1st Guardian


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1st Guardian

Well, it may not be much to some of the more experienced people here, but my lvl 84 Throwbarb just solo'd Baal and earned himself the title Guardian. Makes him my first one, too. :D I am incredibly pleased at how well this build has worked, for it allowed me to solo quest everything but the Ancients. (And Niliathek, but I'm not going down there no matter what you pay me...) NOthing more, just happy and gloating. :)


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Good job!!

I love my throwbarb also. He's only lvl 49 at present, but has a nice 284 max stygium pilum and a cruel baby axe 229 max.

What items does ur barb use?


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Well, here's my Barb's build:

Stats (after Items)
Strength: 146
Dex: 288
Vit: 214
Energy: 21

Life: 2435
Mana: 304

Resists: 75/60/75/67

Arreats socketed w/ Ort (Needed lightning res, and have a Hel for when I get Highlord)
Cats eye (wants a Highlords, yes, we wants it...)
Lionheart Light Plate (Yeah, a normal armour... I needed the armour, and it was what I had. Besides, Who needs def when you don't get hit?)
String of Ears
Laying of Hands
Gorerider (Want Travs, but who doesn't?)
Rare 3% manaleech ring with MDR and lightning res. (really should upgrade this... kinda forgot how crappy it was.)
Pair of Glimmershreds/Lacerators (I keep one of each on both weapon slots. I find mix and match works better than pairing them both together with their twin.)

Inventory full of +life and sharp charms... No skillers, cause I find the only thing I'd really want them for is buffing BO.

I also keep a 4 socket wirefleece w/ Topazes and a topazed IK helm in stash for mf'ing in NM... ~90% faster r/w lets me race and win sorcs to bosses... though only sometimes... ;)

Throw Mastery- 20
1 in all utility skills
Natural Resist -10
Double Swing - 20
Double Throw - 7 (AR is good.. not gonna max though, 85% to hit most everything is good enough)
Leap Attack - 1 (Utility Skill)
1 in all prereq's
Battle Orders - 20
1 in all other warcries (They all have uses, and function well at a single investment. Taunt works for breaking up packs, and works wonders with the flee from lacerators. BattleCry for lowering bosses, Warcry for Stun + run escapes, Grim ward for safe zones, and find item just 'cause.)

And a Holy Freeze Merc for slowage. He has:

Tals Mask
Duriels Shell
2Amn Bonehew

Lacerators and LoH makes short work of bosses, including DClone. Physical Immunes can be slow going until the amp kicks in. Only things that really bother me are Gloam boss packs, the Ancients, and that extra fast Fanaticism pack of Moon Lords(?) that jumped me once in Hell Glacial Trail... not at a wp or door, which explains my continued existance. Thank God for resurrectable mercs and remakeable games. Well, time to get his butt on the ladder, now.