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1st time in hades would like advice

Discussion in 'Newcomer Forum' started by DemonAbuse, May 15, 2016.

  1. DemonAbuse

    DemonAbuse Diabloii.Net Member

    Apr 21, 2016
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    Freezing arrow/ strafe/decoy amazon-Lvl 75 in HC hell, its everything ive read about have a few more newb questions .
    Ive traded all my good gear for the resistance gear ive been muleing all along, and still my lightning res is under 50. is my best bet to slowly crawl to the pit where i can rerun it till i find charms and possibly gear to move on? im wearing smoke rune word, and took off lore for a 3 socc ral ort ort helm,havent found any great rings or ammys, do you guys pick up blue rings and ammys? they seem good to sell at least but im not sure if magicals are worth the time in hell.

    im still a little lost as far as what bows to use etc. i think i found what may be a great bow for me: Wizendraw(-35% cold res), this is a boss killer since my FA is maxed out correct??

    also I seem to understand that two hand bow damage goes out the window with FA, but for obvious reasons im using strafe alot more so i need a powerful bow, unfortunely not one good 4 socc bow has dropped although i have the runes for harmony, I was thinking melody with a nice 3 socc spider bow however im thinking edge may better for me in there anyway ( agian) and less costly but im not really sure maybe a fellow archer can jump in? am I also waiting for the pit for elite 4 SOC bow searching?

    im @ lvl 10 strafe i feel its a must now to pump points into there however, when i look at the damage improvement when i level up strafe and its minimal maybe 1 point of damage, seems like a waste at this point yet most max it anyway, maybe im missing something?

    This build has been kinda overwhelming for myself, but its forced me to play tactically, with trickery (decoy my 1 point wonder) or by pulling with strafe and my MAXED valk /merc as my saftey net and mana poll. I dont care if its tougher then other builds i just never forget that shes made of glass, i never had this much fun with a video game. trying to survive in HC hell.
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  2. Noodle

    Noodle Moderator

    Jul 18, 2003
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    I don't pick up blue rings and ammies in Hell.

    Re: Choice of gear: Wizendraw is great for cold, but not so great for everything else. I've taken four or five FA / Strafeazons through Hell, and tend to use Strafe more than FA if only for mana and life leach purposes. If you have or can find it, Witchwild String is a real nice bow, especially once upgraded. I've used it as a primary weapon through Hell, and also on switch so I can use its Magic Arrows (it fires a level 20 MA as its normal attack) for physical / cold immunes. The listed damage looks low, but the Chance to Cast Amp Damage triggers quite often, it has high chance of Deadly Strike, is quite fast, and gives you resistances to boot.

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