2018 Summer MFO Signup and Running Thread


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All right, we have multiple competitors in each category, so I think we can maintain all three.

But that complicates teams -- there are only two possible 3-member teams, but limiting teams to A85 + Pindle would exclude zemaj and Saluki from the fun. So how about, if we get two 3-person teams, they can challenge each other, and everyone else can form 2-person teams?

Suggestions welcome!
Ok for me.


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All right, we have multiple competitors in each category, so I think we can maintain all three.

But that complicates teams -- there are only two possible 3-member teams, but limiting teams to A85 + Pindle would exclude zemaj and Saluki from the fun. So how about, if we get two 3-person teams, they can challenge each other, and everyone else can form 2-person teams?

Suggestions welcome!
That sounds good to me too.


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@Pb_pal and I have formed a team, The Untwinked PbPhUnderdogs. Depending on other team configurations with a third Baal entrant, we can add a third teammate. And I may have to recruit two more Pindle runners to join a team.

To highlight the reason for the team name, here's an intro to my Pindle runner. After finishing S/U tourney playthrough at level 83, Quinta respeced to LF, 20 decoy, 6 pierce, rest to max CS and LF, then first synergy. She had almost nothing useful, so starter gear was shopped, gambled and made from low-level runewords in bases she'd picked up.

I won’t bore people with the details, but typical rotation for undergeared character, various targets, changing things up as things got dull or frustrating. Details are in the spoiler for anyone interested:
A 4os Partizan picked up on way to Nihl became Insight for A2 Might merc (with the spare Lem going into 3os Wire Fleece for Treachery that we found early on in the leveling). She shopped a 3os mage plate of balance (3 pTopaz) and a gambled a 2os circlet of something (2 pTopaz), gloves were rare with resists/MF that she picked up during the playthrough. She went back to Vidala set (boots and amulet) for MF, Nagel and a rare ring, equipped a rare short spear she had found with +1 javelin skills, and shopped staff of teleport (48 charges). Early on, I remembered an eth CV stashed from S/U playthrough, which was on the right side of 1-out-of-2 odds, and the merc got an Insight upgrade.

She rolled a nice Andy map for a bit (no major finds), p1 Pindle, a little LK (about 25 runs total, picking up nice javelins, but she was still a Lum short of Harmony, so LK wasn’t a good option). After hitting 84, we decided it would be worth it to roll a NM Meph map with one teleport through wall to stairs, in the hopes of getting some basics (most notably something for resists). P7 runs, hitting council members in Durance 3, and picked up 2/20 gloves (sweet!) and the Lum after about 30 minutes, allowing Harmony for Pindle runs.

We then rolled decent Hell Meph map (one teleport to stairs and another across the moat). This allowed Pindle/Eldritch runs (p1 to start and eventually able to take p3 easily), and then p1 Meph runs once we had built up a store of full purples, which were necessary due to still-negative lightning resists. That was the routine all the way to level 90, although we dropped Eldritch from the rotation at level 89. We set a goal of level 90 before MFO with 500 Meph runs mixed in, which is complete.

Early drops were Andy’s from Meph, which was very nice. The highlight of this stretch was a Ber from Pindle:
Pindle (Ber).jpg
She then experienced her first death, due to operator dumb-ness: she wore Rockstopper for Meph due to still-negative lightning resists without it, and the 2 pTopaz circlet for Pindle. I forgot to switch headgear before going back to Meph and she caught of face full of charged bolts :\ This is why I don’t play HC . . .

Meph then dropped this nice circlet with [email protected] and teleport charges, which allowed Harmony switch for Meph runs also (and not-negative resists). Eldritch dropped Chance Guard (which were 40% MF) and Pindle dropped this prismatic amulet of fortune, which was enough of an upgrade to finally drop Vidala’s amulet/boots for some rare boots with MF. Around this time, she also found a 3os death mask, which got 3 pTopazes for extra MF for Pindle/Eldritch.

We then got War Travelers, Gladiator’s Bane (which replaced treachery on merc), and Skullder’s from Meph, which was a nice set of upgrades to the kit. There was also a second eth CV dropping that also got 4os in the cube, allowing a better damage roll Insight. Pindle dropped an Ist, and then the final upgrade before the 500th Meph run, Thundergod’s, which was awesome given lack of skillers and +skills in general. No Titan’s, Shako, or +skill ring, but otherwise very solid haul for her needs, with Razortail and Silkweave also picked up.

