2 weeks too late - Item Find Thread April 2018

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The bow in post 1.10 has a slvl 3 exploding arrow in normal attack. But in the previous patches this was either slvl 30 or 33 exploding arrow and it retains this when brought forward. Maybe one of more knowledgeable members on stats can clarify. All the same, it is a very useful twinking bow. Just tried it and it was OHKO most normal monsters in the Catacombs 2 on p8
The value is completely discarded in earlier versions. The function responsible for setting the level of missiles created by a regular attack ends up setting the level to 1 for "arrow", "bolt", "explodingarrow" and "magicarrow", even though it did just get the level from the (unique) item.

Hard to say if it was intentional or not. You'd think that they had a reason to give the stat the value 30, but then it also seems deliberate that it is set to 1. Perhaps a miscommunication between coders, or perhaps someone was just tired. :D

This was later corrected (1.10?) so that the value of the stat is properly used as level for the missile. So if you forward such an item the way you described, then this value "30" is kept on the item, which means it turns into a level 30 Exploding Arrow.

So even though the value of the stat is 30 in early versions, the level is set to 1. It's an easy test if you happen to have a Raven Claw in early versions.. shoot an enemy. :p The explosion deals 2-4 fire damage.

They changed this value from 30 to 3 when they corrected the missile level thing, so a RC is only good when forwarded, but not when used in the patch it was found in.


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Wow, Nihlathak was incredibly generous today. Goosebumps thinking about it. Had maybe 20 minutes to play this morning, killing time while my girlfriend got ready for work, so I did some runs. Here was his first gift..


And within 3 more runs he dropped this...


2 grailers within a couple of minutes, I could have never anticipated this!


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@Dagaz. Travincal is indeed lvl 82, but unique bosses drop +3 quality levels (champions +2).
And to add to that, mlvl has to be greater than or equal to qlvl for an item to drop, but the same is not true for TC. So they couldn't drop arach or tyrael's for example, but can drop tc87's. From Hrus's mf guide here, the following can drop tc87:

Low chance TC87:
  • regulars in areas lvl 83
  • champions in areas lvl 80-81
  • minions in areas lvl 80
  • bosses in areas lvl 79-80
  • hell bovines
High chance TC87:
  • regulars in areas lvl 84-85
  • champions in areas lvl 82-85
  • minions in areas lvl 81-85
  • bosses in areas lvl 81-85
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