2018 Spring RFL Results Thread: 1st round


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Just check it yourself. That's how you cook some cow burgers!!!

You may now congratulate the winner of the round
Moo Moo, the round was called.

1. T72on1 197,5 (10 points)
Zod Zod Ber Jah Lo

2. Pb_pal 150,9 (8 points)
Zod Cham Ber Ber Vex

3. maxicek 98,2 (6 points)
Zod Gul Gul Gul Um

4. NanoMist 77,9 (5 points)
Cham Lo Lo Ohm Ohm

5. Locohead 65,3 (4 points)
Cham Ber Gul Um Um

6. drmalawi 64,4 (3 points)
Ber Jah Vex Ist Ist

7. darkstarhub 54,4 (2 points)
Lo Vex Vex Vex Ist

8. ffs 51,9 (1 point)
Ber Sur Ist Um Um

9. Shuffleblast 51,8
Jah Jah Um Um Mal

10. PhineasB 51,6
Jah Vex Ohm Ist Um

11. Grape 31,4
Ber Ist Pul

12. zemaj 25,7
Ohm Gul Um Pul

13. Smittyphi 21,2
Sur Ist

Kitteh, pharphis DaveW, no points.

DiabloTwoinDC (1.07)

Please tell us if you ran and how you did

CONGRATS for all your new shiny rocks!

Now let's hear all of those nice stories, see some great haulpics etc.!

As for me, I ran only 11 hours (with really meh luck besides that Ber), I'll check later if there was any good non-qualifiers to post about. :)

See you in the next round! I'll open it soon enough, but not immediately because I think these results are wort the attention now!


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Wow, massive grats @T72on1!! Called it. ;)

Proven: Necros find 2 Zods. :)

Will post my stuff along with some data and gameplay later or tomorrow. Awesome results everyone!

Of course also huge grats to @Pb_pal and @maxicek, even though you guys are maybe slightly annoyed by being beaten despite Zod drops. Holy cow!


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Oh. My. God.

FOUR Zods. FOUR. By 3 different people? Insanity. I don't think this Top 3 will ever get beaten.

Massive congrats @T72on1 !!! Very well deserved! Congrats to everyone else on their rocks as well. :)

As for my round:

Total Qualifiers: 13
Flawless Amethysts: 92
Flawless Rubies: 87
Sol: 28
Ral: 32
Skillers: 12
2x Bow and Crossbow
2x Cold Skills (including one of Sustenance)
Light Skills
Poison and Bone
Combat Skills (Barb)
Masteries (Barb)
Combat Skills (Paladin)
Martial Arts
Shadow Skills
Cow items: 6
Hat: 3
Body: 2
Boots: 1
Runewords "at a glance":

I ran this round exclusively with my Javazon. Pretty standard setup as can be seen here. The only oddity, as mentioned previously, is that I use a Phoenix shield for the redemption aura (purely for convenience). 5 Skillers with various other mods, 3 columns of empty space for picking up things during the runs.

I had a weirdly consistent distribution of qualifiers during the first 13 hours of the set, which definitely helped with motivation. Here is a full breakdown of how it went:

1 hour: Pul to start it off. Always nice to get a qualifier early, even if it's the "low man on the totem pole"
3.5 hours: Mal, and then Ber in the same run! Great!
4.25 hours: Gul (small packs can be worth it too!)
5.25 hours: Cham!

Incredible rune to round out a full top 5, and what a great start in general with already two 20+ pointers only a quarter of the way through the set.

6 hours: Pul
7.5 hours: Ohm 10+ pointer, very nice!
8 hours: Mal
10 hours: Pul
10.5 hours: Pul
13 hours:

And from a random small grouping I almost skipped, too! At this point I decided not to mess with her mojo, and finish the entire set with the zon instead of mixing in the Fissure Druid.

Rightfully so I hit a dry spell right after finding the Zod. I suppose the RNG gods had had enough of me for a bit and quite frankly I can't blame them.

18 hours: Vex Nice! All 10+ pointers in my top 5 at this point which is a great milestone to hit.
19.25 hours: Ber I literally laughed when I saw this one drop. A fitting end to an absolutely ridiculous round.

Thanks again to @Grape for hosting, and I'll leave this off with what everyone came here for; the haul pic.

See you all in the Travincal!


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Absolutely ridiculous round @Pb_pal , very well done!

In any other universe (with any sense), that would have been a winning score. But all hail our new Moo Moo champion, waiting for T to post!

Congrats for the Zod (and the others too, of course). I should maybe stop hosting these or I'll get dethroned one day ;) Also liking that Chilling of Sustenance a lot too.


