I would try Travincal with my Blizzard sorc, especially since I have a perfect Blizzard Ormus in my stash, but I have neither Death's Fathom nor Nightwing's Veil. So I feel like the Barb will be my best option for now.
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11th, so close from top 10 !

Congratz everybody, i'm pretty amazed how many qualifiers/high runes some got :eek:

I'll remember this second set where i got huge start (Vex Ber Jah in the first hours, Um few hours later, and the 5th went in the last hour, a Pul after about an empty 11 hours desert). On my side, it was 7 then 5 qualifiers, and nicest ones were Lo Jah on first run, and Ber Jah on second one. And i got 0.6 points between first and second set, pretty close.

In the end i made the eth SA Fortitude quickly as the Lo was my first drop, and a second grief for barb (35/386) using two ohm, so it will help for second round. Now what can i do with Jah Mal Jah Sur Ber...maybe Last wish is not worth it at all, but i never got that many at the same time !

I may make a Phoenix monarch to start with, as BabyBaba dropped a Lo at Travincal. Using an eth base for an Infinity would be a good add-on on my runewords list too (still need a Ber or a Sur), and i will still have a spare Jah for a second Enigma on a lower req base - got a nice 300+ def 3os mage plate, and another 3os at 298def for a lower runeword for leveling.

Plenty of possibilities ! It was a lot of fun, close to the points - maybe next time ! The vids were set to become public tomorrow at noon in France, if i can i'll set them earlier. Now it will be time to hork some demons ! Have a good break !


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I had a feeling a 1.07'er would take it this year. I shouldn't have helped try and improved their scoring :eek:. But just kidding, congrats to WoRG, that's incredible. I have no haul pic because I forgot to take one before plopping my mal's in some oaths. I'll do better next time!

My goals this round were:
1. sub 5 minute p3 run averages (fail, but had it for the second half)
2. 5 qualifiers (success)
3. 1 really nice rune (success, and I might have even chosen jah for that rune if I had a choice!)

So I would say a pretty successful round even with my low score. Would be feeling great about it if my buddy @sir_cyclops hadn't blown me out of the water! (Just a joke big congrats for top 5!)

Here are my run times (all on p3 with blizz sorc). Very proud of the improvement. 209 runs over 20 hours = 5:45 runtime. Averaged under 5 minutes from runs 100 on.

I have some kind of thing with skillers like @pharphis and his sword. I dropped 1 skiller this whole time, a plain defensive pally auras :(

Found only 3 eth polearms, a cv, gpa, and a thresher, however I larzuk'd the cv and the thresher rolled 4os, so no complaints here. GPA rolled six so it'll be stashed for and ebotd perhaps maybe someday??? Though I might hope for a war pike by then. Made several ebug armors. Notably ran with a 3.4k def stone early on then eventually switched to a 1k def treachery. And let me tell you, without cta, fade made an enormous difference for the merc in cows.

I did find some nice oath bases. An ettin axe and small crescent in the cube, and 3 potential sword bases (balrog, highland, highland). When the first highland rolled 3os in the cube, I brought the other two to Larzuk. They got 202 and 234 ed. -.-

I also found two 5os eth decapitators and thought I might eventually make a death rw out of them, but when I saw a colossus sword can hit a faster zeal breakpoint, I realized I was hoping for one of those instead. Near the end of the set, 2 plain eth ones dropped for me, and one got 5os in the cube on the first try! Now I just need a vex... and an ohm because I'm not spending my first vex when I don't yet have cta :p

Found a million phase blades. Don't think I'll ever be missing it as a base again in the future. Found a [email protected] sacred rondache, a [email protected] akaran rondache, and a 4os [email protected] crown shield. Found a few spirit monarch bases, which were my first post reset.

As for sets and uniques, the notables are Steel Pillar!!, Cow king hooves and horns, and a 2/2/2 tal's orb. A fair few unique and set jewelries, but none good at all.

So good round. Running mephy like crazy hoping for a reapers to help out in round 2!
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@ffs @Gripphon @NanoMist What do you guys think about just using runes per minute as a metric rather than p5 cows per minute. It would make comparing difference psettings and different areas much easier imo.

@Gripphon awesome post and stats! But where's your S/U section? Your comment about decent MFO score made me want to see it :)


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Forgot about it. It were two green Griswold shields, Ondal Wisdom's, one Giant Skull and one more item which I already dumped to other stash. I also forgot about 14% ED Phase Blade for Grief which I'll actually use to roll Griefs in.


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Wow, congrats. I think I've found 2 qualifiers during 1.07 council, once. Lol.

Maybe it was 0, tbh, like every other 1.07 rune tournament.
I need those juicy white text rune screenshots


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If you're 1.14, i can lend you a random reaper's if you do not find one. Don't hesitate if so !
Thanks babyhell! I appreciate the kindness, but I’m staying strictly self found for now. So if I can’t drudge up reapers I’ll be attempting my super budget lawbringer merc thing.


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Congrats all. Very happy with 6th place. The two Bers dropped in the first 3+- hours, one from a group of 6, second from a single cow (thank you OCD). Through 5-6 hours, I added a Pul and Ohm. At that point, I thought I would blow the doors off.

In classic RNG fashion, I went the next 6 hours without anything higher than a Fal. Disgusted, I was just going to stop there but had 7 legs in the stash. Two more qualifers, Vex and Um, dropped while finishing those off.

BTW, my portal was inside the corral. The merc immediately aggro'd the cow king once entering, and the first order of business was to sprint/tele to a quiet area to use CtA. He died on more than a few occassions when I wasnt quick enough.