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1pt Smiter, PvM

Discussion in 'Paladin' started by finalorder, May 18, 2008.

  1. finalorder

    finalorder IncGamers Member

    May 12, 2008
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    1pt Smiter, PvM


    After reading through the 1pt smiter guide, I decided to reroll my tripleauradin becuz he is kind of boring and lacking in defenses. Im obtaining gear atm for him, but I had a quick question regarding shields. This char will not be used just for tristram, but for the entire game, so I didnt want to limit JUST to Sanctuary shield (I will have one for tristram though).

    What would the shield that would work well with the character (since he is mainly a zealer)? I'm stuck between the classic HoZ or eth Exile pally shield..

    Other equipment I'll be using will include...

    Grief PB, Fortitude Archon, Crown of Ages (not sure on what to put in sockets yet), Verdugo's, Dracul's, Gore Riders, Highlords Wrath, ravenfrost, and going to get a rare duel leach, stat & resist ring.

    Situational equipment will include Engima, Guilluame's Face (for Trist), T-gods (Trist again), Laying of Hands, Mara's, BK ring, Wisp ring, Carrion Ring, Dwarf Ring, Snowclash



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