2 BlizzCon tickets available.


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2 BlizzCon tickets available.

Hi everyone,

I suddenly find myself with two extra tickets to BlizzCon. One of my friends accepted an overseas job assignment so he won't be able to use his tickets. And, as they say, "all this and more can be YOURS... if the Price is Right!"

Purchasing Details:
  • Reply to this post with your offer and number of tickets you would need
  • Deadline is one week from today, to give the winner time to arrange travel plans
  • I will PM the winner(s) with my Paypal info. Please pay promptly - if you don't respond after a day, I'll move down the list to the next highest.
As you may know, after the short window post-purchase that Blizz gives you to change the ticket owner, it's locked in, and must be picked up by me and will have the original names. But after you get the pass, you can come and go freely, they don't check ID's again. Therefore:

Picking Up Details:
  • We will mutually agree on a meeting place and time at the Anaheim Convention Center. They haven't announced the schedule yet but I plan to be there pretty early Friday morning in time to see the Opening Ceremonies.
  • You will receive your ticket(s) and the complete BlizzCon goodie bag(s) that go with them
  • If you're a pretty girl, you'll be encouraged to have lunch with us. :wink:
We have a really great community here and because of that, if I were on the other end of this transaction (given the trust involved in picking up the tickets) I'd have a lot more confidence dealing with someone here. Plus I want to give you all first dibs at the chance to play D3!

Face value is $150 per ticket, so we'll start the "bidding" there. Closed eBay auctions for tickets have been going for $200-$300. I'd prefer to sell them together, but would be happy to consider single ticket requests too.

PM me with any questions! Thanks!

- K