+2 all amulets


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+2 all amulets

I remember back in 1.09 getting +2 all amulets from hell cow level or act5 was easy. If i understand the "Item Generation Tutorial for Patch 1.11" right, then you need monster level 90+ for these amulets.

Now with 1.10 the normal monsters are level 85 and lower. So the only way to get such amulets is now bosses level 90+, shopping or crafting with a high level char ?

This is really stupid that you cant get any blue or rare amulets other way now and just because the affix level has to be 90.


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+2 amulets are powerful, and should be hard to get. I don't see a problem with it.


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Dennis_KoreanGuy said:
You can't get rare or magical or crafted +2 all amulets anymore. Unless I read the data wrong.

I wasn't aware that you could get magical or crafted +2 all anything. Or even +1 all.

However, the above is correct, the ilvl of the amulet has to be 90 or higher in order to get +2 class skills amulets. Kind of annoying, because it makes legitimate +2 class skill amulets much rarer, and thus the dupes more available. However, it also makes us gamblers much richer in the long run, because these amulets are so rare.


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I wouldn't call them rare, i get them all the time. Just have a lvl 90 char gamble and you will often see them.


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True, you can not get +all amus. You never could.
In 1.09 the +2 (single class) amulets were very common though, cowruns were full of them.
Stick to uniques for +all, rares/crafts for the rest, and magicals.... well, you need those for crafting ;)


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helvete said:
+2 amulets are powerful, and should be hard to get. I don't see a problem with it.
They are not really hard to get. All you need is a L86+ character and some luck at gambling - more luck at L86, less luck at higher levels :azn:

The only monsters which can drop these amulets are Diablo, Nihlathyk and Baal.

Edit: There are a few unique amulets which have +2 to skills of any class, like Mara's or Seraph's Hymn. A lot of monsters in hell can drop them, but don't expect them to drop very often :wink3: