2 gul's = 1 vex, good idea?


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2 gul's = 1 vex, good idea?

Since I got another gul off hell forge, what is collective opinion about turning them into a vex?

It seems like gul is only used in kingslayer and fury, neither of which I find very interesting.

I have the rest of the runes for HOTO and I'm sure my pally/sorc would love to use it.

Are rune trades still fubar because of the duping spree or can I trade legitimate gul's?

Opinions/flames welcome, trade offers don't belong here, PM me.


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If you plan to use it then upgrade, but if not dont as IMO two Guls are worht more than one VEX.


Two seperate trades possibly with desperate people wanting to turn thier Gul into a Vex by getting yours!

I looked at the HOTO, its nice, but my Wizzy rocks and I am very satisfied!


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If this is ladder play, then go for it. No one knows for how long before the ladder resets, but eventually it will (might, heh). Personally, and for that reason, I try to allow myself less "twice-thinking" when I play the ladder.

Good luck whatever you choose!
hoto is definetly worth 2 guls of upgrading. DO it.

if not, then 2 x gul do have more values then vex

same as 2 x pul worth more then um.
u get the idea.


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yes but comparing to 2puls to 1 um is completely different then 2 gul to vex. Since um is used in runewords or to socket into items and pul is good for upgrading unique wpns.
You could probably do some careful trading of the 2 guls and then trade for a vex and have vex + items. Always something to think about.


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I struggled with this problem yesterday, although I didn't have 2 GUL's. HotO is fine caster weapon so I struggled with the thought of trading it or keeping it to make VEX.

Since I just restarted HC 10 days ago after a 1.5 abscense my need for gear won. I spent the better part of 3 hours trying to trade it for a shako for my mf sorc.

Had one offer of a p ruby shako that i declined. I did trade the GUL for this:

Griffon Eye
4/4 Cold Facet - Death
HEL rune

I think this was fair value for the GUL - i needed the items though - opinions?


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Tooie, if the HOTO is going on a Hammerdin, I'd definately do it. When I switched from a wiz to HOTO on my Hammerdin his damage went up almost 2k. That's more worth it to me. Not sure how much it will improve your sorc. I consider the HOTO to be a pally weapon more. Sorc has other nice options that are lot cheaper.

HelzCaretaker, I hear you on possibility of getting Vex + through a trade, but there are so many jerks in the trade rooms. Just upgrading it and using it is better IMO than sitting in a trade room 10 hours a day for the next week getting jerked around to get your Vex +. Just not worth it to sit there listening to the WUWs after you already told them WUW. And you would need to do multiple trades (ugh) to get your Vex + since I can't see someone with a Vex offering for 2 Guls. LOL

Pintail, sorry but I think you got robbed. You should have held out for that a Shako or more. In my mind, Bonehew and hel rune are worth pgems at most, Cold Facet is type of item used to even up a deal since you can get them pretty cheap anyways, and the Griffon Eye just isn't the same as a Shako for an MFer. Its ok I guess, but it is basically only good for Lightning sorc or Lightning Fury Javazon or something along those lines and you forgot your main purpose too, what about MF!? I also don't know of many MF sorcs going lightning but maybe you are.


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I hear that, I haven't really traded any in 1.10 but as I recall 1.09 was full of people that were just idiots when it came to trading, of course I was really good at getting items I wanted for cheap.


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I did it. I cubed my 2 Guls into a Vex.

I say why not, and like the others say, reset will kill it's value off anyhow, so enjoy while you can.

BTW: My Vex is still sitting on a mule, and one of these days I'm gonna either Silence it or make a Kingslayer out of this nice Superior Ethereal Sword I located.


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lmao... one hel rune + one Prubied Shako in cube = no more pruby


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I went through the exact same dillema. I found a Gul and traded for one, and upgraded to a Vex. Changed my hammerdin from a wiz spike to hoto and was extremely pleased with the change. I like having the five ravens and the level 4 oak as well. I use both of those charges consistently.


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How about 4 IST = VEX? :) I can't seem to find anything higher than IST. I have gotten 3 from various Hellforge quests and one off Hell Baal. But it would seem to me that 4 IST is worth a lot more than 1 VEX.


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I agree with Zappa on the IST. The IST rune serves a great purpose in so many ways that I don't think I could cube it. The Gul rune on the other hadn has only a couple useful runewords or ways to be used and are only good for specific character builds which means I'd I have an easier time cubing it and not feeling bad about it. The HOTO is awesome on my pally.