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Congratulations @T72on1 !!! 2 Zods in 20 hours is just plain SICK!!!

Nice haul @Pb_pal 13 qualifiers is really good!

I am quite happy with my placing and obtaining a couple of points for the total competition. I am REALLY happy with the runes I got :) Too bad @Locohead beat me by just about 1 point... I thought you were gonna quit this tourney? :p

I went with a Fire Sorc builds, without Infinity. I played p5 most of the part. In terms of my personal goals, I think I reached them all. I did not finish last, I got runes so I can make Enigma/Infinity, and I had fun. I had hamburgers for dinner more often than usual too... wonder why?! ;)

Here are some of my noteable finds
Shadow masteries skiller
Javelin skiller
Shimmering Grand charm 15%
Poison small charm 313 dmg
Small charm 10% lightning resistances 20 life
2 Serpents Grand Charm of Sustenance
40% MF Gheeds
3 small charm 7% MF

Shimmering jewel 15%
Jewel 15% IAS 19% enhanced dmg
Jewel 15% IAS 30% poison resist

Weapons and armors:
Dusk shroud superior 15% ED 3 sockets (Enigma base?)
Archon Plate 8% ED 4 sockets (Chains of Honor base?)
Unique Shako
Nords tenderizer 328% ED
Gore Riders
Ethereal Berserker axe (Oath, Death or BotD base, I hope)

2 Atmas scarab
Rare ring 10% FCR, 20% light res, 30% fire res LEVEL REQ 13

3 Ko runes (means Cow in Swedish)
Lem rune (I got the runes for Trechery runeword in the same run, in the order they are to be put in the runeword)
Pul rune
Mal rune

Screenshots of my 5 best qualifiers

Screenshot016 - Kopia.jpg
Screenshot029 - Kopia.jpg
Screenshot031- Kopia.jpg
Screenshot022 - Kopia.jpg
drmalawi Ist 2.jpg

I also composed a little YT video

Thank you everybody for running, thank you @Grape for hosting, thank you @T72on1 , @Pb_pal and @maxicek for finding those Zods and see you in Travincal, may the high council drop as many high runes as hydras!!!
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Wow. Congrats to @T72on1, two Zods is crazy. @Pb_pal very nice haul, well done.
I knew that I wouldn't win with just the Zod, so was a bit disappointed with the lack of qualifiers in the first and last 5h. I don't have a screenshot of the drop as my key was badly mapped. Yes, my post in the progress thread was just after it dropped and I realised I had no picture.

I almost left it on the ground. I was just moving to the next pack and a straggler got killed. Herd, herd, herd. Oh yeah there is a Zod, ought to pick that up. OMG Zod!

Arachne with Zod.jpg
(I was just short of clvl93 before my 20h were up, so levelled in The Pit)

Well done to everyone who entered - What are your plans for your finds?
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Oh my indeed, this is pretty nuts with 4 Zods found, and 2 on them from our Round 1 winner! If I were Pb_pal, I would have been 99.9% sure I'd win with that haul, but that double Zod from T72on1, wow! Congrats!

I vaguely recall Gripp saying his 20 hour sets had a 20% chance of landing a Zod? Not sure on the exact percentage but it wasn't great. Factor in a 2nd Zod and not having the Gripp factor? Insane.

@ffs - My only Zod find was also by a Necro. I should have ran with a Necro to get that 2nd Zod!

I'll be posting my results much later though, when I have some time to write it up.


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@drmalawi very nice score with couple of the most sought out runes included! Grats! Have you any plans for those yet?

Also very nice video! I occasionally watch your d2 videos, even though I don't follow anyone (I only log on so rarely). I won't mind you posting those before the next results but maybe give us a heads up (or is that a good idea, lol)

@maxicek grats for the Zod, awesome! I seem to recall it's not your first, though? Were you one of the very few that did find a Zod before 1.13?


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@Grape I just assumed that the title of the video would "scare" people from this forum off and don't sneak peak :p @ffs posted a similar video a few hours after mine.

