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Hello, so for the last 6 years i have been playing Diablo2 on a mission to complete 5 builds for each character and make it through hell players 8, i am currently on build number 5 for Paladin and i have decided to make a charger. I previously made a Zealot, Avenger, Hammerdin and a FoHer. All 4 of these builds use either magic or a one handed weapon with Holy Shield so i really want to use a 2 handed weapon for my charger. I know that making a Paladin with a 2 handed weapon and no shield leaves him very fragile as i have read and learned personally with experience! So my question is does anyone have any Kick As* 2 handed charger paladin build they can relay to me? or is it not worth it and better to stick to holy shield? would help greatly thanks!


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What gear do you have?
I just finished Baal nightmare and my equipment is as follows. Bonehew Ogreaxe (not socketed yet), Taal Rashas Death Mask, Guardian Angel Templar Coat, Immortal king and Goblin toe boots, laying of hands Bramble mitts, 2 rare rings with 13% life leech and lots of AR and RES. Mahim oak amulet and Goldwrap belt. I know i dont need the attack speed anymore now that im switching to a charger but im yet to find anything to replace them.


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Iirc there was a post, either a mat/pat/guardian thread or a question thread like this, some yrs back where he made and used an insight on an elite staff. From what i rmb it was said the staves have better dmg, mebbe min-max wise, and the runes are cheap enough that you can aim for high ed and 6 crit roll. And also style points =P.

Do take my word with a grain of salt though, ive never played a charger before and im just noting what i saw. Good luck!

EDIT : found it. It was an untwinked charger pat thread. Link
+good dmg low req
+mana/prayer healing from insight
+crit snd decent ed
-slow fhr on staff for pally
Etc etc. Have a read through the link; lots of useful tips from a person whos actually played through the game as a charger.
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I am very curious to see a 2H charger in pvm action. Is there any chance you could make a video of gameplay and show?


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I would probably make a few Obedience RWs in ethereal bases and use them until they break if I was on a budget. You need a weapon with good base damage to make use of that huge scaling charge damage. And nothing means base damage like an ethereal weapon.

The optimum charger weapon is Death in an ethereal Glorious Axe / Decapitator. Deadly strike is awesome with Charge.


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Death has CTC Glacial Spike, which breaks the Charge chain. So in my opinion it isn't the best option.


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That's right, charge at close range becomes a normal attack, but still sounds like charge.

Because a charger will likely need to run back and forth a lot blocking will be an incomplete defense. That doesn't necessarily mean you should discard a shield, just keep it in mind.