2018 Summer MFO Signup and Running Thread


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I though the whole purpose of the updates was to add some narration an excitement to the competition, in fact. But don't feel really strong about it.


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Or to mess with us altogether, and just give plain wrong information? ;) Just for giggles, and because you supervise the thing and as such you can ...


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I started running yesterday! Will do more this evening... several Dwebs confirmed.

I'm fine with whatever way we reveal how it's going during the MFO.

It's not in vain either way imo, fun to see how the exact situations changed also afterwards
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(Player not mod perspective) I’m not really bothered, but it seems a bit of a waste of time sending an update if the report is “Some people have some points, some others have more points.”
To be fair, we also know that yet others have fewer points... ;)
And yet others have no points (because they haven't started running)! :p

I've repeated the first weekend update below, but with actual rankings in a spoiler for those who don't want to see the details. Thanks for the suggestion by @Pb_pal

First Weekend Update -- Baal and A85 Categories
All updates for Baal are in (thanks), but I'm still missing updates for one person in A85 category. We have an early frontrunner in both the Baal and A85 categories, with things tightly packed behind the leader, like only a few points separating the pack. The leader in each category is by no means secure, as one good drop could swing things. And even those who haven't started running aren't out of the race, as victory remains in reach for anyone with a solid stretch of drops over the last week. Current rankings (without information about point totals) are in the spoilers below.

1. NanoMist
2. Nagisa
3. T72on1
4. Pb_pal
5. Albatross
6. smloeffelholz
7. Pharphis
8. ffs
9. Locohead
10. Trappin'
1. TheNix
2. Saluki
3. zemaj
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[...] Edited for containing spoiler, sorry!

Hurts my motiviation big time, you really shouldn't have posted the list @PhineasB.
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Um, I don't think you'd even started running yet @ffs so hardly surprising you're in the "no points" group. And it's your own fault for checking the spoiler if your motivation is that fragile :p

Only one or two lucky drops and you could be in that top spot for the next update :)


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I'm sorry all, I should have researched previous events and been more familiar with the format. I just assumed that because our host wanted to stay in suspense on the Pindle results, that we wouldn't be posting results until the end. Here's what we have for the first weekend, I sincerely apologize for the late-ness:

I've yet to hear from Grape, but I expected this, as he stated from the start that he would be stalling for the first bit. I've also yet to hear from Hutton.

I haven't cross checked the player's points claims against the spreadsheet yet, I've been excruciatingly busy with the start of my second full-time job. I am off tomorrow, so will double check the numbers, but as of now, here are preliminary results using the honor system.

  1. PhineasB
  2. maxicek
  3. RIP
  4. srrw
  5. Baltha
I've got to be to work (again) in 3 hours, so please bear with the poor update. I will verify, and if it hasn't already been done by our host tomorrow evening, I will combine team scores, and post it. Again, sincerest apologies, and good luck!

Edit: Edit'd for T72on1's suggestion. I'm a stick in the mud. T.T.F.N. :)
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I'm sick and tired of
a certain forum member
always lucking in tournaments.

Hurts my motivation big time, you really shouldn't have posted the list @PhineasB.
No use putting ranking in spoilers when there's posts like these. Could you edit your post so that people who don't want to know, don't get a spoiler?

Edit: @logoutzero Grape posted he only started running after the weekend, so no score for him for the first update.

I think the exact numbers aren't meant to be in the ranking you post. Only placement.
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Now that our update process is a well-oiled machine, the next update will be end of day Thursday to set things up for the final push over the weekend. It generally takes til the next morning, so my goal will be to post the A85 and Baal update Friday am (US West Coast) before I leave for work. That will ensure people early in the international date line have a sense of standings before the weekend and the final two days of running.

So please send your update when you are finished running for the day on Thursday. If you haven't run at all yet, please say so. And if you haven't improved score since first update, please just reply to the same PM and note no improvement.

Thanks, and happy running everyone!


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DWeb I have you in my sights!

I had three yellow unearthed wands in the first 500 runs, then nothing. I just know I will be the first person ever looking for a damned Winged Harpoon to complete the Grail.

Best rune so far - Ist.