2017 Winter RFL Sign-Up and Running Thread: 1st Round


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This might be too late for anyone's interest, but I did promise some numbers about Nihlathak, Halls of Pain superchests and River of Flame superchests (note that during Superchest runs, Sets/Uniques came from monsters around the chests obviously), so here we go.

Nihlathak (/p7):

Runs: 500
Time taken: 324 minutes
Runes found: 67
Sets/Uniques found: 119
Keys of Destruction found: 67

Runes per minute: 0.21
Runes per run: 0.13
Sets/Uniques per minute: 0.37
Sets/Uniques per run: 0.24
Keys of Destrucion per minute: 0.21
Keys of Destruction per run: 0.13

Halls of Pain superchest (/p7):

Runs: 500
Time taken: 124 minutes
Runes found: 29
Sets/Uniques found: 1

Runes per minute: 0.23
Runes per run: 0.06
Sets/Uniques per minute: 0.01
Sets/Uniques per run: 0.00

River of Flame superchest (/p7):

Runs: 500
Time taken: 196 minutes
Runes found: 85
Sets/Uniques found: 34

Runes per minute: 0.43
Runes per run: 0.17
Sets/Uniques per minute: 0.17
Sets/Uniques per run: 0.07

Halls of Pain Superchest didn't prove to be very useful, although I managed to get 2 qualifiers, Um and Mal, from the chest, so I need to keep the screenshots saved. My HoP WP is exactly 4 teleports from the Chest and the Chest is another 4-5 teleports from Nihlathak's level, so if I do more Nihlathak runs in the future, I'm definitely gonna pop the chest in hopes of Cham/Zod, but I assume it's highly, very highly, unlikely.