2018 Spring RFL Sign-Up and Running Thread: Grande Finale


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Got some solid time in this evening, I'm now a bit over 8 hours in.

Thanks to @NanoMist 's video I realized that my map density just wasn't good enough, so I rerolled maps. At the very first try I got a terrific map: very high density, insane boss pack rate at times. One guaranteed right next to the Vizier Seal, often being a pack of finger mages. Really, pure gold, this map. At least to my standards.

As to drops, today was throwing weapons day, with Warshrikes, Wraith Flight and Demon's Arch. Also one more Gheed's. O yes, and this one ...


Could it be?

Templar's Might
Sacred Armor
Defense: 1676
Durability: 41 of 60
Required Level: 74
Required Strength: 232
Fingerprint: 0x70cc4051
Item Level: **
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+2 to Offensive Aura Skills (Paladin Only)
+20% Faster Hit Recovery
+179% Enhanced Defense
+272 Defense vs. Missile
+13 to Strength
+11 to Vitality
+43 Maximum Stamina
Nah, it isn't. Still, only second Templar's ever, so that's cool

Edit: o yes, my Sorc also reached level 95. It's only my third character who has ever reached that level. All three were Blizz Sorcs at the time of leveling ...


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Another grailer and a 200 % guardian angel. :)

Screenshot011.jpg Screenshot012.jpg

Though I've found more tc87 grailers than qualifiers now, it's been 5 hours since the last one dropped. I might spend the last 2 hours doing countess runs if I don't have 5 qualifiers by then. o_O


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I've been playing PoE recently and I worry that I may not tear myself away from it to do round 3 :p
And you dare to finish such a sentence with a ':p'. Blasphemy !!! Get your act together and start doing RFL now !!!
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And you dear to finish such a sentence with a ':p'. Blasphemy !!! Get your act together and start doing RFL now !!!
The thing is, from approximately October, I will probably not have video games for four years, so I'm making the most of it :D


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@zemaj idk I feel like that will greatly underperform compared to a dedicated CS runner with Teleport and good casting frames. Another one to consider that won’t limit your build or **** you over with the “void no drop” areas is Flayer Dungeon. Wraiths with the same rune drop rate as Finger Mages spawn there, I’m just not sure about density.


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I see "FoH" and I approve

Also undead (ie mages) get hurt by the bolts... so why not just go pure FoHer ;)


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I did a couple AS runs with my Blizz sorc, and they weren't too bad. Since the Spectres dont have a ranged attach they tend to converge over the paths without much trouble, and the high number of superchests per run is nice.

Downside is Cold Immune vampires are a bit annoying


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it's not random! 1 HB per nearby monster. If you hit a moving target with FoH, the explosion of HBs will also sometimes hit them immediately killing something undead. Look at my FoHer youtube video for examples (you have to watch closely as some things die instantly that shouldn't)


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@zemaj I don’t think you can roll a map to always roll a specific guest monster in WSK? So it’ll for sure be less effecient because of the inconsistency, only those specific mob types have the better rune drop.

This should be the complete list of mobs that have the better rune drop (that can drop Zod), so ideally whichever area can spawn the greatest density of that type of mob at a good consistency would be the best option:

Black Soul - willowisp6 (H) Worldstone Keep Level 2
Burning Soul - willowisp3 (H) Plains of Despair
Burning Soul - willowisp7 (H) Throne of Destruction
Dark Shape - wraith5 (H) Flayer Dungeon Level 2
Dark Shape - wraith5 (H) Flayer Dungeon Level 1
Dark Shape - wraith5 (H) Flayer Dungeon Level 3
Doom Caster - fingermage1 (H) Outer Steppes
Doom Caster - fingermage1 (H) Plains of Despair
Ghost - wraith6 (H) Frozen River
Ghost - wraith6 (H) Drifter Cavern
Ghost - wraith6 (H) Icy Cellar
Ghost - wraith6 (H) Crystalline Passage
Ghost - wraith6 (H) Halls of Vaught
Gloam - willowisp1 (H) Swampy Pit Level 2
Gloam - willowisp1 (H) Swampy Pit Level 3
Gloam - willowisp5 (H) Icy Cellar
Gloam - willowisp5 (H) Frozen River
Specter - wraith8 (H) Worldstone Keep Level 3
Storm Caster - fingermage3 (H) The Chaos Sanctuary
Storm Caster - fingermage5 (H) Worldstone Keep Level 3
Strangler - fingermage2 (H) City of the Damned
Strangler - fingermage2 (H) River of Flame
Strangler - fingermage4 (H) Abaddon
Wraith - wraith7 (H) Glacial Trail
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[USER=180607]@Brak so do you think a specialized runner could make it competitive? Or just good as an 'other area' between targets?[/USER]
I'm definitely not the person to ask about what would be competitive. But I'd imagine a competent runner could do well there. Specters certainly seem more abundant than Finger Mages. And since they stack, it's easier to get them inside an AoE attack. And the fact that theyre melee only means their AI is easier to predict and manipulate


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@zemaj I was curious and tried it with a Grief Dream Zealot. It's definitely fun. :D And to my surprise little issues with those voids indeed when going melee, I believe I didn't miss many drops, if any.

But it's quite far behind CS still, as kind of expected. After a few warm-up rounds I recorded one run and used the tested and trusted "count the monsters" method. ;) Result was 55 ghosts killed in ~2.5 minutes, plus some 20-25 random mobs (I only killed stuff when ghosts were around). When accounting for the higher rune drop chance, that's the equivalent of about ~90 monsters per minute. Definitely could be improved with some min-maxing and more practice, but don't think AS can get close to those ~150+ numbers possible in CS.

Didn't change his gear from what he was wearing so it's kind of random/standard phyiscal Dreamer, but don't think gearing around would make much of a difference. Used this:

Dream Bone Visage
Dream Troll Nest
Enigma MP
Grief PB
Laying of Hands
String of Ears
Rare leech ring
Gore Rider

Merc: Reaper, Guillaume's Face, Fortitude