My plans is to make either Enigma or Infinity first. I have runes for one of them, but not both at the same time. I was thinking about either making Enigma first and run River of Flame, Chaos and WSK with Hammerdin for the last round, or Infinity and do the last round with Cold/Lightning hybrid sorc. But I think I will make with making all those joozy runewords until after the whole competition, I like to play with sub-optimal builds :)


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I didn't find anything particularly interesting. Got ~20 or 30 mil exp for my lvl 98 1.07 sorc so only did about 10-20 runs. don't remember. Oh well. I've got exams and am very busy next week but I will probably play both of the next rounds, at least a little :)


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Mine is extremely uneventful. I found an Ist within the first 4 hours and then the Sur dropped with 3 hours to go. No skiller GC and the best item that dropped was a Trang-Oul's Troll belt that dropped in my 2nd to last run. In between the Ist and Sur were about 20 Sols and 15 Thul runes. A Pul rune dropped on one of the skeletons in Tristram right beside Wirt's body.


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Really happy for @T72on1 actually. :) He participated in so many competitions and always seemed to be unlucky when it counted. Glad that finally changed! I believe @Grape also rightly theorized this will be his time to shine!
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Major congrats to all again! Especially our amazing round 1 champ @T72on1, so well deserved!

No luck on my side regarding the really high runes, but I had lots of fun nonetheless. In particular happy about Ric (my untwinked Fishymancer) coming extremely close to farming Infinity, which will be his next major upgrade. Some data, gameplay vids and haul pics below.

Set 1: Untwinked Necromancer (Summoner)
Player setting: P5
Run times: 3m30s to 4m30s, mostly around ~ 4m
Hours run: 20
Top 5: Ber Sur Ist Um Um
Qualifiers found: 7
Qualifiers per hour: 0.35
Non-qualifier finds

I found two Zods recently with him within about 5 hours of gameplay, and he basically farmed Infinity (minus a Sur) which he was really looking for, so I guess I don't get to complain. :) Didn't keep track of crafting runes, though I focused on Rals only, as I crafted along the way, resulting in a nice 2/10 amulet for him and a 2/20 Paladin amulet. Haul pic:


I recorded his last run for fun, and with D2 being crazy, of course his Ber dropped during the run. At the same time, as the title says, proof that complaining works. :)

As you can see from my silly reaction, he was really looking for a Ber in order to make his Infinity soon. ;) I guess it shows how refreshing untwinked play is, you still get excited about drops that greatly help the character played! (Btw, the alarm sound at the end is my 20h timer running out – still cannot get run counter to work reliably so I used a timer app).

Set 2: Javazon
Player setting: P7
Run times: 2m50s to 3m20s, mostly around ~3m
Hours run: 12.5
Top 5: Vex Vex Gul Ist Ist
Qualifiers found: 10
Qualifiers per hour: 0.8
Rals found: 29 (didn't pick up all Sols)
Non-qualifier finds


With her, the mission was of course to win it all! That didn't work quite obviously :D but what do you expect after just short of 12.5 hours of running... It's a bit of a pity, would have been interesting to see what she could deliver in a full 20h batch. Very happy with her qualifiers found per hour though. Until around the 10h mark it was at or above 1/h even, with no qualifiers dropping during the last ~2.5 hours.

At least in that category she seems to have outperformed others. :) Not that it matters, but it reaffirms how strong the build is for runs like cows.

I used a very cool new setup with her, after a substantial overhaul around a recently crafted 2/20 amulet. That allowed her to hit 99% FCR on switch while using CtA, along with FCR/leech/stat rings and a Cham'ed Griffon's Eye for CNBF instead of Raven. Since it's too messed up to explain in writing, I elaborated a bit on it in this video:

It was huge fun to run with the setup. Massive upkeep with both leech and MPK/LPK, fast teleporting on 99% FCR, great safety from CtA, and the minor dip in damage (in comparison to her previous all-offensive setup with a 4-facet shield) was barely noticeable. Absolutely love it!

Here's one batch of runs that I recorded with her (no sound since I unfortunately forgot to switch sound settings). Caught a Vex drop around the half-way mark, otherwise nothing special but it gives a good idea of how runs looked like. By now I think the map is actually just plain garbage. :D She still managed around ~3m runs most of the time, but I had to cut back quite a bit as far as picking stuff up goes.

Again great job everyone, special grats to our amazing new Zod owners and (already after round 1) huge thanks to @Grape for hosting!
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Cow hides now 50% off!

Thought Cham+Ber would have gotten me 1 or 2 slots higher. Still never found a Zod in my life. Geez.

Found Gul in the first few hours, then Um. Ber at just under 7 hours was surprising. Was then hoping for Jah which never happened. Cham was ofc still nice, to replace the Cham I traded for some of the Zon gear. Overall I was lucky for the "few" runs I did, but looking at the results I stand by my claim that I had no chance, feh. Condolences to ffs who I thought would crush everyone!

Worth the effort I suppose. Wonder what the remaining 6 hours would have netted had I put the time in.