[Build] 200 FCR worth it? (Nova ES build perspective)


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Been umming and arring about this for some time now.

Wanting to make an indestructible light soso. My biggest concern is whether to use a hoto (+3 skills) or wizspike ( +200~ mana, +15 faster mana regen, +10 FCR). I really dislike viper magi & wizspike.

Most of the build is pretty cookie-cutter
  • Amulet Crafted +20 FCR, +2 soso skills, +20 all res, +20% mana regen, +40 mana
  • Offhand Spirit, +35 FCR, +2 skills, +110 mana
  • Chest Viper Magi +30 FCR, +35 all res, +1 all skills
  • Boots Crafted +20 FHR, +40 mana, some dex, some res
  • Weapon WizSpike +50 FCR, +15% max mana, +15% mana regen, +200~ mana, +75 all res
  • Ring 1 SOJ +25% max mana, 20 mana, +1 skills
  • Ring 2 SOJ +25% max mana, 20 mana, +1 skills
  • Belt Arachnid Mesh +20 FCR, +1 all skills
  • Helm Griffon's Eye +25% FCR, -20% enemy light res, +15 light dmg, +1 all skills
  • Gloves MageFist +20% FCR, +25% mana regen
20+35+30+50+20+25+20 = 200% FCR

(+9 gear) (+6 gcs)

20 ES (+9+6=35)
20 Warmth (+9=29)
20 Nova (+9+6=35)
20 Telekinesis
20 Light Mastery (+9+6=35)
4 or 5 (I forget) (remaining points) Frozen Armor (+9=13 or 14)
20+20+20+20+20+5 = 105 skill points

Merc: infinity & defiance

If viper magi and wizSpike weren't so awful I'd be all up in this build but I feel crummy without an enigma.
I guess you can socket viper and wiz though with -5/+5 which gives it that push.

This has been on my mind for a while now and I'm really wondering if 200 FCR is worth it. From what I understand it allows you cast just once more in 25 seconds. Not sure if that's entirely accurate. This is something I'd really like feedback on or a discussion about.


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Depends on what you wanna run but 200fcr is about 14% dps increase (and mana drain)

You could also consider 105fcr and Crescent moon sword for another way of pushing damage against broken immunities, but might be hard to pick up enough resistances without a nice collection of shimmering SC's

Vipermagi and Whizzy are among the most powerful items compared to their rarity (or rather lack of rarity)

Why not wield infinity yourself and give merc insight (for mana regen) (or vice versa)
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I would put away the Wizardspike and one of the Sojs and use Eschuta's and a fcr ring instead. That would give you the same amount of fcr and another +1 to skills.

A Vipermagi isn't awful at all. +1 skills, 30% fcr and up to 35% res are actually superb. In particular, there would be no 200% FCR build at all if it didn't exist. I think it offers more than a Soj. You are just used so much to it because it's rather common :p