1pt smiter shield question

1pt smiter shield question

i was wondering if i should go with 45 resist evexile or a um'd hoz and the hoz will not be up'd i dont plan on spending that much at this time also i saw a build using tgods but i plan to use dungos is that gonna be alright??
ty in advance


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Re: 1pt smiter shield question

hum... if you're considering a 45 resist evexile, I fail to see why is ko lem pgem a big investment lol.

Hoz offers better dmg and better resist. Exile offers better survivability with def and ctc Tap. My personal advice is to go Hoz if you got Dracs or LW (which you just shouldn't, since 1pt smiters should use Grief or suffer from horrible smite dmg).

Tgods, dungos... doesn't matter at all. I only wear Tgods when going up against Souls, but you're gonna survive well anyway. Use what you like.