2 player coop spiltscreen but sound issue


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Allright, i got coop splitscreen to work using "Universal Split screen(USS)" and "Sandboxie". But there is a problem: Usually when i click "start split screen" button in USS while playing other games, the windows of those games remain active, so sound works. But in Diablo 2, it doesn't happen. Both screens remain inactive, like in background. I can play both screens with 2 mouses and 2 keyboards, no problem, but there is no sound. So i decided to use a software called Niftywindows that allows me to keep the screen my mouse is over, the active screen. The problem is that only the first window is recognized. So now i can hear the sounds of the first character, but not the second. Well, i can hear second character sounds like attacking, or getting hit, but only when second character is near first character, so sound is coming from first character screen. Wonder if there is a way to keep both screens active, like Always-on-top status.