20 years later.


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20 years later.

Having this in mind we should remember all historical items of diablos lore past.

Lets begin with this:

Horadric Cube: Already found in D2, will it be in Cains posesion in order to use it and no need to carry arround?

I love the way this cube changes items in the Median XL Mod. It gave the game a whole new meaning in what items and costumization consernes.


Will old set armors in diablo 3 world still exist!?
Sigons Set and all other sets should still be part of diablos lore? Are those historical?


Do you remember another historical item that has to be part?


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Re: 20 years later.

We'll definitely be seeing some old items returning, just like D1 -> D2.


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Re: 20 years later.

Tyrael's Might better return so i have another 10 years to try and find it....


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Re: 20 years later.

Uniques from D1: Demonspike Coat, Scavenger Carapace, Harlequin's Crest, Veil of Steel, Gotterdammerung, Royal Circlet, Stormshield, Optic Amulet, Ring of Truth, Messerschmidt's Reaver, Cranium Basher, Dreamflange, Baranar's Star, Doombringer, The Grandfather, Griswold's Edge, The Grizzly, Wizardspike, Eaglehorn, Windforce.

Items from D1 that should become Sets: Arkaine's Valor, Gladiator's Bane.

Uniques from D2: Stone of Jordan, The Gavel of Pain, Azurewrath, Lightsabre, Cloudcrack, Gleamscythe, Shadowfang, Bonesnap, The Diggler, Brainhew, Widowmaker, Buriza-Do Kyanon, Demon Machine, Wormskull, Vampire Gaze, Treads of Cthon, Wall of the Eyeless, Marrowwalk, Twitchthroe, Ormus' Robes, War Traveler, Tyrael's Might, Black Hades, Corpsemourn.

D2's Set Items: Death's Disguise, Milabrega's Regalia, Isenhart's Armory, Sigon's Complete Steel, Tancred's Battlegear, Inmortal King, Naj's Ancient Vestige, M'avina's Battle Hymn.

Items from D2 that should become Sets: The Atlantean, Skull Collector, Verdungo's, Silks of the Victor.