200 FCR (VIT OR ES?) Fireballer: Help Me!

200 FCR (VIT OR ES?) Fireballer: Help Me!

I'm doing a 200 FCR Fireball sorc and I'm not sure whether to go Vitality or Energy Shield. I originally planned to go VIT but then I hear how great the ES build is. I'd think it'd be better VIT build but who knows, I never do PvP and this will only be my second PvP character build in the years I've been playing (since it came out).

Advice would be greatly greatly appreciated.

Here is the equiptment I'll be using:

200FCR Fire Vitality
1) +2Sorc or +3FireSpells/20FCR/2Socket Magic Circlet (2Um or 2 Shael)
2) Perfect Vipermagi (Um)
3) Eschuta's Temper or Heart of the Oak
4) 35FCR Spirit Monarch
5) Magefist
6) Arachnid's
7) Sandstorm Treks
8) +3FireSpells/+10FCR Magic Amulet
9) FCR Ring with Life, Mana, Resists, etc.
10) FCR Ring with Life, Mana, Resists, etc.

Based off this build guide:


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For PvM i prefer Pure Vita build/non max block. Gives more points to synergies --> more damage --> monsters die faster.

edit: Oh, sorry. I got it wrong with the PvP part:)


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i would only get es if i had enough points left over after maxing masteries and syngeries to max telekensis, and alot of mana
go es it is awesome unlike puncuation and capitalization
Read Xenon]koa's guide (her forum name is a bunch of musical characters) in the sorceress forum.


if fcr=200 then
no ES
go ES
end if


If 200=fcr then
no Sojs no Frosties no 90% to mana = low mana low life = dead sorc
end if