1pt static/warmth for Blizz sorc?


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1pt static/warmth for Blizz sorc?

I'm rebuilding my MF sorc in hardcore. I'm wondering, is it worth it to put 1pt into static and warmth?

For warmth, I'm not sure it has much of an effect because I use insight.

For static, before my sorc died, I would tele to meph/andy/throne or whatever, but rarely used static because I didn't want to get close to boss for three reasons: loading up on MF left me with low resists, I had semi-low life with max block, and my merc would die so fast. What ended up happening usually is me teleporting to keep merc by my side, blizz, teleport again to get merc back, blizz...rinse and repeat.


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I suppose there may be some builds that don't need them for end game skills (although I can't think of any off hand) but these will really help you at lower levels I think. By themselves they don't do much, but when you get a decent amount of +skills they'll help. On bosses like baal, I think static is pretty essential.


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What you want to do is wear non-mf gear, go in and static, and beat mephisto to an inch of his life, and then port back to town to change into your mf gear and then go back and kill meph. Much safe than wearing mf gear, and it only takes an extra 15 seconds, which is negated by the fact that you can use static.


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You'll realize the power of Static in an 8 player game. You've basically cut the killing time on Baal or some other boss by half if not more because blizz doesn't always hit.


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1pt Warmth: indespensible.
This will help your regeneration rate, especially when you have MORE mana, which you will in later levels. The margin is not that big, but i would not go without it.

1pt Static Field:
Once you have a few +skills this skills is very very very nice. You will not need to be that close up anymore and like you said, you have your merc to tank for you. So all will concentrate on him. You just cast a few Static Field. Everything except ligthning immunes is down to half their life in hell difficulty and killing speed gets soooo much faster. With more +skills the radius and happyness grows.

Not using Static Field in 8player Ballruns would also be making the game take longer to finish. Killingspeed is important.

Remind yourself to use it. Also in single player games, when its you and your merc against a group of minions and their boss, no matter if its baals minions or just regular group. Static Field will help you, especially if your merc and you are still a bit weak in aspects of your skills or items.