200 fcr light vs fire? pvp

200 fcr light vs fire? pvp

I've decided to make a pvp 200 fcr sorc. What are the advantages of either element? It seems FB benefits most from the FCR, whereas light has the stronger ES and Thunderstorm to constantly ping opponents.

Which one is stronger?


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Re: 200 fcr light vs fire? pvp

Kind of pointless to make another thread when your previous one is still on the page. Difficult to say which one is stronger. Fire is definitely easier to absorb, but because of the lightning based builds most duelers will definitely have light sorb gear in stash, but not necessarily fire. Both can be sorbed to almost nothing.

I haven't tried a lightning sorc for pvp but I have tried a 105 FCR fire build, it was really nice and I suspect 200 FCR will be a blast to play.


Re: 200 fcr light vs fire? pvp

I don't have a 200 fcr lite sorc, but I have a 105 one, as well as a 200 fcr FB sorc.

I never play the lite sorc =)