[Build] [2.3] DH T7-T10 exp speedrifting season 4


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Hi, for old times, I show my exp group speed rifting and farming build for my seasonal DH

  • You can use any close to perfect amulet 20%fire, 10/100/socket instead of hellfire if you dont have it yet
  • You can change Wraps of clarity for Nemesis bracers in low rifts
  • You can change RORG for Conventions ring and Accursed Visage for Leoric's Crown if you need more damage and less experience.
  • You can change Tactical Advantage for Ballistics if you need more damage
  • You can use Steady Aim or Single Out as 5th passive in Hellfire amulet.

I managed to reach seasonal paragon 500 between 29/08/15 - 31/08/15 with this build