Looking ahead to MFO, there were plenty of qualifiers from Pindle, but nothing spectacular: B-K mythical sword, Lacerator, Spikethorn, Runemaster, Mav armor, Eaglehorn, and some others. But there was quite a bit of time taken away from Pindle runs by Meph, so I’m hoping the singular focus and improved MF make a difference for MFO.

My untwinked 99er pally is now back in the mix also to renew his crawl toward 98.2 But given there’s some days before MFO, and based on the Ber, Ist, and Mal she has stashed now, I’m setting a goal of 500 LK runs before MFO starts. We’re 250 runs in, with nothing higher than an Um on run 249 (next best is a Lem). But there have been some nice charm upgrades with resist/MF and this [email protected] Shimmering SC of Balance. Also, her second death due to hitting ~ instead of Esc when amp’ed and stuck in a hut :\
So, without too much trouble, she is decently geared, with the following set up likely to open MFO unless we get some major luck (read: a Ber) from LK runs over the couple days:
Head: 3os death mask (Tarnhelm is an option, but only 28% MF)
Body: Skullder’s Ire
Amulet: Shimmering ([email protected]) Amulet of Good Luck (22%)
Gloves: 2/20 rares / Chancies (40%)
Belt: TGods
Boots: War Traveler (42%)
Rings: Nagel (29%), Nagel (24%)
Weapon 1: 3/40 Maiden javelin
Shield 1: Rhyme grim shield
Weapon 2: Harmony
Shield 2: N/A

Head: Andy’s
Body: Gladiator’s Bane
Weapon: eth CV Insight
Look forward to seeing details on others' runners and plans. Five days to go - hype!

zemaj [1.14d SC FAM]
Saluki [1.13d SC FAM]
TheNix [1.13d SC FAM]

PhineasB [1.13d SC FAM]
srrw [1.13d HC FAM]
maxicek [1.13d SC FAM]
Neksja [1.14d SC FAM]
Grape [1.13d SC FAM]
Baltha [1.14d SC FAM]
Hutton [1.13c HC FAM]
mulligan [1.14d SC]

Level 85 Areas
Pharphis [1.07/1.13d HC FAM]
ffs [1.14b SC FAM]
Albatross [1.14d SC FAM]
Pb_pal [1.13d HC/SC FAM]
Locohead [1.14d SC FAM]
T72on1 [1.14d HC/SC FAM]
smloeffelholz [1.14d SC FAM P]
NanoMist [1.14d SC FAM]
Nagisa [1.14d SC FAM]
Trappin' [1.14d SC]
RIP [1.13c HC FAM]

The Untwinked PbPhUnderdogs - Pb_pal, PhineasB

Available for teams
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Efficiency is overrated.
I'm starting to believe that. :)

I'm sorely tempted to keep pushing XP with my 99er Necro as well, really like running him at the moment, and now grinding around ~97.5 means every bit of motivation should be made use of generally... But it would be a shame not to try and compete with the Pit Barb, and I think some drop luck is way overdue for my tournament efforts! #complaining ;)


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My untwinked sorc just got a Moser's Blessed Circle from NM Pindle. I threw 2 P. Diamonds at it and send her to quest in Hell. Perhaps I have time to hit Pindle with her in the end. Late to the Party team, @Neksja ?

By the way, how do you mention someone in a post?
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By the way, how do you mention someone in a post?
'@' in front of the name. When you start typing the name, the forum software should start making suggestions based on the first letters you typed.

Btw, still looking to form a team. Someone from the Pindle section, and then maybe someone from the Baal section if they want to. Still looking at you @Grape, but don't feel obliged or anything ;). It's just that the Zod God and someone who turns burgers into Zods should go well together :).


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Like this @Baltha? Just put an @ and start typing someone's name, three letters are enough to trigger the autocomplete. Then you pick the name out of the list or narrow it down more (pwned by T721on1).

Hey @maxicek, what do you say we team up on our way to the grail?

Since @logoutzero and @Kitteh have offered to help with keeping score, I'll gladly hand over that responsibility for the pindle category :p In all seriousness though, if you are unable to I'm still in. It's just that I'd rather spend the time grinding, if someone who's not running in the MFO has volunteered.


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Look forward to seeing details on others' runners and plans. Five days to go - hype!
I will be running with Dynaheir, my blizzard sorceress, in the Ancient Tunnels.

Head: Ptopaz Shako (141)
Body: Skullder’s Ire
Amulet: Mara's Kaleidoscope
Gloves: Magefist
Belt: Arachnids Mesh
Boots: War Traveler (45%)
Rings: Nagel (28%), Nagel (27%)
Weapon 1: Hoto flail, @39
Shield 1: Spirit Monarch
Weapon 2: 2 BO CtA
Shield 2: Lidless Wall

Head: Andy's (Ral)
Body: Gladiator’s Bane
Weapon: Eth GPA Insight

Inventory has enough charms to bring fire and light res to 75 while bringing total MF to 400%.

I finally found a map that I think I am happy with. The entrance is a short 3 teles away from the waypoint, and the map is very simple. I do a single loop without any backtracking and pass by the sparkly chest. I haven't done a ton of runs yet, but it seems to average around 6 boss packs per run without having to go off course.

Edit: I was just playing the map, trying to get a better feel for the path I should take, and this dropped.

I now have to test my kill speed when I replace Mara's/Skullder's/Arach with Tal's/Tal's/Tal's. This should give MF a boost, and make resists better so that my inventory isn't so cramped. Either way, I am embarrassingly excited, because I finally completed Tal's set!

PS: I would appreciate any advice from people about which equipment setup I should use. My gut feeling is that I will go for Tal's, since blizzard mows everything down at P1, and the other mods on the set equipment are much more helpful.
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Hey @maxicek, what do you say we team up on our way to the grail?
So many great team name options here (Monty Python references, historical/mythical). I hope it works out (for the team and Grail progress!).

Thanks for volunteering to supervise the Pindle category @logoutzero -- you've got it, much appreciated!

@smloeffelholz - 3-piece Tal's should outperform the other set up across the board. A number of folks have used it for dedicated AT running (e.g., to lvl 96, to my recollection), which is a pretty strong endorsement.


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@smloeffelholz congrats on the tal's armor, it's the most difficult to find of the whole set. 3 part tal's is very difficult to beat so I encourage you to try it out.

Maxing fire and LR is great general gameplay advice, but you actually want high cold and LR for AT. Chances are you'll get hit with frost nova blasts, sometimes multiple, either from different sources or from a LE, CE boss. You shouldn't be standing close enough to get hit by FE because those will never be immune and there's no need to tele stomp them, but you probably will be teleporting on top of CE bosses.

From the Amazon basin wiki:
When a Unique is Cold and Lightning Enchanted, an invisible nova will be released whenever it is put into hit recovery.
L96, 146 points into strength, rest is vitality
Maxed blizzard and synergies, spare points go into FO to further boost GS/IB
1 point static, tk, teleport
no armors or warmth

F and PR around 0
CR: 56
LR: 93 (a little bit of stacking is good vs conviction)
MF: 516
FHR: 60 (spirit + one 5% SC)
FCR: 105 (no matter how many times I try, I just can't make myself run with 63)

3 part tal's (ptopaz in the guardianship)
ptopaz harlequin
2x nagelring
trang's gloves (FCR and CR)
war traveler
death's fathom (ist)
+5 bo crystal sword and another spirit on switch

gheed's and 29 small charms with MF and other mods, still too many with 5% and 6% MF, but I really don't feel like running LK

insight CV
fortitude AP
andariel's (cham)

The way you describe them, the map's layout and density sound good. Even if it doesn't turn out to be excellent, it's risky to reroll since the MFO is this close.


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Are the teams formed already?If yes, let us know, please...I don't think this is against any rule, or am i wrong?

@Albatross : As for Tals set, my untwincked Trapsin found two armors, two amulets already, and i'm still missing the Orb...From my point of view, Orb is hardest to get part of this set :D
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Warming up for the MFO:

Tomb Reaver
Cryptic Axe
Two Hand Damage: 110 - 502
Durability: 60 of 65
Required Level: 84
Required Strength: 165
Required Dexterity: 103
Fingerprint: 0xf8f30c3a
Item Level: **
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+60% Increased Attack Speed
235% Enhanced Damage
+196% Damage to Undead
+283 to Attack Rating against Undead
All Resistances +34
10% Reanimate as: Returned
+10 Life after each Kill
64% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items
+4 to Light Radius 3 Sockets (0 used)
Finally 3os, but crappy roll otherwise.

Btw, how many boss packs and what running time should I be aiming for again with a PitBarb?